It is my sincere hope that Yokohama Ramen is just working out the kinks of newness and that this will someday become a five-star review.I went with a friend for lunch. The ramen was out of this world. Broth is good. The ramen was very delicious and not disappointing. as you can see in the picture, it came with one single crab stick (which is very far from crab meat), 2 shrimp, 2 tiny fish cakes, and some squid. The selection is okay but not great. The food is ok, service is good!

I've gotten the Ramen once, the Gyudon twice, and the Unagidon once. Another dish where they give you too little rice. Uhhh... no.OK, so, the location itself is fine, if a little wacky-looking, and the service wasn't wholly lacking, but the food was both completely bland AND completely gross to look at. In contrast to what the previous have said, I actually enjoyed my experience here and the ramen bowl I had was pretty good. Service was good and competent. The noodles were cooked right but the broth could have used more seasoning. Walking in, it was a cute small space but there was quite a few people so to find a spot for four people was a little bit of a wait. See all photos from Ally M. for Yokohama Ramen.

I ordered the Kaisen ramen, which was advertised to have shrimp, squid, fishcake, and card meat. I was dining alone, and from the minute I walked in I felt ignored. I always get good service there. Calories, Fat, Protein, Fiber, & Carbs In Ramen Noodles Oriental Flavor Calories, Fat, Protein, Fiber, & Carbs In Ramen Noodles Beef Quick 2200 Calorie Meal Plan They were all yummy. I will likely come back. The music is nice, the decor is exquisite. Prices are reasonable. There need to be some better organization in the kitchen. They try to shun me to the bar area, which is in the back of the restaurant.

Daughter drug us to the downtown location and we were hooked. Walking in, it was a cute small space but there was quite a few people so to find a spot for four people was a little bit of a wait.Our server Josh (or Jason, I cant remember) was very friendly and attentive. Get full nutrition info for every recipe and track with one click! The Ramen was so far from what me and friends were expecting. And again. What safety measures are they taking? The atmosphere is not great. The ramen lacked flavour and content, noodles were meh, broth was lacking in umami taste. Hopefully not by the door though.Edit: they have a cool banner explaining what Izakaya meant. I think it is just too big, especially if there is a small crowd. I think the beef ramen is too sweet for me" I was asked what I wanted to drink and I said I really would like a menu  The entire time I was there I felt very overlooked and it was quite disappointing. Omg the best ramen ever. 6434 E central ave Wichita Kansas 67206 (316)796-5395. Pretty good. The ramen, just like others have said, is nothing to write home about. I thought that they gave a pretty adequate amount of noodles and broth. The broth was good, which deserves two stars. I went with my friend Andres. I hope the staff stays as friendly and the Sapporo stays on tap. I really enjoyed this. I was visiting for the weekend and will not be coming back. Seaweed salad was among best we've tried. The tempera shrimp (which is another "add on") is oily. Very good service. Surprising during this whole corona thing.

Can try something new every time. The $2 egg is annoying, but it is a legitimate soft boiled egg with a nice mushy yolk. There were enough vegetables in the bowl but very little of traditional vegetables one finds in a high quality ramen bowl. I've gotten the Ramen once, the Gyudon twice, and the Unagidon once. The fried oysters are perfect. Will definitely frequent when I am on this end of town. We always get it to go, so we haven't dined in but they package it well. Would have never happened if the waiters would have helped us screw that damn lid on tighter. All of this was particularly annoying because the bowls were 13$, which is quite steep for what we got.

Visiting Wichita for a while from out of town area. I ordered the bun with pork and ramen with chicken. There were enough vegetables in the bowl but very little of traditional vegetables one finds in a high quality ramen bowl. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. I sat at another seat that was not in the wind path of the door. Tuesday 11:30 am – 10:00 pm. There's a bar room in the back and regular dining in front. I had vegetable ramen my companion got the spicy miso. A little bit spicy for my daughter, but not for me. Bun was actually tasty. Ask the Yelp community! Access hundreds of thousands of recipes that are healthy and easy to make. The staff were friendly and I saw them go around refilling waters for people. So this place is really cool looking and all, very cozy inside and clean bathrooms which is deserves a star. They came and took my bowl away when I was already spoon deep in the broth and tried to give it to a different customer because they messed up the order.

Bun was actually tasty. The ramen was a mixed bag. If you're not at @yokohamaizakaya.wichita on their grand opening weekend, you're missing out. And absolutely ruined his BRAND NEW pants.

I've eaten in and gotten doordash from here a few times. I decided to try there dumplings app and it was great. I enjoy all the appetizer selections. One guy in our group got his ramen first, before everyone else and before our appetizers orders. All of the seafood seemed like it was frozen for far too long and had bad texture, didn't seem fresh at all. after taking a bit, it was truly over-cooked and dry. I thinks that's ridiculous. The second bowl was the spicy miso, it was fine, but the meat was definitely sliced way too thin (like thin roast beef) and there were only 3 small square slices. 1 other review that is not currently recommended. Beyond that, I didn't enjoy much else. First time trying their second location. Looked clean inside. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. The server apologized but we were disappointed. It was really good since the shrimp was a decent size. After trying the food, I see why - it was astounding. I felt the broth tasted diluted...not flavorful as I had elsewhere. There were several empty tables and I was told that they had to clear a table. In the end, he watched all of us eat. The selection is okay but not great. )I'm particularly fond of the gyuniku ramen and guy-don, the beef is really well seasoned and authenticI would order the gyu don here over Osaka's any day. I was here with a group of 6 people. Highly recommended. Absolutely delicious . The ramen is well cooked and springy, the broth is flavorful, and the garnishes are what you want on your ramen (bamboo shoots, scallions, etc. 10/10 on everything we got! Yes, there's much better ramen in the world, but just like how Northampton doesn't have the best pizza or the best chinese or what-the-heck-ever in the world, country, or even the state, this is still *good*. Staff has always been attentive and very helpful. Bun was actually tasty. Legit Japanese snacking! All of this was particularly annoying because the bowls were 13$, which is quite steep for what we got. I'll eat again. Large servings and fresh ingredients for a fair price. We were seated right away but our orders took a very very long time. this place was whatever.

I believe this is only because they had a bar adjacent to where you would sit. When I said no, I'm hit with "are you sure?" Delivery & Pickup Options - 18 reviews of Yokohama Ramen Izakaya "If you're not at @yokohamaizakaya.wichita on their grand opening weekend, you're missing out. See all photos from Walter B. for Yokohama Ramen. I love being able to order takoyaki or tori karaage in town. It's worth going to, it's worth the money, ESPECIALLY if you have a hankering for ramen. A donburi should not be composed of 1) a pile of white, unseasoned, unfried rice next to 2) a pile of unflavored, stringy, fatty, lukewarm beef.

Got a question about Yokohama Ramen? Also we had the gyoza. We were seated right away but our orders took a very very long time. The broth was good, which deserves two stars. I got the black garlic ramen. It's about $1 an hour there...Overall, I liked the place. Usually the broth is more rich but that isn't major. Service was good and competent. I came here with a friend who has been here before. The restaurant does not have its own private parking lot so parking would need to be on the street. A few apps that we ordered was the Hawaiian style edamame, chicken katsu, truffle chicken goyza, chicken crisper, shrimp lovers and age-dashi tofu.-- Hawaiian Style Edamame- portion was extremely small and they didn't provide a place for your to toss the shell but the fried garlic on it was pretty good which made the whole dish very flavorful.-- Chicken Crisper- it was just pretty much fried chicken, minus the bones. Huge serving. I did not order the same dish but the overall quality of the food was definitely better. Wichita BBQ, full service, full bar, full of flavor. It was rather bland. Overall, the food was tasty, but probably worth more like $8 a bowl, rather than $12 since they're a little stingy with the toppings. The server apologized but we were disappointed. Anyways I got the chicken one (chicken ramen) is was really good. The Menu. Nevertheless, I've managed to walk out with a happy tummy - everything filled me up pretty quick.The interior of the restaurant is pretty nice. Especially the seafood Ramen. The waitstaff were very attentive and the food was delicious. Didn't expect a lot from the place compared to big cities like New York or Los Angeles but overall it was okay.

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