Oh. here are some of our prophecies:A. Val's Reflection becomes Darquess, and she has to fight herself in the battle, but then the Reflection gets taken over by evil and turn into the horrible monster Ghastly's mum saw.B. The hat, however, could not be easily salvaged. i think i'd be hilarious to see Skulduggery dance like that=^_^= if you do give me permission, here are the characters i'll put in it; Skulduggery (duh), Valkrie(also duh), Tanith, Ghastly, China, Sanguine, Cleavers, Bliss, Valkrie's parents, Kenspeckle, Vengeous, Serpine, and YOU!!! !Apart from that the cover is definitely the best one yet! i only joined to comment on your blog and then becos i apparently have the memory of a goldfish have to reset my password just to post this. Though.... skulduggery is dead and if I met him someday I would talk to him. I love that comic sooo much! hey my name is jimah.im the guy who was sitting directly opposite you. (You know, there's also Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

OH MY GOD JON HEDER IS SO COOL!!! ", "Yes. Lemme know what you think!

Isn’t just in Fairytales. )That is my theory and I'm sticking with it. Nice work! That is AMAZING! !Cornelius Cromwell!!! okay dones.flora :)(BTW, i love Jimmy is ainm dom's comment XD). I appreciate it a lot. well...i do not like this bloggy thing. The truth is that "lovely" is not a good adjective to the drawing in appropriate adjective would be "AMAZING" or "INHUMANE" because it is incredible that a person may have made. soooooo cool and i'm sooo glad you kept it. If you do you I might consider your deed respectable and therfore I might not punish you. so if you've finished your book and cover, why isnt the character competition been announced? WOW! 'Marr hurried over, shackles in HIS hand. Skulduggery Pleasant Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. PLUS they are coming out with "The Hobbit" !!! Skulduggery's deathday! He appeared to be bored with Skulduggery.

Oh and, (sorry third comment in a row) I agree with the cellist I want my book coloured at the side the only cool coloured one i have is book 1. Oh my god! JUST BY LOOKING AT THE COVER I SCREAMED IN EXCITEMENT!! Yehh how do ya like it now hey :P:PAlso Ian, you really really really shouldn't give out your email like that. Stephanie Edgley longs for there to be something more to life, but she does not expect to meet the brilliant, magical detective Skulduggery Pleasant at her uncle's funeral. have u skipped that part in the book or something or do u know who one and just not telling us for giggles? !I HAVE TOLD HIM ABOUT THIS BLOG AND HE WILL SOON BE OURS!!! (though Skulduggery might be screaming of something else, I mean come on! BYE!!! TELL ME NOW!!! BTW Peter jackson WOULD be pretty gud. Does anyone know what kind of hat Skulduggery Pleasant is wearing? the covers ALL RIGHT i quess...but dark days cover is still my favourite and i'm not so keen of the title either.i seem to be aginst most of everyone elses opinion... also if, landy, you've finished book five what about the character compotition?! You've been watching too much tv.lolCOBPUDLGAP meanssss continuously ...something...something....Post Until Derek Landy Gets Annoyed and Posts.Correct?Jimmy is ainm dom I adore this blog as well :-D.I'm not sure whom this Des Bishop is, but I bet Jon Heder would be perfect for that job.Skyril"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China. And help me advertise, please! well this is getting kind of long and i know you have A LOT of other comments to read so, good luck with the other books and i hope your Munchkin Army flourishes. The device received a wipe with a damp dishcloth and it was discovered that it was working well despite its brief time as a garnish. Hurray Lynn!Now I have the pleasure of prancing about with my badges quite obvious on my shirt. yeah she's THAT AWESOME. A character in Skullduggery pleasent once said something" -that character, Hehe sory Odile... though I couldn't resist because it is soooo funny.. and strangely similar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. and only eight? She backed up into the hallway to allow him to enter. So don't complain so much :PALSO, does this mean the cover will be in colour right off the bat? Tom, you have outdone yourself.

:( thats heaps far away...by the time its my b-day, this blog will probably be finished. !The fourth book in german will release in November!They cannot be in earnest!When the fith english Book releases september they can't release the fouth german book in november! theo your cousin is in my class.are you going to make more of your puppet videos.i love the cereal one.now then inferno joe your very silly. Wow that was a lot of exclamation points. lol but thats obvious :), Oh my god! I came up with the character name 'Venus Deviance' and I would literally hit the roof (and maybe shoot through the ceiling) if you used it in one of your books, even if she's only mentioned once in the most incignificant way. Tre. omg, i love it. But yeah... so...PLEASA JOIN! Shakespeare references are total love. You'll know who I am coz I kept the same name... kinda.Haha look at all the people whoo have commited themselves to COBPUDLGAP!!! Hmm...my shelves seem a trifle dusty.Holy crap, "trifle" isn't the right word...brb, gotta get my inhaler. They embark on stopping an evil Adept named Nefarian Serpine from getting his hands on the Sceptre of the Ancients and bringing back the Faceless Ones. oh. She stares almost as much as you do. (for how awsome the cover is, multiply bysix and divide by zero to cause a black hole that will suck all lesser books such as twilight in and convert them to skulduggery awsomeness then you will know how awsoem the bookcover is) from insanity and my friend laura flame. I feel so proud. Samantha Standfield. All Rights Reserved. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHRRRRRRR!!!!

!That is stunning, just wonderful :3The colors on Tom's artwork is always so rich, it makes mah eyes bleed!!! Or a weed wacker. Now, if you please return those badges to Sky... they cost money you know!!!! Right pop quiz, what does COBPUDLGAP stand for??? I am not worried about the Ancients.Skulduggery will just glare at them and they will get so scared of his UBER AWESOMENESS that they run home again. I COMmand....you....WHUMP!!! As she gathered up the carrots into a neat pile, she heard the sound of a car pull up outside, then its door slamming shut.

7. are you annoyed that i type like this? IT'S FRIGGIN DEREK LANDY!!! Yep, it's true. thats freaking awesome! YOU, Derek Landy, have made this WAY too easy.......*shifty eyes*IT WAS THE BUTLER!

)*splat*, phew, i scraped myself out of the carpet eventually. Find out which character you are from the series by taking up the … Btw, Inferno-joe.ROFL!Your comment made me crack up so hard! !!!

Really?! I guess I'll see you later then. Ahem. That movie is beast and is very creepy. IT'S WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WORK! )Thanks for sharing. V.V, HEY DEREK, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU! 8.are you gonna wish me happy birthday and dedicate a blog to me and lynn?Finbar-he came in here asking for a growlying pantherskul-a grolwing panther?Finbear-yepskul-then why are you giving he a tatoo of a kitten?Finbar-im just in a kitten kind of mood, ya know? 'Twas quite interesting.I completely agree with Jimmy is ainm dom's first two sentences. Meh. ? Israel Matteus is my taken name, and i will live to 215 years old......JOE, MWAHAHAHHA i will be the next enemy that the group faces. "I WANT ONE OF HIS RIBS!" Skulduggery reached out a hand and dipped it into the hot soup, lifting out a strange device that looked like a hexagonal calculator. I can only BE me, you see.

?so, i´m just thinking at this moment: it´s such a great cover!!

if you look on the right hand side of Skulduggery's mouth, it looks like he might be smirking.

I can't wait to read it...Derek, can't you make September come sooner??? I just cant get over his drunk-i-dont-know-wot-the-hell-im-doing kind of acting (like in PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEIN) with the uber-great facial expressions. What made Skulduggery quit his job as the city guard commander will be properly discussed. "Skulduggery, you shouldn't have taken this girl as your apprentice," he said as he tilted his hat up. *smacks head* Damn. 5.how many people are in the munchkin army? "-China Sorrows. Do you realise what you have done to me Mr Landy! This is for the same reason he will never tell his readers if Skulduggery's child was a girl or boy. It is the best cover yet. What kind of hat does Skulduggery Pleasant wear? THATS RIGHT!

Peace. I love the colours, the angles, the action, the *personality* in it . "Must be your old age," Valkyrie quipped. You get to post fanfic on there, your dA photos plus we have a dA photo of the month where people voet on a few selected and then your gallery gets more popularity because there's a link up plus your photo for a WHOLE MONTH! !HAPPY BIRTHDAY Moonshine!!! GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD! His scores are AMAZING, I especially like "Into the Forest" from Corpse Bride. Wow. Just then, a door slammed to the ground. (mwaahhaha) NOW FLY, MY MINIONS, FLY!!! awww, i am so offically happy!!! Sort of shippy.

. Brilliant cover, brilliant title, but the author is the most brilliant of all! You should know by now that you can't steal a place!! Nefarian Serpine was one of Mevolent's Three Generals during the War. "Van Gunsword. Another blog right now, or I'm calling a coup. oh weel, you all know to much. As he looked up at Valkyrie, she could almost imagine a look of mild puzzlement cross his face. By the way Landy I am very happy with the blurb because last year I read the blurb of book four and I was so frustrated at the smallness of the amount of information that I nearly smashed the computer. I am VERY tempted of the idea of a dragon turning up on the director's doorstep with a copy of the book and a pen... heyyyyyyyyyyy, derek. were gonna kidnap jedward first the rob all of their hair gel. I thouroughly agree with Holly, please buy Tom a pint. )The cover's good, I guess you could say that the covers get better and better w/ every book.

xDIf I were in that crowd I'd go for the tie. LOL Jimmy is ainm dom, that last comment is funny...9. though there is a slim figure my character would win!! It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another." What kind of hat does Skulduggery Pleasant wear? But it is good because it will be something to cheer me up for going back to school.)2. I have a rotweiler called snowy...:S I think Darkquesse is Valkyrie's reflection you know. !All of Tim Burton's movies are my favorites and this book series is my favorite, so it just goes hand in hand xD that would totally make my day. i hope you HAPPY. On the front cover, there is a huge picture of Skulduggery with a black hat and a black scarf. I LOVE IT!Tom you're a genius. maybe Val's not really hte end. lmao, this is th best book series fandom found anywhere on this planet ever. Jul 4, 2015 - It's more than just a book series. Real Magic is everywhere, looming over you. i'm confused... OH..... MY..... GOD!I AM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! the world has just been screwed over! He's who I listen to when I write. "-China Sorrows, sky, how did you figure out my plan? Derek, you better have a bloody good book to live up to THAT.Although I'm sure you do. I still cant think of anyone else though. i think he just needs 3) frikin' stoopid. I just realised as I was reading through my last comment how many times i said comment. !thank you ^!^, that's the best! Which pair of sneakers style would works better for Running/Jogging? !~Miep---------------"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. i sooo wanna read!I LOVE skulduggery pleasantit would be a dream come true if it given to me as a presant!!! Now, there have been many theories that sounded plausible, such as Scapegrace, but one single Tweet from Derek Landy rules them all out. Because *I* know.I know much more as well, but I thought that would be a tricky one for a fake to guess.Yes, The Cellist that would be a helpful encourager wouldn't it?

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