Far from the nicest rooms but it seemed like it had a cool culture there and a lot of the dorms just didn't.

lol, I would also avoid Stephenson. RELATED: Changes expected at WSU for upcoming fall semester. I am going to be a freshman in the fall, what dorms should I try to get/ which should I avoid like the plague? All the greek stuff is on the north side, all the houses and apartments are near the north dorms, the rec is much closer, both stadiums, etc. I've been looking at reviews of dorms but it's hard to find anything current, so I figured I'd ask here. I think your top three choices have been echoed by other comments as well: Stephenson, Northside, and Honors. If you are 20+ go for McEachern, right next to southside, plenty of washer/dryers, multiple kitchens, and for ChemEs all of our junior senor classes will be right down the hill in 2014. I lived in Stephenson North my freshman year. WSU Dorm Item Seek & Sell. We uses cookies to deliver services, personalize content and ads, and analyze our traffic. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The Unofficial Subreddit of Washington State University, Press J to jump to the feed.

Avoid Gannon/Golds over any other.

I dont recommend southside, not a fan of the location or dorm life there.Edit: Hillside dining hall is right next to DD. WSU is rather condensed and it usually takes less than 10 minutes to get from any one building to another. Pretty recently renovated (furniture, etc.). Whether your cluster is social or not is a toss-up though. The ones on the north side tend to be a little nicer but pricier as well. Awesome location on the north side of campus, good parking if you need, some of the biggest doubles on campus. I lived in Streit. Co-Ed dorm, floors alternated guy/girl. I live on what is called "The Hill" halls, these are by far the nicest on campus and the situation of them is fantastic. A place to find or sell dorm items such as bedding, appliances, etc.... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

Average cost after financial aid for student recieving grant or scolarship aid, as reported by the college. Every dorm is a little different. Failed to connect to server. Get a video tour of Washington State University life. The university previously said it would not offer refunds if it had to close a dorm … As far as each category goes, I think I'd rank them like this: 1: Honors (hillside dining, the coug, valhalla, munchiez), Northside (northside dining hall), Stephenson (southside dining hall), 2: Honors, Northside/Stephenson (depending on which library), 3: Honors, Stephenson, Northside (with all the hills and stairs, bikes aren't really the best mode of getting around anyways, especially in the winter), 4: Stephenson (own gym), Honors (I don't know anything about the new Chinook complex, as I just graduated. Normally, some of the dorms at UW have two, three, and even four beds in them. It does have the benefits of having a workout area in the building, as well as a market where you can buy snacks.

I'll definitely keep that in mind when I apply for housing.

Sounds like someone didn't get a corner room. They obviously aren't going to have people of the opposite sex living there, but you can bring your friends (and your "friends") over whenever you want. The exception to this is McEachern in the south side just because the rooms are 100% private and bathrooms are semi-private.

Isn't there more dorms in that same parking lot area now? I lived in it for a semester. Einstein Bros. Bagels. Internships $1,500 more per year give or take). I second this. As for partying, it isnt the best but usually you can find a group of people on some floor or you can just go to a party somewhere else lol, What floor homie? There are some really nice new residence halls (that are mostly for the athletes), but they are significantly more expensive than the other residence halls. I'd also recommend Olympia.

Olympia is isolated on the southeast end of campus. It is also fairly cheap for No It has free washing and drying, the best water on campus and its right next to Regents female dorm, and as u/alpenbum said, its close to the Rec and Martin Stadium. Washington State University said it plans to house most students in single dorm rooms, and it’ll reduce capacity in residence halls by about 2,000 students. It's close to some colleges and General-Use Classroom buildings, but depending on where your Biology classes are held it might be farther away.

Northside also has a more upper-class type of people, so take that as you will.

There are dorms that most people don't like.

Honors dorm is in Hillside however, and that is the opposite - you don't have to be an honors kid, but if you like quiet and keep-to-yourself areas, Honors hall is a good choice.

The ones Agreed. I love the Suite layout. I was looking at McEachern, but it looks almost too quiet and academic focused for my taste. Chinook Village, Kiera tells you about what she likes about WSU The only nice thing I have to say about Duncan-Dunn was its proximity to Hillside for easy access to food. The age difference here is a big culture change from anyone who has lived in the United Kingdom. Take the closet door off for a makeshift beerpong table. It's new, social enough, has amenities, majority freshmen, and close enough to classes. Thanks for the input!

You would never guess what Washington State University students actually think about living on campus at iAgora Blog I'm sitting here in my boxers eating chips off of my chest while typing this lmao. It's across the street from a dining hall. Im in Stephenson North right now and I'd have to say that having a group of people in all the same courses (since its full of engineers) is extremely useful for getting the help you need when you need it (plus the "down under" has tutoring so its even better for help in classes). Even with those limitations, UW said it does not think it will have to deny any students who apply for housing.

Bathrooms were shared with half of your floor (2 bathrooms per floor). CV guides Great rooms. Chinook Village, Kailyn Gives Freshman Advice Chinook Village, Freshman Double Room Tour Close to greek row so parties are taken there and socializing is chill enough in the dorm. The window was open, but it still knocked over my roommate's stack of CDs he kept on his windowsill. The odd floors have significantly larger lounges than the even floors do. There's a good mix of freshmen and upperclassmen.

You are more independent (in a dorm doors are locked up at night) and it's much quieter (it is sometimes hard to stand the noise). The hall itself is nice and always has quiet spaces. Be aware people call it the penis palace because it's an all male dorm.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Alumnus/2012/Zoology/Neuroscience/Helpdesk. As a current student.

Class of 2000 grad. Student Recreation Center, WSU Stadium and Game Day! They have huge skylounges on the top floor. All other dorms have at least something that can be seen a an advantage over another, that dorm is just run-down and is in dire need of renovation.

I know that dorms are first-come-first-serve so I was wondering the chances of me getting the dorms I'm about to … SEATTLE — Dorm life will be different for University of Washington and Washington State University students this fall, with different room layouts, physically distant shared spaces, and fewer people overall. ), Stephenson (Biggest dorm and you're bound to find some social floors and some quiet floors and spaces. From what the girls across the south alley had to say, conditions in Community were no better. “Without you guys, this wouldn't have happened,” a petition update said.

The nickname of that dorm is Gannon/Goldsworthy/Ghetto, and for good reason. “We heard loud and clear from families and from students that they were concerned about that,” Weiler said. AVOIDThe only dorms that I recommend to avoid at all costs would be Gannon/Goldsworthy. Something went wrong.

Stephenson is your best choice for a fair price. There was a wide variety of rooms available; some Stimson-style suites, some double occupancy rooms, & some single rooms that had their own bathrooms.

If you want a suite-style dorm, you can stay in Honors. Northside, CDD, and Global Scholars have much nicer rooms, but are more expensive and have a bit more of a "party" feel (which if you're social can be fun.) I'm a freshman living in Northside this year and it is beautiful. However, the rooms aren't the nicest, and some floors are incredibly close and become friends, while others rarely interact. “We always have sophomores or in some cases, even juniors who ask to stay in our residence halls. The Chinook building is right next to the libraries (and still ~5m from Honors), and will have exercise facilities soon IIRC.

If you like peace & quiet, I'd sign up for MacEachern as soon as you meet the age requirement.

As for Northside vs hillside, I would not be unhappy at all with the new dorm, global scholars, which is north. It's worse than Gannon IMO, and isn't even close to food or your classes like GG is. Close to classes, I don't want to commute by bike, Washing machine/amenities/close to weightroom, Social, but not partying everyday. Rogers and Orton are also pretty nice.

I also don't mind if it's quiet. I would say stay off the south side entirely. Right next to northside dining hall, roll out of bed and eat. Learn French Hi I'll be attending WSU Pullman this Fall and I'm wondering what dorms will be best for my preferences, and I'm not planning to join a frat.

Whatever you do make sure you pick something coed, Nothing wrong with Stimson? Sometimes the smell of cigarette smoke wafted up from the smokers outside the front door of the dorm.

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