I generally prefer my stances to have as much movement as possible.

I somehow am unable to use the dash attack with blind justice, is there a trick to it? Melee combat is incredibly powerful, and your stance will dictate your available moveset with the melee weapon you are using. Sword: Rare Crossing Snakes: Multi-angle strikes and deadly thrust attacks Dual Swords: … This means the actual combos that you can do, and any affects they have, are all based on your stance.

As long it has slash it is top tier melee. a Sword Stance cannot be used on a Polearm, and vice versa. I dunno why the absurd prices on TRoyale compared to the measly 10p CW costs, while it completely outclasses TRoyale in terms of damage. OR even better, get a Kuva Shildeg with 60% heat damage and a riven with attack speed + crit. Sword Stance Mods. One-handed Nikana: Sepfahn Zaw is the best with a riven (0.75/1.55 riven disposition) but tied with Nikana Prime without a riven. Without Riven---------------------------------------------With Riven (disposition), Dual Keres--------------204.5k-----1) Dual Keres-------------611.6k (1.20/1.55), Nami Skyla Prime--------201.5k-----2) Nami Skyla Prime-------494.6k (1.00/1.55), Prisma Dual Cleavers----200.6k-----3) Twin Krohkur-----------425.5k (1.25/1.55), Dual Cleavers-----------197.4k-----4) Dual Raza--------------424.8k (1.40/1.55), Dark Split-sword--------169k-------5) Prisma Dual Cleavers---423.5k (1.10/1.55), Dual Ichor--------------165k-------6) Dual Cleavers------------417k (1.20/1.55), Dual Raza---------------152.1k-----7) Dark Split-sword---------415k (1.21/1.55), Twin Krohkur------------140.3k-----8) Dual Ether---------------410k (1.45/1.55), Dual Ether--------------139k-------9) Dual Ichor-------------398.5k (1.16/1.55), Dual Kamas Prime-------125k ------10) Dual Kamas Prime--------237k (1.05/1.55). Dark Split-Sword (Heavy Blade) Galatine: Galatine Prime: Gram: Gram Prime: Masseter: Paracesis: Scindo: Scindo Prime: Vitrica: War: Zenistar: Weapon Comparison [edit source] Name Type Normal Heavy Slam Slide Range Slam Radius Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical … Highest melee riven disposition currently is Amphis (1.50/1.55). I have only mentioned the current top damage weapons that surpass a certain number. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. Generally the faster your attack speed, the more difficult it is to use combos that require a pause or pressing the back key. Chance as well as elemental damages" as top priority stats. It lets you BREAKDANCE.

The best combination would be Plague Keewar, Seekalla, Vargeet II Jai. One-handed swords: Skana Prime (1.20/1.55 riven disposition, best with and without the riven , however, can only be found in founders pack) Dakra Prime, 1.10/1.55 riven disposition, is the second-best sword with and without a riven. Friendship ended with VOLT. Play whatever category according to your taste in the shape and stance/combo of the weapon. These frames have the damage of their abilities; namely Whipclaw, Landslide and Serene storm, respectively, scale with any melee rivens having a riven disposition more than 1.10/1.55 or 4/5 with stats such as "Crit.

Cleaving Whirlwind: Rending Crane: Tempo Royale: Noble Cadence (Conclave only) Heavy Blade Weapons . Stance mods with a matching polarity to the stance slot will double their mod capacity bonus, while non-matching polarities will have reduced capacity bonus. You want to consider how far each combo moves you, how easy it is to access the combo, and what multipliers are present.

Each stance drops from specific mobs. forward   or block key RMB ) during a particular combo. Each attack actually FEELS like they are part of an actual style as opposed to clunky transitions between attacks on many other stance. No more waiting for a combo attack animation to end before you can start spamming the attack button again! I can't come up with a better, objective way of comparing them. Middle of combo will have sweeping attacks.

1000 times this.

Nah, I'm Punchbob. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Damage, Damage and Crit. One-handed Daggers: The Zaw Balla (0.90/1.55 riven disposition, best with and without a riven, best combination would be Balla, Peye, Vargeet II Jai, Exodias to use: Exodia force for more damage). Crushing Ruin has spin2win though and you can't beat spin2win.

Iron Phoenix: Crimson Dervish: Vengeful Revenant: Swooping Falcon: Rising Steel (Conclave only) Sword Weapons.

Any weapons in particular that are better with different stances than their polarity dictates? These numbers are nice, but they are in a vacuum.

Not as obnoxiously rare as Royale with cheese, and Broken Bull clears like a mofo. Rarely, attacks may open enemies up to front/back or ground.

These weapons are all good. In addition, this test was tested on single targets or small multiple targets and not large amounts of targets so the range was not entirely making a difference.

Sign in. Search the stance and compare its status procs and damage bonus per combo.

When I compare a weapon, I compare it at maximum conditions.

Kronen prime is a slash based weapon and Its stances proc slash. Enjoy!

Outdated as of Update 26.0.

Sword and Shield: Silva and Aegis Prime is better than Sigma and Octantis without riven by 5k DPS (both have 1.0/1.55 riven disposition, but with a riven Sigma and Octantis is better by 16.5k DPS). The Melee Combo list on Crimson Dervish. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Check the "Stances" section and see where those ones drop. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Kuva Shildeg (0.75/1.55 riven disposition) with at least 38% elemental damage (any element) will exceed any hammer including Fragor Prime with and without rivens but if you want to go beyond 1 million DPS then pay attention to this.!

Stats used: Heat damage ( for extra status proc and it could be any element really for the sake of the calculations, if the weapon isn't going to get an extra status to proc from this stat, I change it to attack speed), crit. I like blind justice for nikanas. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Easy to access dash attacks and combos vs the other stances.

100% chance for a specific proc, like Slash), and enhancing mobility via lunges and jumps. damage + base damage and a harmless negative). Stance

Exodias to use: Exodia Brave for heavy attack builds for extra energy, Exodia force for more damage, Exodia Hunt for slam attacks to pull enemies).

en. Just finished my nikana prime now I gotta make a build for my redeemer.

I feel a bit awkward comparing melee weapons based on some calculated DPS.

Important note: You can use Exodia Hunt with zaws that have stances with combos that have slam attacks.

1) How many statuses proc does it proc in its combo, 2) How many types of status procs, 3) the bonus damage that comes with the combo and finally, your taste for that combo.

For those that prefer non-zaw weapons, Orthos Prime would be the second-best choice (0.60/1.55 riven disposition). This is mainly due to the fact that the Stance "final Harbinger" procs 2 Status "impact and slash". Many Melee Combos allow weapons to perform attacks they are incapable of doing without Stances, like giving single-target melee weapons like the Skana the ability to hit multiple enemies. What melee stances are the best? Feel free to disagree, and some are about equal, but this is just what I think, not counting quick attacks. Sword is a type of one-handed Melee weapon in Warframe. Line breaks between the numbered section (1 thru 24) would be good as well.

For those that prefer non-zaw weapons, Karyst Prime would be the second-best choice (0.50/1.55 riven disposition). The heavy blade stances are just slow and awkward imo. & Vengeful Revenant which is the hardest to acquire but you can try and farm from Rathuum or Concultysts.

One of them is that surely range is useless calculating the DPS. Heavy Attack button or holding melee button, Slow, yet strong attacks that leave the player vulnerable during wind-up time. Press J to jump to the feed. Warframe Melee Weapon Tier List Beta.

I personally like and my top preferences are Balla and Fragor Prime. So Gram prime at x12 is compared with the rest of the heavy blades. An equipped Stance's Melee Combo list can be seen on the "Melee Combo" button underneath the weapon's Stance Slot in the Arsenal, or in "Melee Combos" under Options while in a mission. Hammers: I have been asked especially for this one :) so there we go! whips - coiling viper for dps, burning wasp for aoe/range. Dual Daggers: Fang Prime (The only Prime dual daggers with a riven disposition of 1.30/1.55, best with and without a riven).

Stances can only be used on the weapon type they are labeled for, i.e.

Scythes: Reaper Prime is the best with the riven (1.00/1.55 riven disposition) but Plague Keewar Zaw is the best without the riven (the best combination is Plague Keewar, Peye, Vargeet II Jai) Exodias to use: Exodia Brave for heavy attack builds for extra energy, Exodia force for more damage, Exodia Hunt for slam attacks to pull enemies). You're thinking of the other guy. Used to close gaps on enemies through high mobility.

Find the best Warframe Melee Weapon at Overframe with our Melee Weapon tier list! Item DB Builds Tier List New Build Player Sync. Currently, the highest damage output melee weapons among all melee categories are: Gram Prime/Paracesis, Reaper Prime/Plague Keewar/Hate, Kuva Shildeg/Fragor Prime and Redeemer Prime/Stropha, Kronen Prime.

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