Sutcliff, Rosemary



Microlife: From Amoebas to Viruses


6.5 Jennings, Terry 2.0 2.0

Influential Figures of Ancient Rome Adam of the Road

1.0 1.0 5.0

Author. William McKinley (Profiles of the Presidents)

Gifford, Clive Loehfelm, Bill



Industrial Revolution in America: A Primary Source...Society, The

8.6 Lewis, J. Patrick 77340 EN

2.0 Bowden, Rob Laws, Gordon D. 8.2 Adler, David A. 49375 EN

Why hadn’t “Bathilda“ wanted to speak in front of hermione?

2.0 6.0 Orr, Tamra B. Riley, Peter D. 3.0

7.2 79216 EN 1.0 8.2

U.S. Air Force, The Baseball All-Star, A Smallpox in the New World

1.0 Pascoe, Elaine 4.0 Voice That Challenged a Nation: M.

Butterfield, Moira 73060 EN 6.4

Challenger and Columbia 3.0

Nigeria 53273 EN 8.9 Richardson, Gillian 7.1 6.4

Chester A. Arthur: America's 21st President 8.3

6.4 Parker, Steve 7.2

5.0 Pateman, Robert Balls!

86729 EN

3.0 2.0

1.0 Abrams, Liesa 8.2 Platt, Richard Ok, first off, let me welcome you to the AR Cheat Page.

7.5 2.0 84238 EN


74915 EN George Washington Carver: The Life of the...Agriculturist 10.1 Hassig, Susan M. 83055 EN 1.0

85649 EN 1.0

Quiz: 202678 EN Level: 6.8 MY.

7.5 1.0

J.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter

Sharp, Anne Wallace


7.6 How Do We Know about Genetics and Heredity? Filmmakers Dahl, Roald 7115 EN

6.4 2.0 Farrell, Tish

1. 1.0 Cyclops Stefanow, Jennifer Pullman, Philip Moriarty, J.T. Lynette, Rachel

1.0 7.5 102821 EN 6.6 Panama Canal, The


104636 EN 4.0 6.3 Excellent resource for teachers or aides doing guided reading or a novel study. Nathan, Amy

Denenberg, Barry Iraq: The Culture 1.0 Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta


Brown v. Board of Education Armstrong, Jennifer

6.6 1.0 7.1 Mitton, Jacqueline 1.0



7.1 Peppas, Lynn

1.0 Iraq

Steele, Philip

Lipsyte, Robert 1.0 82896 EN 1.0 87018 EN 86971 EN 1.0 74057 EN 3.0 America Debates United States Policy on Immigration

Constitution, The

2.0 Rosenberg, Aaron 78518 EN Bial, Raymond 103895 EN History of the Written Word, The

102490 EN Art of Reading...Celebrate RIF's 40th Anniversary, The 1.0 (because A is the next to longest answer). Riehecky, Janet

17225 EN

2.0 Puberty Vogel, Malvina G. 77338 EN 8.3 Rowling, J.K.

9.7 The Unteachables, Excellent resource for teachers or aides doing guided reading or a novel study. Chemotherapy 86911 EN Drez, Ronald J.

101255 EN

Our Planetary System (Revised Edition)


Erosion: How Land Forms, How It Changes

Sound and Vibrations 6.4 17227 EN

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