I have never bought anything that smells so good, combined with extreme longevity. Cumin is savory like curry with an ethnic body odor. A very solid fragrance release from the Victor & Rolf house. View cart for details. Dark, rich, and very masculine. SBE's been getting a lot of hype as late for a good reason.

Smells like classy, balanced, Vanilla Coke, in the best way possible.

Well, more than an addition really, the vanilla is centre stage with backup from the spices. Winter in a bottle. willing to swap? Was hoping my husband would find something that was a great winter fragrance. I rarely dip my toes in the waters of "men's cologne," but Spicebomb has always intrigued me. Like DAMN nice! Do not overspray, can become cloying, for cold weather only!

I'm going to be honest. Previous version 2012-13-14-15 smell all day long. im the type to click NO when I see Other fragrances that resembles this before I start a review. This site is intended for US consumers. Very very spicy, sweet, and with tobacco too?! I like this.

I don't understand why people compare spicebomb and Bvlgari MIB..each one has its own take on the spicy notes and the role given to them within the overall mixture. its blended smoothly . After wearing it for three days, I have concluded that Spicebomb Extreme is the equivalent of Mugler's Pure Havane without the honey note, and I like both fragrances for the same reason: a pleasant, masculine blend of tobacco and vanilla. Absolutely insane longevity. 2012 batch: starts with a bunch of cinnamon, tobacco & vanilla + some pepper. Fake bottle? If you love this fragrance, buy Al-Rehab Sultan instead. Very modern but completely different to current clubbing scents. i have a 2015 batch and 12 hrs longevity but sillage is 6 rs strong on me. The day was one of those when it was no longer Winter, but the cool morning air came in through the few forgotten buttons loosened on my clothes. Cherry pipe tobacco and vanilla, with a little incense. YES, it is what it means: a spice bomb at an extreme level, with all the on-steroid spicy notes, especially the super sweet vanilla. It reminds me of the smell a negroni cocktail has with added tabacco. I love it, can def smell the tobacco and vanilla. Vanilla and clove that sharpens up as it dries with lots of peppery spice and leather showing up. Definitely a nice scent for winter- sitting by the fire getting cozy! Quality scent! I can't say I regreted for buying it but it's a different scent from original and it took few days of intense wearing for me to figure this out. As a woman, must I say that? I dont think there´s a huge diference between this one and the regular version. I'm not trying to offend anyone though, this is my genuine opinion. I got a 2015 bottle. The tobacco note is lovely. I let my beard stubble grow out just a little longer and I drink strong black coffee with no sweetener because Spicebomb is a mans game. It's most definitely no bomb for me! It was actually a pretty warm day, but it was rainy as well. The drydown is also very unisex. It's a scent of nostalgia. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Lavender Pepper and Cuminum. Seems very insecure and very offensive. Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf, 3 oz Eeau De Parfum Spray for Men Tobacco Vanille, super-strong projection. The name spice-bomb gave me the idea that I would be bombarded with a cacophony of spices that would make my nose turn up with the first spray, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got instantly introduced to a smooth sweet tobacco. Ok got this a few weeks ago after lots of great reviews i have now wore this on a night out ,during days ,cold day/warm day and i personally find this perfect for day time or weekend days out pub ,days out ect . Has a strange smell of body oder in the opening that can turn some people off but trust me soon as it fades awat after a few mins omg the smooth vanilla and spices take over for the rest of its time and is amazing.For close encounters you will drive your significant other crazy for sure.

the best of spicebomb. My absolute favorite designer fragrance in my collection! Spice bomb extreme is much better now simply due to the fact it actually lasts. I'm very confused. This was a breath of fresh spicy air in the designer fragrance scene back in 2012, it was amazing to be one of the first wearing it. The ratio and balance between the notes work out so well in this composition. I can see its appeal if you love vanilla, but the search continues to find that great balance of a masculine spice scent without the sweetness. Meh. Can smell it on my clothes a week after I've worn them. Has something in the notes which is really attracting.

Now this has got to be in my top 3 Fragrances. From a sample. Their packaging has a drawing of an open jar, inside it, there is a number representing the number of months. It's perfectly unisex and I can wear it all year round. It's good for comforting during grey, cold winter days. 14-16 hours on skin, days on clothes. I'm a woman and I wear it myself. That's all I gotta say about this fragrance. Still going strong. The dry-down blends all notes, they lose that initial sharpness and clear identity, the fragrance turns into a moderate projecting “spicy” fragrance; also, the initial moderate to strong projection takes one step down to moderate. By entering these codes in the Secret Service, you will be rewarded with exclusive gifts. Spicebomb comes out in January 2012 as an explosive and extrovert oriental - woody and spicy composition. Truly a great buy but I guess I prefer stronger vanilla for the winter. You know what lavender is that purple floral that also releases stress and high blood pressure, and chronic pain are some other uses other than fragrances for Lavender Oil. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. Would definitely suggest people to buy this one. Not dessert-like.

Doesn’t give me as many compliments but I can tell people really appreciate the scent. Tempting and not at the same time, I've slowed way down on buying frags so I figured, why not? The blast of citrus accords accompanied by pink pepper and cinnamon on the opening spray are so invigorating; and a beautiful dry down with leather and tobacco are so well balanced with the citrus, it's simply a brilliant fragrance! The projection he is above average. Between 5 to -2 celsius degrees). Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time.

A very straight forward, oversweetened mix of artificially flavored cherry jam, caramelized sugar, powdered sugar, honey, vanilla, leather and Penicillin.

Online right now: 1891, Fragrantica in your language: it’s quite funny a female in her early 20s who wears Flowerbomb is writing a review on this, however i genuinely love this fragrance! Batch 2018. :). Quite addictive but lacks refinement and originality. It's errs on the sweet side, which I normally don't find appealing in perfumes, but it really works here, as the cinnamon and slight leather notes complement it and rein it in from smelling too sugary and food-like. Compared to a 2018 sample I owned, its softer on the nose in the drydown and longer lasting. And I must say it does live up to the hype. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Definitely get a cinnamon bark type vibe from it but the pepper brightens it up a bit. This is one of the best sweet designer fragrances that I have ever smelled. ), so it was with great expectations & much excitement that I received my sample. great projection and longevity, and it sort of smells like Cola, this fragrance is literally delicious. Then Spicebomb entered my life and completely changed the game for me. with a nutmeg it would be much better, qith time it lost spiceness and the only thing that i can smell is cinnamon.

I have to disagree with most comments here, I have had spicebomb in my collection since 2012, and currently own several bottles including 2014 and 2019 ones. Products with the same batch code can then be recalled or withdrawn from the supply chain. Fragrance SPICEBOMB EXTREME arrives on the market in 2015 as 50 and 90ml Eau d Parfum. Not available at the stores, no available sample online. In my most recent Sephora order, I chose a sample size of Spicebomb - not for any man in my life, but for me. I got a bottle that the batchcode is from 2020 and it's unfortunately pretty weak for a fragrance that people are saying lasts them 8+ hours. Spicebomb is died! Whereas here, the vanilla brings it back more towards frags I already own. I’d avoided Spicebomb for years after not liking it around the time of its release but I’ve warmed up to it (and then some) since that time, and I can easily see how it’s a staple, particularly as a cold weather men’s fragrance. The bottle, a reworked custom-built grenade for a perfume made up of explosive scents, is encircled by a black band that cannot contain the force of the fragrance. (EU). The most common periods of suitability for use from the date of manufacture: Expiration dates may vary depending on the manufacturer. As the fragrance dries down, the initial projection intensifies, at this point, the fragrance feels dry but very projecting. Something went wrong. 11/10. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. I'd say the scent cloud appreciably shrinks within 3 hours, but you'll trail the scent for quite some time. Slap it on and walk around smelling like a smoky bowl of potpourri. How is it for a blind buy? But in a totally better way. Very literally named. I liked the original, but it didnt have the "WOW!" Formulation code is still B197686/1. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

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