just reset to factory default and check, HELLO sir do you have firmware for CV181L-Y main board?thank you, Sir i am using Mepl smart android tv. 4. 35017414 rev-01 = Menu 2008 Input 3138 Bhai mera micromax uhd tv 50inch tv ki screen divided in many parts in horizontally. 26. After days I finally figured out how to solve my problem.

6. Method 2. LED 1601 = MENU 13 Bhai china led mother board BD_MSD358-801 Factory menu code kiya hai, bahi mera pass 39 inch smart china led ha (Board No=TP-MS358-PB802).Is ka ka panel ki setting kharab ho gai ha.Ab screen black ho gai Ha.kuch bhi nahi a raha ha.Plz Help, No saben como entrar a esta tp.ms608.p83 Es una smart tv china, how can i save sound setting in service menue.when i switch off tv and than switch on it again comes with old sound setting.changhong led tv.menu 1147, I say don’t change the default service menu setting. 40. 11. Source 2580 Here are below all popular LCD/LED TV Service Mode: 1 LED-1601 ME13 2 LED-1602 Menu+8896 3 LED-1602N Menu+8896 4 LED-1600 Input+2580 5 LED-1611-VT13 Source+6964 6 LE19HD08-BO13 Input+2580 7 LED TV-1902 Menu+8896 8 LED 2110 Source+6964 9 LED-2200FHD Menu+1147 10 LED TV-2202 FHD Menu+1147 11 LED TV-2410 Menu+8202 12 LED TV-2400 HD Menu+1147 13 LED TV-2800 Menu+1147 15 LED TV -LE31HD08/3108 Source+2580 16 LED TV-3107 Menu+1147 17 LED TV-3207 Menu+1147 18 LED TV-3199 GOLD Menu+1147 19 LED TV-3210 Menu+1147 20 LED-3110 Menu+8202 21 LED TV-3111 Inside Menu- S/W update 22 LED TV -3900 FHD Menu+1147 23 LED TV-4000FHD Menu+8202 24 LED-40FHD10-VM Input+2580 25 LED TV-4200FHD Menu+8202 26 LED-2011 (19.5″) Menu +1147 27 LED-2412 Menu+8202 28 LED- 4010FHD Menu+8202 29 LED-2111 (20.7″) Menu +1147 30 LED- 5000FHD Menu+8202 31 LED 23.6″ ( Menu +1147 32 LED-4001 (39″ HD) Menu +1147 33 LED-2203FHD (21.5″) Source+6964 34 Splash-800 (32″) Menu +1147 35 LED-2810 (28″) Menu +1147 36 43″ LED TV (LED-4300FHD) Menu+8202 37 49″ LED TV (LED-5010FHD) Menu+8202 38 LED-3105T Input+2580, Tags china board service mode kazmi elecom kazmi electronics led tv factory code led tv service mode service menu code, How can i change the safe mode in the wishdome share smart Gv. 350016386 = MENU 2008 Menu+1173

Jump to Latest Follow ... That's a Service Menu hack which may, or may not work for all boards, depending on build, firmware versions, etc. Menu + Sound + 8532, ONIDA SERVICE MENU:- 9. Adjust the volume to zero, press the mute twice from the remote and press the menu button on the TV, Press the Menu, Highlight the Picture, Press 9301, ok. 1. 8. LED 1602 = MENU 8896 11. Menu+2611 Menu+2508 A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. Reply. 33. lol no it won't.


7777 TP.VST59.PB819 Menu 2008 10.

1. 19.

Masla yeh hai k TV ka remote kharab ho gaya hai aur TV k back per jo buttons hain woh bhi kaam nahi ker rahe. 42. T.VST59.031 = Menu 1147 9.

Menu+2880 25. 3. TP.MS.338.PC821 = MENU 1147 Press {Source} {8} {8} {9} {3} Press {OK} Press {Exit} button to exit service mode. 9. how can this be fixed? LES/9HD08-B013 = Input + 2580 Input+208 12. 3. Turn the TV set on. Unknown July 7, 2018 at 5:22 AM. Menu+2008 Menu+9301 TVST 59.A5 = MENU 1147 12. The List is impressive. Turn Off, Info, Menu, Mute, Power, LG SERVICE MENU:- Assalam o alikum bhai mera motomax 32 led smart hai service code 1147 use karne se screen blak hugy hai picture nahi ari hai, same tv ko dekh k steps follow karen nai to software dobara hoga, tsumv59xu ka service code bata dy ga sumsung la logo ata hn a aur is main sumsun ka orgnal remote chalta hn, SmartTech 24” Android TV service code, please, https://www.kazmielecom.com/2019/04/08/all-lcd-led-service-menu-code.html, For service mode all types led s and lcd thank. Use this to Master Reset your Alcatel with a sim card inside.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. One slip of the finger or pressing of the wrong option can brick your tv. 7. Sir my tv screen is blacked out of factory mode. 5.

Master Reset (Sim In Phone). Led 2800 FHD= Menu + 1147, CHINA UNIVERSAL LED TV BOARD SERVICE MENU:- I am facing problem for cast screen with my mobile to tv not connect. TCL M5262 TV mode service CHASIS Using M5262 IC, PRESS MENU BUTTON THEN INPUT the nimber is 6,4,8,3 change value press volume -/+ or select item press program -/+ TCL T2111A TV mode service 27. 1. Input 1125 38. 40.TBI.TO7-MABE HG = Menu / Contrast 1950 or 9735 35. 22. CVMV26L-A-20 = Input 2580 TP.VST59.P83 = MENU 1147 Hidden Secret Service Menu Codes for Sony, Samsung, LG and Philips TV - Last updated on September 23, 2007 by VG. Menu 2580 60. 39. 8850309017 or 9869378089 pls pls pls. LCD/LED TV Service Mode is hidden by the manufacturer so that the user may not change the setting. 1. Menu/Exit +1999+OK LED 1600 = INPUT 2580 Source 2283 LAD.MV59S.G = MENU 7710 Bataye Kya kare sir. 5800-A8M260-0020 Input 3195 6.

Sir we need your help about Sansuai uhd board pla shair your what’s app no. 4.

16. Press the {MENU} button on the remote.

. 2. 2.

Service Menu Instructions Method 1. Immediately press 9, 8, 7, 6, ENTER (this will bring up the service menu) * On models with 10 buttons keyboard, without delay, press simultaneously ADJ. 15. This code allows you to check which number your phone is currently forwarding calls to when you're busy or reject a call. Menu+0101 tcl television factory code. The service menu is a hidden menu on a lot of electronics items - allowing you to alter some of the factory settings, typically reserved for installers and technicians. 34. 2. Reply Delete. Replies. Method 3. 1. Menu + Contrast + 9735 or 1950, SUM SUNG SERVICE MENU CODE:- 22. 49.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Q K ghar mein sab mobiles mein bhi iR sensor nahi, sirf Mere he mobile phone say TV ON ho sakta hai.

My Dear Friends. Source 0000 Pl help, What is beko B32M 5770B service menu or firmware download link, BHAI KISI TARIKE SE JO CHINA TV ME AATA H “WISDOM SHARE SMART CLOUD START THEME” WO OFF HO SKTA HAI KYA, Bhai mere 50 inch orient ka remote kaam nahi kar raha hai Main ne hotal mode on kar liya tha ab off nahi ho raha kindly Help me, Bhai service manu main nahi ja raha remote to ab kaam nahi kar raha kindly bta dain ke kesy jaye ga service manu main. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 20. The default value is not the best. CHANGHONG SERVICE MENU CODE:- TCL Service Menu Code: Menu+Contrast+9735 or 1950; With the TV on, Select Home Select Setting and OK Select System and OK Select About and OK, System info for TV will be displayed Use the remote and press the following sequence: Up, Right, Down, Right, Up Press the Fast Forward button 3 times Press the Rewind button 2 times The Time Setting Menu is locked. HAIER SERVICE MENU CODE:-1. Menu 1125 2. Menu+9735 LED TV SERVICE MENU WITH BOARD NAME:- Menu 2508 samsung cs-721 cs-723 tv service menu. Menu+4725 In other terms, it is the TV Master Key that is used by factory technicians to set the required parameters for 100% accuracy.

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