Morelia spilota cheynei

Avg. Length: 1.8 (m)

Temp: 27-35°C under the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 1200L x 650W x 600H (mm)

Feeding: 1 medium rat every 7-10 days

Experience: Beginner

Jungle Carpet Pythons are often thought of as the most striking of all the pythons. Specimens with high-contrasting black and yellow are highly sought after, and with good reason. They do tend to start off a little snappier than other species, but most calm down at around a year of age. No handling or “taming” is required. Just let the snake learn over time that you don’t want to eat it.

Their semi-arboreal tendencies make these snakes a good choice for those wanting an animal more as a display than an animal to get out and hold. They are much hardier than the Green Tree Python, and generally have very few issues when the basic husbandry requirements are met.



Photo courtesy of JJ's Reptiles
Photo courtesy of JJ’s Reptiles
adult jungle python
adult jungle python
adult jungle python
adult jungle python
representative image of hatchling
representative image of hatchling

‘Tiger’ Jungle Carpet Pythons

Snake Ranch is working on the selective breeding of ‘Tiger’ Jungles – with some very pleasing results so far. Unlike normal Jungles, the tigers are a much calmer and more adjusted python. However, they do grow larger than traditional jungles – up to 1.8m. Hatchlings are not prone to biting and are usually strong feeders from the word ‘go’.

adult 'tiger' jungle python
adult ‘tiger’ jungle python
sub-adult 'tiger' jungle python
sub-adult ‘tiger’ jungle python
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