That seems a little low for a show that was on … Despite it being about witch trials and having very spooky elements, Halloween as a holiday isn’t actually mentioned much. When Criminal Minds first premiered in September 2005, it instantly hooked people, creating another great crime drama for people to binge. The unsub, who targets blonde women, sends police a video of himself going about his day, including murdering a victim. Prior to kicking off their killing spree, Fugate had discovered that Starkweather had killer her mother and step-father. Personally the first one that comes to mind is Paradise (S4E4), because I never hear people talk about that one, positively or negatively. We cut to the homeless dude flinging more limbs onto a hiking trail. I wish that it got more recognition. Spencer talks about dressing up in costume. Throughout the episode, the mistake haunts them. Not only is she kidnapping men — she is specifically picking physically fit men, drugging them with her own home-brewed melatonin smoothies, stringing them up in her barn, force-feeding them animal feed through a tube in their noses, and then hacking their limbs off so she can use them as fertilizer for her tomatoes. Despite being on air for 299 episodes, the crime procedural only has 6 Halloween episodes. The episode starts with a nice little fall carnival, where a mom and her son try to find a perfect pumpkin. Starkweather murdered eleven people in Wyoming and Nebraska during a two-month killing spree, while being accompanied by Fugate.

The answer is no. In two of the most disturbing episodes of Criminal Minds, the Behavioral Analysis Unit is called in to help track down an unsub after numerous transients go missing in Detroit. The non-crime part of the episode sees Hotch frosting cookies with his son and trying to get him excited about trick or treating. Several bodies are found in a mass grave in Oregon. I watched it three times in a row. Frankly, I want to formally pen a letter to the Wikipedia user who suggested this. In fact, when they rescue the last victim, the team interrupts some Halloween festivities going on outside. Official Criminal Minds plot synopsis: The BAU travels to Dallas to assist in the search for a murderer who scares his victims with “missing” flyers that display the soon-to-be victims’ photos. The murder methods involve entombing a woman alive, flinging another lady off a cliff, and hanging a dude in the middle of a town square — all while our killer hallucinates a mob of hooded Puritans with torches cheering him on. The dude was in a horrible car accident which left him in a coma, and upon waking lost everything. Not this one.

“About Face” aired during season 3, so we’re still in the “this is extreme, but believable enough” range. Also, while we do not see Jack trick or treating, we see him asleep after an eventful night out.

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