Morelia viridis

Avg. Length: 1.8 (m)

Temp: 28-35°C under the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 1200L x 450W x 900H (mm)

Feeding: 1 medium rat every 7-10 days

Experience: Advanced

Everyone wants a Green Tree Python, and everyone wants a Green Tree Python as their first snake. In fact, it’s often “Chondro’s” or “GTP’s” as they are known, that prompted people to consider keeping a snake in the first place.

An amazing feature of Chondros’, and their Latin American cousin the Emerald Tree Boa is the ontogenetic colour change they experience. The fact that both species from opposite sides of the world experience exactly the same process is a wonderful example of convergent evolution. The young of both species are a bright banana yellow, or rich crimson red at birth. As they grow, or age, the yellow ones turn green. Sometimes within only 24 hours, while other can take several months to complete the process. Interestingly, the red babies will still turn yellow before turning green.

GTP’s are shy, somewhat timid animals that prefer not being handled or disturbed on a regular basis and they definitely are not for the novice keeper. They are best suited as an animal to look at, not touch, much as you would keep a pet fish. They require misting on a daily basis, and the snake can be observed at close range during this process.

The use of an infrared thermometer is a must for every owner of a GTP, or any arboreal species for that matter, in order to be able to simply point it at the snake and get an accurate read on it’s body temperature is vitally important for you snakes well being.

Photo courtesy of Michael Cermak

Photo courtesy of Michael Cermak


Adult Green Tree Python - Photo courtesy of Snake Ranch
Adult Green Tree Python – Photo courtesy of Snake Ranch

'Mr Lemon' , as a three year old
‘Mr Lemon’ , as a three year old
sub adult green tree python
sub adult green tree python

Green Tree Python adult 
Green Tree Python adult 

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