Or is it just fence painters being very careful? Brett prepares for a meeting on going public and Laetitia continues to fight through the currency markets in London. Their takeaway was that people who have wealth are either born into it, marry into it, invest to make it, or start a business. Thanks! rm. Other car traffic is down dramatically as New York remains on “pause,” and only about 100 traders will return to the stock exchange in the near term, said one worker. Call them what they really are — victims. Brett hasn't slept in 24 hours as he prepares for a key investment meeting. This week, Laetitia makes it through her 2nd week of training in the trenches of SMB and faces her first performance review. Or did the crew create the graffiti for the film? with Special Guests. One broker said he drove in from Connecticut — he usually takes Metro-North — and made it in 45 minutes. Larry was a commodity trader that traded orange juice futures on the floor of the New York stock exchange. Former marine Bob is an AMEX specialist and all round nice guy, full of banter. Change the conversation.”. A steady stream of cars, many with Jersey or Connecticut plates, entered the garage all morning. 2009 Enter the Bears. Watch Wall Street Warriors episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. fund moving full speed ahead. Improv Everything: What Is The Plan To Move People as the Economy Reopens? They covered the signs over with 96st but still it has the distinct IND station tiling. But man, what a fantastic use of existing statuary: Here’s the full grave, belonging to the Yunker family: Seeing the subway station in the distance, the Warriors head out: We’re given a few shots of New York’s eerily empty streets. Although they all live in Cincinnati, these three met in New Orleans while representing FII at the CitizenFEST hosted by Citizens University and FII-New Orleans Family Partners and instantly became friends. Many traders admitted that their drive to work — plus the subsidized parking at a nearby garage — halved their commutes. The Warriors, after going through the rough time getting home, decided gang life wasn’t for them and took up ballet where they won 1st place in the All-State Finals (1981). I dragged my wife down to Coney to see the Wonder Wheel. The next one is the passageway beneath Riverside Drive at West 96th Street, just south of The Conclave park: And finally, a street with distinctive elevated tracks. I actually saw some roughhousing when the camera stopped rolling, including a few knives flashing around. During the show, he was looking to invest in a Caribbean Resort and Luxury helicopter service. Thanks for the tips! The stock exchange did not conduct any surveys or analysis of the impact that the public transit ban might have on Lower Manhattan. Directed by George Lucas. Anyone know? I know that in the 1978-79 a german outfit filmed a gang called the “Sex Boys” and they put some episodes on You tube. Enrolling in FII has totally shifted my mind. i Love it and waiting part2. Ian Cassel: the King of Micro Cap Investing! Great work! “I’m actually amazed at how many actual graves were allowed to be featured in the film.”, If you watch close, you see shLarman & shEarman name on : Brett simultaneously attacks the New York Triathlon while keeping his hedge. Nothing seems to be going right for the two stockbrokers who are having hard times in both the markets and on the football field. Great to see how these locations are now.

Man. You probably know the radio DJ was Oprah right? I wasn’t able to identify this first one, which is killing me because the buildings are so distinctive. Also the scene in 96st is filmed on the old Aqueduct platform of Hoyt & Schemerhorn. Rate. ($7 million is a small sum in relative to the $20 Billion Ponzi scheme run by Bernie Madoff). By afternoon, the streets around the Holland Tunnel were a jam-packed mess: Canal Street is once again an unlivable hellscape, great job everyone!!!! Yes, that is true. She worked at SMB Capital for a few weeks and then joined a Forex broker as an intern. Your excellent posting made me feel vindicated because I pointed out some of the movie’s discrepancies. Thank you for a very enjoyable read. We pulled up Scouting New York only to read that, although the action was set in The Bronx, no filming took place in the borough let alone Van Cortlandt Park.

Damn right we do! I believe my pay for the evening was to be about thirty bucks, though I never made it all the way through to the end of the shoot. Aegis Capital shut down, so I doubt Brett is driving around in a Ferrari anymore. None of which can go outdoors on any Bronx train lines. The Warriors are headed up to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx for a meeting of all of New York City’s gangs. “I’ve been excited about FII from day one because the thought of it being a movement and not just a bandaid is perfect.

If you enjoyed reading this post, would you consider making a donation to help me make my first movie? Season One began airing in October 2006 and had six episodes. Jery Hewitt/Muson (Furies Leader) Nice to see how AL’s name is partially still on the wall. Laetitia, the rookie, graduates from college and goes to her first job interview in finance.

Change the conversation.”. Fun fact, he once threw a $3,000 PC monitor at someone. Some battles were lost, some battles were won, but the war goes on. https://t.co/SD5kq7PxpD, — Streetsblog New York (@StreetsblogNYC) May 27, 2020, Filed Under: Car Dependence, Coronavirus Crisis, Financial District, Promoted. One of the biggest days in the OJ pit has just arrived and he stands to lose millions if his bets are off. However, authenticity aside, The Warriors captured nighttime New York in a way that very few movies had previously, using some insanely brilliant and memorable locations.

“You think, I want my kids to have an ipad. Film shooting today become a passion of live, Regards. Ditto the fact that they let an actor climb on an actual grave…. “I felt so silly at that moment,” she shared. My babies are going to be in another place. r/ValueInvesting: Value investing in all its forms - From Graham & Dodd, to Buffett & Munger, to their philosophical descendants today I’m traveling from Atlanta, GA to be a part of this…I can’t wait! The Family Independence Initiative is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

In your image of the tunnel today, I swear I see those letters still faintly showing through. Tremendous job.

Although it is labeled the 96th st station, it’s actually the 72nd. Take a quick peek at his Instagram account and you’ll notice he’s living the life everyone dreams of, posting photos of exotic holidays, stacks of cash and flashy cars to inspire students. Thank you very much for your job.

I didn’t get one of those cool weird gang uniforms, as I got hired last minute and was told to come wearing jeans and a t-shirt; I would be part of the gang contingent known as “The Irregulars.” Ha! At has to be Fort Tilden. Currently, he is the president of the Gerchik & Co, a Forex brokerage company. you are absolutely right that was 14 st union square as i walk throuth that tunnel for many years of my life form the 70s to the 90s. “True wealth is the full alignment of your spiritual, emotional, financial and physical well being,” Lee offers.

Special thanks to reader Amir for pointing this out. Never been to New York and have not seen the movie since it first came out but do I remember that Sean Penn was in the movie?

While yachting in the Dominican Republic, Brett works to get a wealthy investor into his fund. I wonder if someone could do this for coming to america. “Do I like the ban? Photos after the opening bell showed a mostly empty trading floor, which has long outlived its actual utility in an age of computer-to-computer stock trades. Get the money and invest. Home » Entertainment » The Warriors Coney Island Reunion at Surf Pavilion Being a Bronx native and resident, this is one of my favorites and it’s filmed almost entirely in my borough! Even two guys who carpooled in from Rockland County in half the time it normally takes said they preferred their normal commutes: one takes a ferry to a train and another takes a train to the PATH. Also, when they exit the subway at 96th St, it’s actually 72nd (which was Needle Park at the time). I live in Manhattan and noticed that they actually exited at 72nd st. station (labeled as 96th). The Furies start to chase the Warriors, but the actual street where they are chasing them is 100th st. Then the street where they chase them into the park (looks like Central Park, but is actually Riverside Park) is 97th st. What’s with the CSI in the park? Here's our exhaustive preview. You can just see the Carbone Memorials building behind it, a gravestone manufacturer: As rival gangs patrol the area, a glimpse in the opposite direction reveals the current slanted entrance to the station in the distance: As the Warriors run for the stop, a rival gang begins racing them down: The Warriors hurry down Broadway toward the subway entrance: There used to be a ton of exposed cobblestones at this end of Broadway, which have since been paved over: The Warriors book it into the old Eastern Parkway station…. To my ears he sounded like a Shakespearean actor—not some guy from the street. Map, schmap….I’ll keep waking towards the water. Let us be clear: Immigrant farmworkers don’t work to put food on our table, they work to put food on theirs. “In FII, the idea is that someone is going to invest in you if you participate. It sets people up to come together to talk.”, Worsham shared her own moment of revelation when Apple hit a trillion dollars. …which is good, because otherwise you’d see the very cute Dinosaur Playground just behind all the tough gang members! They’ll need to. I love these then and now movies write-ups. Click here to donate today! During the filming, he was an instructor for Thinkorswim, educating and recruiting new customers.

This is amazing work.

Here is @NYGovCuomo defiling one of NYC’s few pedestrianized zones. After a torrential introduction to the New York trading game, Laeticia gracefully bows out to try her luck in Paris. Not everybody who showed up at that first meeting is mentally there yet, believing it’s possible to create generational wealth, but he is sure they will get there. I couldn’t believe it, after years of waiting it was finally released! On Wall Street Warriors he seemed like a smooth operator and was rated in the top five hedge fund managers in New York. Impulsive markets create a chaotic trading day for Jess while Jim and Lance enjoy the good times as their stocks climb high. He intends to return to that mode if the stock exchange gives the OK, even though the drive only took him 36 minutes. The Wall Street Code. Well done – another thoughtful peak into the past. The governor’s office did not respond to requests for comment. Miraculously, some kind soul uploaded season three on YouTube. I always knew the scenes were filmed under the J line in Brooklyn but I was never exactly sure at which location. New NYPD Transportation Bureau Chief is Saying the Right Things, Now Brooklynites Call For Permanent Open Streets In Williamsburg And Greenpoint, Wednesday’s Headlines: The Hangover Edition, IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Outraged at Local Community Board, Open Streets Supporters Send Letters, Tuesday’s Headlines: Masters of the Universe Edition, Meet the Democratic Insurgents Who Want Transit to be Free, Carpocalypse Now: NYSE Traders Return to Work on Tuesday — Barred from Public Transit, Mayor de Blasio is Not Particularly Alarmed at NYSE Ban on Public Transit Use.

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