If you don't, the hammer or bolt will take a bite out of your hand. In 1959, Aldo Uberti began making replicas of Civil War-era cap and ball revolvers. This item is viewable at our retail store in LEXINGTON, KY. Uberti® Reproduction Colt® 1851 Navy London Steel .36 Black Powder Revolver. These could be had for $259-$279 just a couple months ago... why? While this might have been a good idea in the days of “balloon-head” cartridge cases, I don’t really see the “why and wherefore” today. Lightning fast and reliable, shot after shotin the world of single action revolvers Uberti's new hand-tuned Cattleman model is truly the boss, or El Patrn, as the Vaqueros of the old west would say. More than 185 000 Lightning Rifles were manufactured but there hasn’t been a new one made since 1904 that is until now. (CW1). The three Uberti Lightning rifle models are the Rifle (24" octagon barrel), Short Rifle (20" octagon barrel) and Carbine (20" round barrel). The original Sharps rifle, patented in 1848 by Christian Sharps, was loaded with a linen cartridge and percussion primer. It has the classic “four click action” as you thumb the hammer back to full-cock, but then you will note that the firing pin is obviously not riveted to the hammer nose, but mounted inside the frame. Cowboy-up Bill!

Let's find out.

Bud's Item Number#: 411545377. And it is easy to single load cartridges directly into the Lightning's chamber. It should come as no surprise the Ruger name is synonymous with value, and its’ AR-556 looks to fit this mold as an entry-level AR-15 with a reasonable MSRP.

They are pretty rifles, as you can tell from the photo at the top of this article. Relive the glory days of the very first large-caliber cartridge revolver! Read on to find out. Finish: Blue Model: Chambered in classic .45-70, Uberti’s replicas of all 6 configurations of the 1874 Sharps Rifle are true to the originals. As with all the CAS-related guns I receive to test, I wanted to shoot the Uberti OWD in a SASS-approved CAS match, but first I had to know where the sights were on this diminutive centerfire six-gun. The gate passed cartridges through the side of the receiver. Price notwithstanding...oh momma that's a sweet ride. Grip/Stock Walnut The deeply blued barrel, magazine tube and small action parts contrast nicely with the color cased receiver and curved (rifle) buttplate. Aside from that, I really don’t have any other adverse comments to make about the OWD. The forend (slide handle) is cut checkered in a point pattern, while the straight hand walnut stock is not. https://www.guns.com/news/review/review-uberti-lightning-357-magnum-pump

Shooting Impressions Stock: A-grade walnut Brand Uberti Here you can compare the Uberti OWD with a replica of a full-size Colt…, by Tactical-Life / Overall Length: 11in All Uberti Lightnings are built on the original .44-40 (medium) size frame. Previously available only through select World Class Collection™ dealers, it is now available through all Uberti dealers.

Barrel: Round A. Uberti Firearms 1873 Cttlmn II .44-40 5.5" 1 Piece Walnut gr, Uberti 1873 Cattleman Stallion .22LR/Mag Walnut Grip, Taylor's & Co. 357 Smoke Wagon Cattleman Deluxe w/5.5" Barre, Uberti 1873 El Patron .357 Mag 5 1/2" Case Hardened/Blue, Uberti 1873 NM Birdshead Cattleman 357 Mag. MPN 349893, Uberti 1886 Centerfire Rifles 1-piece, oil-finished walnut grips The gun is built robustly enough that it should handle just about any .357 magnum load out there without excess wear, and of course you can shoot .38 specials if you’re looking at reduced power needs or want to save a little coin at the range. Caliber is 44/40.

Anyway, the 1877 Model was Colt’s first attempt at a DA revolver. That's a deal to some folks right now. Both held six cartridges and were known as the Lightning (.38 CF) and the Thunderer (.41 CF). One early cartridge-firing wheelgun was the Colts House Pistol also known as the “Cloverleaf” due to the shape of its 4-shot cylinder. If you want a smaller caliber just get one in 5.56... wow, maybe their business go up in flames. When it comes to speed it can still beat any Winchester or as Sam Colt used to put it “nothing is faster than Lightning.”, A. Uberti S.p.A. All rights reserved P.iva 03556620171, A. Uberti S.P.A. All rights reserved P.iva 03556620171, carbine ROUND TAPERED – rifle OCTAGONAL TAPERED, 1884 PUMP ACTION CARBINE .45LC 20″ CAT.15101, 1884 PUMP ACTION CARBINE .44-40 20″ CAT.15296, 1884 PUMP ACTION CARBINE .357MAG. Grip: 1-pc checkered walnut He founded A. Uberti S.R.L.

MPN#: 349879 Action REVOLVER Grip: 1-pc walnut

Cylinder: 6-shot, fluted Old model with steel backstrap and trigger guard. Pistol Night Sights: No UPC#: 839665001080 Pistol Optics Ready: No The OWD preformed admirably and I found it was quick to get on target and easy to control in rapid fire. Winchester’s 1873 rifle was the “Rifle that Won the West.” It was chambered in a new, more powerful cartridge, the .44-40—a .44 caliber bullet, propelled by 40 grains of black powder. The gun shot well, and was very accurate. Copyright 2007, 2014 by chuckhawks.com. 4.75", UBERTI EL PATRON CMS BLUE 3.5 .357 Magnum, STOEGER / UBERTI CATTLEMAN EL PATRON CMS/SS 3.5 .357, Uberti Short Stroke SASS Pro Revolver 356820, .357 mag, 4.75. Model: Uberti 1873 Cattleman The checkered birdshead grip and my hand were a perfect combination.

A. Uberti Firearms 1873 Special Sporting Rifle Steel U342770, . Unlike what you see in the Westerns movies or on television, not everyone in the Old West era who packed a gun went around with a big “hog-leg” in a low-slung holster that was dangling from a wide cartridge belt strapped low on the waist. UPC 037084428802

Barrel Length: 19 in The Silverboy embodies the best features of the proven lever-gun design that goes back as far as the mid-1800s, when lever-guns were chambered for pistol calibers like the .44/40 and .45 Colt. Uberti® Reproduction 1847 Colt® Walker .44 Cal. Why would anyone buy these? Currently, I have a Winchester 94E in .44 magnum, which I love, however, I always keep my eyes open for a lever gun in .357 mag. Factory New in Box.Manufacturer: UbertiManufacturer part number: 345230, BudsGunShop.comManufacturer: UbertiManufacturer part number: 356001, SPECIFICATIONS: Cylinder : 6-shot, fluted Number of Grooves : 6 Twist : Right * Total Length : 11" * Weight : 2.3 lbs. So much for a clean match — so I then decided to concentrate on speed.

Black Powder Revolver - $404.99 + $9.99 S/H, Uberti Reproduction Remington 1858 New Army Stainless Steel .44 Black Powder Revolver - $404.99 + $9.99 S/H, Uberti Reproduction Remington 1858 New Army .44 Black Powder Revolver - $296.99 + $9.99 S/H, Uberti 1873 Cattleman II New Model w/Brass Backstrap 357 Mag 5.5" Blued Finish - $427.99 (Free S/H on Firearms), Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Carbine Brass 45 Colt 19" 10 Rd - $851.99 (Free S/H on Firearms), Uberti 1873 Cattlemen Birdhead .45 Colt /5.5" Barrel - $398, Uberti 1873 Carbine 44 Mag 19BBL - $992.99 (Free S/H on Firearms), Backorder - Uberti Silverboy 22 Rifle, Lever Action, 15 Round - $336.79, Uberti 704AWE 1873 Cattleman 357mag 5.5" Photo Engraved - $718.74 + $25 S/H (Free S/H on Firearms), A.uberti 1873 Catmn Sa Omstl 5.5 44/40 - $231, A. Uberti 1873 Cat Gunfire 5.5" .45 Lc - $336, Uberti 1873 Cattleman .357 Mag 4 3/4" Ch Frame/blue - $423, A Uberti 1873 Cattleman Steel .45 Colt 4.75 Nm - $417, Save 5% On ALL Creedmoor Branded Products -- Ammo Included, 15% off (not valid with new or promotional items), 2020 Power-Point - Earn $5 back for each box of eligible Winchester Power-Point ammo, 2020 Blind Side - Earn $5.00 back for each box of Winchester waterfowl loads you purchase, 2020 Xpert Steel - earn $2.00 back for each box of Winchester Xpert® High Velocity waterfowl loads, Buy at least two (2) boxes of Federal Power-Shok or Non-Typical centerfire rifle or handgun ammo to get a rebate of $ 5per box, Ruger 10/22 22 LR 18.5" Barrel Gold Bead Sight USA Shooting Team Special Serial# 10rd TALO - $573.24, USED Browning Challenger .22 LR 4" Barrel 10 Rnd - $570.38, Primary Arms GLx 2X Prism with ACSS CQB-M5 7.62x39/300BO Reticle - $369.99 (FREE Shipping), SDS Imports - Zigana PX-9 Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm (2) 15rd Mags 4" Barrel - Includes Hard Case, Holster and Loader - $339.99, CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm 7.72" 20 RDS Battleship Gray - $939.99, Riley Defense AK47 RAK47-C-SF 7.62x39mm Rifle - $999.00, Magtech 9mm 115 Grain FMJ 1000 Rounds - $682.00, PMC - X-TAC - 5.56x45mm - M855 - 62 Grain - FMJ - Battle Pack - 120 Rounds - True Shot Gun Club - $89.99, HK Mark 23 45 ACP (SOCOM) Black MK23 12 round Mag - $2279.99 after code "WELCOME20". But then the Uberti Lightning came into my life—a .357 pump carbine—and I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. The handle felt goo…

Barrel: Octagonal The Lightning Rifle is available in .45 Colt or .357 Magnum all with luster finished satin walnut stocks and a choice of blued or color case-hardened receivers. Finish : Blue Grip : 1-pc WalnutManufacturer: UbertiManufacturer part number: 344100, Uberti 1873 Competition Ready Rifle 45 Colt 20" Octagon Barrel, 10 Round - $1160.99 (e-mail price) (Free S/H on Firearms), Uberti 1875 No.

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