So here's my story: I have been watching a lot of videos since Tropico 5 released, ... Now I just cant force my brain to acknowledge this game as mine, and Im still thinking (if only I had tropico...) 37. If not, is there a way to delete a building? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. i restrained from issuing free housing and 2x food until i attained job happiness (ss was already instituted). Cost I am El Presidente of the world...awwww yeah! The min pay only hurt for a while. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Tropico 4. cooll...glad that worked. I'm stuck on mission 20. Discovery Year You need to give more information. I probably need to buy garages and teamsters since I only have two of the both of them. Move it to a place with more space and less pollution, passing edicts to limit pollution etc could help. I have not started mission 20 yet. Not knowing which buildings you are referring to I can't say exactly what the problem is since all industry would have different issues. For Tropico 4 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Second mission - gold mine oddity". Did that allready from the start but like I said, problem solved. Employees

i appreciate the time u took to provide me with the insights and strategy outline 4 this mission.

Ranchs are generally really wonky, I avoid building them until the modern times upgraded version. save hide report. $20/month I've done the immigration but have not paid attention to customs...will try that. Tropico 4; How do you export; User Info: iamnamtab. They can bring imports in when your budget numbers are in the basement to help recover from disastrous financial situations. For my cattle farms, I put 2 corn fields right across the road from them. I guess with building mines u r saying to export the raw resource as opposed to having a factory to process those resources into finished goods (or at least until u have the monetary resource to finish those goods).

Then exploited iron resources that later led to weapons plant. How do I solve this? 2012 is tough. The Borehole Mine requires half the workers of a regular mine but produce at least as much as a fully-staffed mine, making them very workforce-efficient. That stabilized the bleed so that i could use my $80k - $120k xport income to finish nuke and golden. 28. save hide report. share.

They exploit all veins of resources that are underneath the main structure. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. also, are u on warm or friendly terms with nations that demand what ur xporting? You don't want a bunch of farms when you activate the 20 min wage thing. All rights reserved. I loaded up on sugar plants (4) early and that created some good exporting income, along with a distillery, to attain that $50K. Upkeep Is there a way to move a building? Couldn't adhere to your strategy altogether Omnix32..but the smugglers,built later and only 2, kept corn coming in to feed the populace as i built up industry... the extra construction bldgs helped too with keeping unemployment down and keeping me from having to quick build. import the rest through markets for food. wow..yeah i'm trying 2 do some of the things u r saying...pastures suck...and building mines whether...salt or iron...I find if I build a mine off resource I get shacks on mineable (if that's a real word) tiles. You need those mines to fill up and the extra money from the Custom office. i'm sure i'll get it but this one may take a few tries. I reverted to wind on high ground at 40mw each and a network of power stations for my power needs. Zvonimir 1er.

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