Liasis fuscus

Avg. Length: 2 (m)

Temp: 25-32°C on the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 1200L x 600W x 500H (mm)

Feeding: 1 rat every 7 days

Experience: Beginner

Avg. Clutch Size: 11 eggs

The Water Python is sometimes thought of as the ‘real’ Rainbow Serpent, due to the spectacular iridescence of its skin in sunlight, and is a special animal for some aboriginal clans in Arnhemland.

Like the Olive Python, this is one of the very few pythons that has no pattern. The brown to dark slate dorsal colouration is dramatically contrasted by its bright yellow belly.

To the touch, Water Pythons feel as smooth as silk. Although Water Pythons can be food crazy, with any moving object likely to be confused as food – including hands and even arms, most individuals can be expected to overcome any overt defensive biting behaviour after a settling-in period in captivity. This is a medium-to-large species – captive-reared Water Pythons can exceed 2m in length.

adult water python
adult water pythonadult water python
adult water python
representative image of hatchling
representative image of hatchling
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