None of the original voice cast from the 1987 cartoon series reprised their roles nor was the original soundtrack / score from the show used in this special. Even if Utrom Shredder is defeated, 2003 Splinter and Karai note that Ch'rell always returns no matter how he is defeated, but the 2003 characters decide they'll be there to stop him whenever he may rise again.

In the actors' case, since 4Kids Productions reside in New York City while the majority of the original cast reside in California, hiring them would be expensive and time-consuming as most of them either retired or refuse to work on projects unsanctioned by SAG-AFTRA, which was not used in most of their properties. I still think this is a great find and a great DVD. I love this whole thing.Long story short, there's an inter-dimensional plot that allows all three major adaptations of the TMNT (Original comic, 1987 cartoon, 2003 cartoon) to collide for awkward genius and hilarity.Especially amusing scenes when the much sillier 1987 Turtles' crack their trademark cheesy jokes and puns... and the more serious 2003 world doesn't welcome it.2003 Shredder is huge, pure evil, and makes 1987 Shredder look like a bumbling fool when they meet each other.

Add the first question. (voice), The Turtles using sonar to search for the Technodrome underground, Karai explaining that she found the Technodrome when her monitoring systems revealed that Ch'rell had changed location, Karai claiming the Technodrome for the Foot Clan, Splinter settling an argument between the 1988 and 2003 Turtles, Casey and April fighting robotic Foot Ninjas, Leonardo detailing Shredder's scheme to the Mirage Turtles, Shredder nearly disintegrating himself and Karai (among others) while strangling the Mirage Turtles.

1987 Shredder yells at Rocksteady and Bebop before the Turtles' assault on the Technodrome in Turtle Prime starts. Together, these brothers train with the legendary sensei rat, Splinter, to master the martial art of Ninjitsu. Produced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, the movie teams up different incarnations of the titular heroes—chiefly the light-hearted, child-friendly characters from the 1987 animated series and the darker cast of the 4Kids' own 2003 animated series—in an adventure that spans multiple universes. 2003 Shredder asks to see the trans-dimensional portal device during his initial tour of the Technodrome.

Together, the turtles must locate the Technodrome to fix this mess! When all different generations of the Turtles get together, watch out!!! The Dark Knight must contend with a mysterious female vigilante who emulates him, but to a more ruthless degree. Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2019. Everyone tries knocking him into the beam before Rocksteady accidentally trips on and unplugs the power cable for the Technodrome's main beam cannon. Fuelled by remorse and vengeance, a high schooler named Terry McGinnis revives the role of Batman. Directed by Roy Burdine, Lloyd Goldfine.

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