In a moment of jealous anger, Cristina commits an unthinkable act against Ana. The doctor gives Pedro worrying news. Ana works on a plan to revolutionize Velvet. Cafiero introduces Velvet's new director, who promptly starts making changes that worry the staff. MIÉRCOLES A … 25. Patricia feels torn. Don't settle for boring phone cases! Ana discovers those responsible for the sabotage and threatens them. Everyone is concerned for Rita. Isabel's departure leaves a hole in Alberto's life, forcing him to grow; as Rita and Pedro's wedding draws near, the lovebirds face new challenges. A penitent Cristina returns. Shop 100+ designer cases in marble, glitter, and camo to floral, wallet, and even fur! In Season 2, Ana struggles with her feelings for married Alberto, and a visitor threatens to rattle the skeletons in the Galerías family closet. Don Emilio, the head of the sales staff, is seriously ill. Clara wants to start a career as a model, but things don't go as planned. Company Credits Its budget is estimated in 500,000 euros per episode. Raúl warns Mateo not to lose Clara in his grief. Do you think he'll have a positive or negative effect on the store? The big day has come, and Cristina has to approve the new dress Ana made overnight. A couple facing fertility issues finds their marriage tested on a vacation to a Sardinian resort — and the family next door only adds to the tension. Michelle gets a scoop. Alberto makes a sacrifice for love. Lucía is moved from the workroom to a new position. Mateo supports an overwhelmed Clara. Back from Paris, Ana feels certain that Cristina is Alberto's true love. Ana has unfinished business with Carlos; madly in love, Pedro and Rita ponder a step forward; Luisa returns to the radio with a case of stage fright. Patricia loses corporate power. Carlos awaits Ana’s response. When Airsa airlines orders uniforms for their crew, Alberto makes a revolutionary proposal; Pedro's big lie threatens to push Rita into Adolfo's arms. | A mysterious woman arrives at Velvet with a secret in tow. Someone from Raúl's past begs for his help. / d.i.t / dit (54 episodes, 2014-2016), gaffer / electrician / second unit: gaffer (53 episodes, 2014-2016), first assistant camera: "b" camera / assistant camera / focus puller: live (51 episodes, 2013-2016), making-of / still photographer / making of (44 episodes, 2013-2016), video assist / second assistant camera / assistant camera (42 episodes, 2013-2016), assistant camera / focus puller: live (38 episodes, 2013-2016), second assistant camera (36 episodes, 2013-2015), camera operator / cinematographer: live (35 episodes, 2013-2016), grip assistant / key grip (30 episodes, 2014-2016), camera operator / second unit: cinematographer / additional cinematographer / second unit: camera operator / director of photography: second unit (24 episodes, 2014-2016), second unit: assistant camera / Second unit / focus puller / focus puller: live (22 episodes, 2013-2016), camera operator / second unit: cinematographer / second unit: camera operator (21 episodes, 2013-2014), electrician / second unit: electrician (20 episodes, 2013-2015), second assistant camera: second unit / second assistant camera (19 episodes, 2014-2016), key grip / grip assistant (18 episodes, 2013-2014), still photographer / making-of (16 episodes, 2014-2016), assistant camera / second unit: assistant camera / focus puller: live (15 episodes, 2013-2016), camera operator / second unit: cinematographer (15 episodes, 2014-2016), first assistant camera / first assistant camera: "b" camera / focus puller (15 episodes, 2015-2016), assistant camera / second unit: video assist / video assist (13 episodes, 2013-2016), electrician / second unit: electrician (13 episodes, 2013-2016), second assistant camera (13 episodes, 2013-2014), additional cinematographer / second unit: cinematographer / camera operator / second unit cinematographer (13 episodes, 2014-2016), steadicam / second unit: camera operator / camera operator (11 episodes, 2013-2015), second assistant camera (11 episodes, 2015-2016), grip / key grip: second unit (11 episodes, 2016), second assistant camera / steadicam operator (10 episodes, 2014-2016), second assistant camera / second unit: second assistant camera (9 episodes, 2013-2015), grip assistant / second unit: key grip (9 episodes, 2013-2015), assistant camera / second unit: second assistant camera (7 episodes, 2013-2016), first assistant camera (7 episodes, 2016), electrician / second unit: electrician (4 episodes, 2013-2016), assistant camera / second assistant camera (4 episodes, 2014), still photographer / making-of / making of (4 episodes, 2014), assistant camera / second assistant camera (4 episodes, 2015-2016), second unit: digital imaging technician / d.i.t. Patricia gives Valentín an ultimatum. Ana and Alberto learn Don Rafael has died. Release Dates Based on the classic children's book. Patricia and Valentín progress quickly. Cristina investigates information about Alberto. 24. The day of Ana's wedding, Clara and Rita anxiously wait to hear from Mateo in New York. 2. Who should be his love interest? An unlikely romance unfolds between a poor seamstress and a fashion mogul's son in this stylish period drama set in 1950s Spain. Ana refuses to marry Alberto in a secret ceremony. Every day, they're on the go -- and exploring their world! Alberto asks Ana to take a big step with him, and later makes a risky bet on Velvet's future. Alberto pursues his affair with Ana, Pedro's girlfriend falls for Alberto's assistant, and Luisa pays a high price for Don Francisco's support. Alberto prepares to make an announcement; now that Rita is single, Pedro yearns to deny his affair with Rosa María and to confess his love for Rita. Episode 24 45m. Marco asks Enrique to help him oust Cristina. Pedro is tasked with giving some bad news to the employees. Cristina spirals out of control. Alberto struggles to accept Ana's relationship with Carlos. Now the managing director of Velvet, Alberto has to share his inheritance with Doña Gloria and Patricia. In 1950s Spain, the heir to a fashion house romances a beautiful seamstress who works for the company, despite the objections of his family.

Five years later, top designer Ana sets out to bring ready-to-wear fashion to Velvet. Here's to the Bride and Groom? 70m. After finding out that Alberto is alive, Ana wonders why he has not contacted her all this time. A fit of anger sends Cristina to the hospital. Tensions between Max and Doña Blanca continue. In 2070, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe after a global catastrophe fractures it into countless microstates fighting for dominance.

The police question Raúl.

3. Grace of Monaco visits Velvet. Design is our passion, protection is our guarantee.

Velvet (also known as Galerías Velvet) is a Spanish drama television series created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. María and produced by Bambú Producciones for Antena 3. This surreal animated anthology series follows three generations of families who inhabit the same otherworldly house. Cristina returns to make amends, but learns something shocking. Someone from Raúl's past begs for his help. Marco Cafiero Discussion Questions 1. Mateo gets info on Alberto. Cristina drops a bombshell. Velvet is on the verge of bankruptcy. An admirer gives Patricia leverage. Mateo runs into an old flame. On Aug. 17, 2017, Spain suffers two terrorist attacks perpetrated by young people integrated into Spanish society. Mateo is reunited with his estranged father. Valentín's mother drives Patricia crazy.

Ana falls ill. Enrique meets with Cafiero behind Mateo's back. Cristina and Bárbara pitch a new product line. Velvet (TV Series 2013–2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Enrique meets with Cafiero behind Mateo's back. Cristina takes drastic measures to stay married.

Tag and Scooch are two young pups living in Pawston. Ana goes missing. Alberto decides to take Ana along to New York to help him close the deal; when the gallery suffers a big financial setback, Alberto holds an auction. The new uniforms are unveiled.

2015-2016 Velvet (TV Series) Marco Cafiero - El gran día II (2016) ... Marco Cafiero - Y entonces... llegó él (2016) ... Marco Cafiero - Regalos inesperados (2016) ... Marco Cafiero - Prêt-à-porter (2016) ... Marco Cafiero - En juego (2016) ... Marco Cafiero Show all 14 episodes.

If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Alberto and Ana arrive in New York, counting on their presentation's success, but when things get complicated, the gallery's future hangs by a thread. Alberto plays hardball with Patricia to get her shares. Pedro learns a relative is coming to town. Cristina learns Alberto is cheating, and he gets shocking news of his own. Ana designs uniforms for an airline; Enrique hires a new designer behind Alberto's back; Patricia teaches Doña Gloria a lesson she won't forget. Raúl becomes upset upon reading the news. A game changer is revealed on Patricia's wedding day. Ana gets a big career break.

Mateo has a surprise in store. Víctor unintentionally inspires jealousy in two men. On Christmas Eve, holiday cheer illuminates Velvet, but as staffers head to their villages and families, some, like Ana and Don Emilio, remain alone. Raúl returns and must open Cristina's eyes to the truth to clear his good name.

Alberto is honored. Patricia suffers the consequences of covering for Enrique. Carlo Cafiero (September 1, 1846 – July 17, 1892) was an Italian anarchist, champion of Mikhail Bakunin during the second half of the 19th century and one of the main proponents of insurrectionary anarchism and anarcho-communism during the First International.

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