Considering the HP Reverb G2 with 4K Resolution and the Oculus Quest 2 with 3K are coming October, Will the Index get a little cheaper considering it has 1440x1600? Thats cheaper than a brand new xbox one controller despite having considerably more technology. I’ve had fewer syncing problems with the 2.0 base stations than the 1.0 models, but they’re still frustrating to set up, especially as Microsoft and Oculus have moved to more convenient front-mounted cameras, completely eliminating that setup. Due to the increasing impact of COVID-19 on global logistics, we are seeing unexpected delays in getting units to customers. They are one of the ONLY devs/manufacturers who can do what consoles do and sell at cost or a lost. Plus sales of the new Valve VR games. Valve owns Steam, currently the biggest store and pretty much the only place for VR games, except for VIVEPort (which is HTC vive only) and Oculus Store (which is Oculus only), so you're giving Valve more money. Unless the price drops in the future, it’s a product for people who play VR games very heavily, use headsets for professional work, or have a very large disposable income. If they just set an average price and stick to it, they end up making the same amount of money in the end on their physical product as if they set the price high and end low, especially if there aren't any real competitors for what you're selling. The custom lenses built into the Valve Index Headset maximize field of view without sacrificing edge-to-edge clarity. From my perspective, the last thing the market needs is another $400 - $600 HMD (headset only) that has a display panel with yesterday's PPI/PPD. Fine-tuned lenses offer the sharpest, widest view across the eye's full range of travel. Bad bluetooth, or lighting/things in the room to track, etc.

We are actively working on the situation to minimize delays as much as possible. We are working hard to produce and ship Index to our customers quickly, however we have decreasing confidence in the original estimated delivery windows and your order may be delayed. The headset isn’t the lightest I’ve tried, but I felt all right after an hour or more in VR. Valve Index displays have a reduced illumination period of 0.330ms to 0.530ms (framerate dependent), allowing imagery to remain just as sharp when your head is in motion as when you're standing still. Especially when compared to competitors like the HTC Vive the steam link and steam controller were not particularly well received. I’m willing to accept that sacrifice on a cheaper product, and you can always plug your own headphones into the Index. Then fine-tune your visual experience with IPD and eye relief adjustments. I have a Steam controller and because of the shipping of the steam controller was like 20€ a xbox controller was cheaper. There's a lot that can be said about the difference between a profit driven product and not profit driven products, enough to fill a semester of an economics class. The Index is still the best headset in many areas. Shortly after the samsung odyssey+ came out, it was heavily discounted and sold out to backorder status. A more traditional top section includes an analog stick, two face buttons, and a little trackpad groove. Valve Index Base Station Includes: 1 SteamVR 2.0 base station, 1 15-foot power cable, 1 power supply, regionalized power adapter(s), cleaning cloth. The Index controllers (previously called “Knuckles”) are strapped around your hands instead of held, and they look more like a sci-fi weapon than a remote or gamepad. VAT included in all prices where applicable. If they drop the price by $200, that's about $666 you will need to spend on Steam for big boy Valve to get money back. Also I'm pretty sure this is going to be the first hardware product they plan on advertising and selling with any sort of quantity.

So if you fail to pick something up in a game, it’s not immediately clear why. Rest assured your order priority will be retained as soon as deliveries are able to resume. Some people won’t need these features — I’m usually fine with less versatile headsets — but they help fulfill the Vive’s promise of offering the best experience to the biggest number of users. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Even their software. Casematix XL Waterproof Gaming Case Compatible with Valve Index VR Headset, Controllers and Select Accessories in Customizable Foam, Includes Case Only $109.99 $ 109 .

Frankly, it could be $1000 and I'm still preordering it.

Also at least you can play a game with the index finger tracking lol. The price of the complete Index package? The Index isn’t necessarily the “best” VR headset — at least, not for everybody. Get Half-Life: Alyx free when you finalize purchase of any headset or controller items. Experience everything with the exact hardware used in its development. If your WMR headset isn't providing at least 90 plus percent equivalent tracking to what's on the market, you have it set up poorly. If you’d like to cancel this order, click here. Without going into any sort of detail, there is no single product that valve can build that will begin to generate as much revenue as Steam does. I’ve written previously about Valve’s unique yet eminently practical new controllers. Will valve index price drop after some time? About 11 $60 AAA games (which will likely boom in VR due to the large team available for realistic graphics) or 22 $20 Indie games. Obviously valve are a large company who's main revenue is from software sales so I also hope they'll price the index competitively. The face gasket for this headset is replaceable with a magnetic interface for easy cleaning and swapping.

We made sure there was room to experiment and play. Higher framerates improve realism and optical comfort, allowing longer and more comfortable play sessions. Impressive actuators, a gyroscope, there's literally a ton of firmware on the controller itself. I expect to see a full bundle for ~$700, personally, but there's a lot we don't know yet about the specs, etc.

Like those systems, you’ll need a gaming PC to use it. And while the design might be clunky, it certainly doesn’t look or feel cheap — although that should really be taken for granted on a nearly $1,000 headset. Not any time soon--they are sold out. You can play games seemingly without optimization, although sometimes they translate the controls in weird ways. Quest 2 has Hand Tracking while Index just has Finger Tracking. With this earspeaker design audio feels greatly externalized - virtual sound sources appear to come from the environment around you, rather than from inside your head. But even at a comfortable distance, my field of vision felt more natural and less limited. As always, Steam is hardware agnostic - we don't believe your content should be locked to your headset. Per page: 15 30 50. Amazon. Previews. Valve Index® purchases are limited to one per customer. Better resolution != better headset. That’s very comfortable in long VR sessions, and it sounds richer and more realistically ambient than the Oculus Rift or Quest’s strap-based speakers. The plastic rims dug into my forehead too much, despite buffering from the headset’s padded mask. To get an idea I guess look at other hardware Valve has sold and check how long it took for them to be reduced in price.

This is it. It runs the popular SteamVR platform, and it’s partnered with HTC on the Vive system. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. It’s more likely that you’ll get the same control schemes in a slightly different package. If you want the best you are going to pay for it. I do agree with your points but it's worth noting that the steam link and steam controller were not particularly well received (I own both and use them regularly, but this doesn't reflect the gaming community at large). It’s not my favorite aesthetic, and with its two cameras, it shares the “sad robot with giant forehead” look of the Rift S. But Valve more than justifies its bulkiness. They're selling so many they're on back-order for 8+ weeks already. Not to forget there would also be a lot more sales. Hopefully the index will tick enough boxes for me to purchase it. That's why they spent tens of millions on getting into hardware - so that they aren't at the whim of other hardware manufacturers to enable their ideal software design choices. My interpretation of Gabe's comments are that, when you release a product and almost immediately begin discounts, it might actually hurt adoption more than it helps it. Why would they need to discount if in the beginning? Therefore, it behooves valve to bring as many people in as possible.

These are second-generation base stations, and Valve promises a few benefits over the Vive’s 1.0 beacons — primarily, an expanded diagonal range of up to 10 by 10 meters if you use four of them. © 2020 Valve Corporation. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

If they do I'll be really dissapointed, not just for myself, but for how they're treating the VR platform, because they earn so so SO much money from Steam every day, just from pancake games that they could easily sell it at a loss, without even factoring in the money they'd earn from new users buying VR games.

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