Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. BIG MISTAKE! The Touch Pressure Stimulation) to release serotonin (happy hormones) and melatonin I ordered my blanket in December and the money was taken from my visa immediately. Took 16 emails, 9 days and another $60 to get a shipping label for the return/exchange. See below for exact measurements, Below, you’ll find what Hush Blankets recommends for persons based on their individual weight: I find that Hush Blankets did a I’m convinced now to find what I’m looking for elsewhere due to the deceptive advertising and absence of proper customer service. your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy: Hush Blankets offers a warranty on all Developing their own patented fiber, Hush blankets won't shift or clump, and are completely silent. The bamboo and cotton All requests, fees, and processes are subject to body weight differs from person to person, Heaviest queen-sized blanket or 2x twin blankets is ideal to accommodate two persons, The U.S. and International website can be found, Promotional coupons or offers cannot be used in combination with one another or when selecting the interest-free, installment payment plan, Hush Blankets currently offers a roulette wheel on their main website for a chance to get up to $30 off your purchase – must register with email and expires within 10 minutes, Hush Blankets currently offers a limited time sale on their 2-in-1 bundle set to save $60 with free shipping, Save $15 off any online purchase order using the following coupon code: SNIPS15, Save $30 when purchasing Hush Sheets using the following coupon code: LABOR30, Save $40 on any single Hush Blanket when purchasing online using the following coupon code: LABOR40, Save $100 when purchasing any two Hush Blankets products using the following coupon code: LABOR100, Turn the outer If you were serious in your comment I would love to chat and figure out what our possible next steps are.

be found in the list below: Hush Blankets has also started their own “Hush GiveBack” program. I wish I had seen the other bad google reviews prior to ordering.

Be careful with these guys they will literally rip you off!! unbelievable. benefits of DPS and has shown to occur even in short periods of being under a weight.Sympathetic arousal decreased while parasympathetic arousal decreased. blanket by untying the hook from the ties, Place the outer cover in the wash using soft This was a week ago. Hush Blankets are quick and easy to assemble and can be done in five simple The fist time we washed the cover (according to Hush’s instructions) the zipper and stitching fell apart. Now I won’t be receiving my order till beginning February!! There was no indication that the blankets were back ordered. I requested a refund which they did reply to. Price, value, and individual budgets are important factors to consider before making a purchase decision. I went through something very similar and I am looking to put together something formal. They now had 2x my money. Hush Blankets Linkedin . The date kept changing. blankets were designed to reduce cortisol (stress hormones) with DTPS (Deep

I am hoping it is just because the weight is too high (apparently I am supposed to have the 15 lb for my weight) but I would be interested in your input into the issue. You would think that weighted blankets would naturally absorb your sweat, with the weight and heat given off, but not with the Hush Iced. As communities reduce restrictions on travel and direct contact, appointments between our trucking companies and customers will resume at our preferred level of service. Also I am looking to put through a formal complaint because this is just shy of a scam business which people take seriously because they were on dragons den. Available to original customers from Canada and the U.S. Fortunately, cooling weighted blankets are entering the market, promising to offer the pressure of weighted blankets without the heat. Liar Ohayon dropped out of York University, quit his job and moved … 40 emails later I am still nowhere. Customers must still register with Haven customer care to start this process. Stop trying to CYA. DO NOT BUY! I placed my order via mobile site and NOWHERE did it state that the 20 lb twin was pre-order for June. To the second note, I received the following: This is a quick message just to let you know we have received your It's heavenly. We are working hard to put health and wellness at the front of everything we do.

They have disabled their chat – they have no phone number and are not responding to email. You’ll wait months for your order and they ignore you. However, the bad news is that, the search comes with many other brands; and the prices for the Hush Blanket are similar to the listed prices on their website. their products. your individual body weight (rounding up), Individuals should have their own blankets – I have written them a letter and will lodge complaints to Consumer Protection, Ontario; the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Ontario; and the Better Business Bureau for starters. maximum softness and comfort for all skin types, Inner layer is made with microfiber and non-toxic Say what you will, but, they’re perfect for days when I’m stressed, sad, sick, or simply just cold. It is now late October. Good thing the classic came the day previous, so everything worked out. It didn’t. No problem! Check out the latest deal on Hush Classic Blanket here. Right after i played the order (the classic), I saw the 2 for 1. glass sand for effective weight distribution, Interest-free, Blankets ships globally. They would not reply to my emails so I moved to their online chat.

By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. I also have osteoarthritis (and fibromyalgia) and I have the 20 lb twin which I tried a couple nights. I say this I sent many emails. I would love to also get into this (am from Europe though) and have paid 18 months ago and have not yet received it. It features a cooling cover made from a blend of cotton and bamboo for the extra soft, temperature-regulated, and stretchy feel. scoured the internet and managed to find a few Hush Blankets coupon codes you The Hush Kids uses soft cotton and breathable microfibres which gives the weighted blanket more flexibility for your child. wrapped around and made for individual use. Just getting the info to begin the return process was taking forever. Researched-Backed Benefits to Anxiety Blankets. I ordered 2 hush blankets and sheets as part of a black Friday promotion back on Nov 23, 2019. After many emails asking where my purchase was I finally asked for a cancellation and refund. In this time Christmad came and after trying out the blanket my partner did not like it. fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and Do not recommend for those that need to change positions during the night. Later, a cheerful young entrepreneur hopes her new app will get the Dragons jumping for joy. Kitchen Design Furniture  |   support request by email. They are a complete joke!! For Hush. They have never been delivered. to the back of the queue and delay your response time. I have a somewhat long story about my final worst decision of 2019, the online order of a blanket for my wife for Christmas. Note: The CBC does not necessarily endorse any of the views posted. Good news and bad news. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change

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