946 Vespa 946. Vehicle History Report. Re: Where to find the VIN number of your scooter XM3K - mine is located on the right side of the scooter, attached to the battery box just below the seat. The WMI is the first three digits of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Introducing Vespa Elettrica, stylishly interpreting the desire for a new relationship between vehicle, environment and technology. A special and numbered version of the most powerful and technologically advanced Vespa of all times. All Content Copyright 2005-2020 by Modern Vespa. The first digit indicates the country of manufacture, and all countries are listed here. The dealer has the numbers to contact Vespa. If you remove the under the seat storage/pet carrier, you should find the vin number on the frame, under the carrier. Below is Vespa's customer service number. Originally Posted: Published: http://www.scooteristscene.com   THE VESPA SMALL FRAME MODELS …, Original Published at The Vespa Wizard   So….at the end….how …, Click here for a .pdf version of Malossi’s instruction manual. Every trip becomes an excuse to enjoy yourself courtesy of Vespa Sprint's upgraded technical functions. I thought it was ET2-50, but I found out it has Piaggio Sfera's 125cc 4-tact engine, and the frame has only "ZAPM" code (which corresponds to ET4-150). The problem is it has no actual vin-code (only 4 letters ZAPM on the frame near the battery) so I can't register the scooter. This is done all the time with home-made trailers. Once you have the number – let’s say that the VIN reads VLB1T109500 then you use thetable to see that a VLB1T is a 150 Sprint and the numbers tell that is is built in 1970. Of course its on my title but when registering my scooter in San Francisco they need to visually confirm the # by seeing it on the actual scooter. Each function is designed to heighten driving pleasure and safety. Discover Vespa's Special Series: new and exclusive versions that transport you from the refined world of sailing to the dramatic atmposphere of a starry night. nameCode) '.label')}}, {{translation (concat 'opening-hours.' Since the scooter was made from parts, the VIN may have been removed. Use the following table to get the built date and model number of you vintage Vespa scooters. …, Vespa Scooters – Classic 2-stroke models – The Essential Buyer’s Guide, How to Make your Own Classic Vespa Spark Plug Cable, How to Change A Classic Vespa Rear Brake Shoes, Vespa VB1 1958 Restoration Project (Part One), 1967 Vespa 150 Super Restoration Project (Part 1 of 5), 1967 Vespa 150 Super Restoration Project (Part 2 of 5), 1967 Vespa 150 Super Restoration Project (Part 3 of 5), 61 Vespa VBB Restoration Project (Part 6 of 6), 61 Vespa VBB Restoration Project (Part 1 of 6), 61 Vespa VBB Restoration Project (Part 2 of 6), 61 Vespa VBB Restoration Project (Part 3 of 6), 61 Vespa VBB Restoration Project (Part 4 of 6), 61 Vespa VBB Restoration Project (Part 5 of 6), Vespa Sprint Veloce, P/PX125, P/PXP150 – Malossi 166, Vespa P200e (VSX1T) U.S.

How did the previous owner register it? I dunno how clean under your pet carrier is....I had to find mine when the tow truck came, and it was very hard to find and read with the dirt buildup under there.

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