But most of all, we would like to thank everyone who is supporting us and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019! The player discovers the awakening of the world after the great darkness that lasted hundreds of years. ", She smiled faintly as she stared straight ahead with sightless eyes. You have asked a lot of questions (some of them even got answered in some form in the latest patch), so let’s pick the next 5! For an instant the sky flashed as bright as day. The Overlord has begun an investigation of his own, but at this point nothing is certain. ", V'Dreth cringed. He smiled.

We will certainly look into adding more traits to the list and perhaps make some changes to the existing ones to keep balance in check. And if we don't make our way to the docks soon, the guard will be back. As we come close the end of the development cycle for Thea 2: The Shattering, we’re happy to announce the latest DLC: Wrath of the Sea.

Pieces of Luclin, propelled out of orbit by the force of the explosion, were pulled into Norrath's field of gravity, entered the atmosphere, and collided with the surface of the planet. She felt her way along it until she stood near her father. I would never hurt her.". To keep it short – we’ve decided to limit each one to 5 questions, but we will likely repeat it every once in a while. ", The older Teir'Dal scowled. He turned to the guards. "Sarven," she said softly, her eyes staring forward. For the first time in the history of all Thea, we will have a seasonal event. "Enough, father," Tielya called out from the doorway. Additionally, when proper mod support gets added around the end of the Early Access period, players will be able to make and share their own portrait sets. After that time, all new games will no longer have the content available to them. He clenched his fist and prepared to strike him again. You could call it turn-based or survival. ", "Impudent human!"

Luclin has been cut off from us for so long now, many had all but forgotten about it.

Q6: In Thea: the Awakening, building with certain materials would give a minor chance of attracting certain types of characters to your village each turn. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, "Very little," the informant replied. Others speak of an invasion that happened there long ago and claim this is the result. 4. We had approx 14 patches already, and thanks to community feedback we’ve been able to find and fix critical bugs, make the multiplayer stable and add features guided by what we read from our fans. In a turn-based strategic gameplay, as one of the Slavic gods, the player takes control over a small group of his believers and tries to bring some light and hope to the world of Thea. Which thea game should I play, the main appeap of these games to me is the variety (replay value) and roleplaying potential. "The guards should be the least of your concerns," she replied.

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