We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. That’s right, about two years after the game launched, we finally got to play as the worst race in the setting; the T’au. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Imperial Armour Volume Three - The Taros Campaign, https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=T%27au_Sept&oldid=432289. One of the largest weapons seen on any battlefield, the railgun mounted on a T'au Hammerhead gunship is capable of firing either solid slugs or slower submunition rounds. Their names consist of 3 parts. This helps me much more than i expected seeing as the warhammer 40k wiki doesnt have a lot of tau words and what they mean outside the big names and ranks.

Besides the populous septs, there are also sparsely populated colonies.

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Being a heavy weapon it must be mounted on a Krootox and a Kroot that is dedicated to its use. The combined forces of the T'au and the Astra Militarum destroyed Hive Fleet Gorgon in 903.M41, albeit after both humanity and the T'au lost several colony worlds to the rapacious Tyranids.

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The whine of incoming anti-grav woke Por'la Bork'an Quath'rra from her sleep. However, disease and starvation began to take their toll. Thunderhawk gunships armed with torpedoes, prop-bombs and missiles were used to great effect against the T'au's Hammerhead tanks and Manta gunships.

The conflict essentially ended in a stalemate, as the Imperium was forced to conclude its military offensive early to deal with the encroaching Tyranid threat while the T'au sought to begin diplomatic negotiations with the Imperium to show humanity the benefits to be had by accepting the Greater Good. Across the world of T'au, Ethereals emerged, each with the same quiet authority and message of harmony and cooperation. For example, the T’au auxiliary recruitment ability.

The ranks are as follows: Before the unification of the T'au Empire under the rule of the Ethereals, the four main castes (Fire, Earth, Water, and Air) were constantly vying for power with each other.

from your dictionary I could come up with Es'sio as in "full of aggression" but you might know something better? Sell custom creations to people who love your style.

The T'au also make extensive use of small AI-controlled Drones, typically equipped with guns or shield projectors, these drones can be used to protect teams of Fire Warriors and battlesuits and support vehicles.

La'quath'rra pulled a scapel out of her belt and thumbed on the miniature vibro-blade as drones and other surgeons r. Hello, I've been trying to find out what the name "T'suka" means for my Coldstar Commander because I rolled it using the Kill Team name generator.

Any Fire Warrior would give his life to protect an Ethereal. On the surface, the battle was fought between the two sides with an equally deadly conflict erupting in the depths of the sea between the Space Wolves and T'au Battlesuits.

They are always accompanied by a Devilfish transport, allowing them to swiftly redeploy out of harm's way.

As the Stingwings emit a certain frequency that they use for communication, this is used in the weapons trigger system so only the Stingwings may use it. It is much easier to get working in tight situations, and the rate at which it can be used usually knocks the charging enemy off balance, forcing them to halt their advance; the exception being when there is too much momentum behind the charge. I doc-i-fied it into a spread sheet so I could read it better. But one of the silent and more important faction gimmicks is drones. richyp says: September 13, 2018 at 12:55 pm . Stealthsuits can only take two different weapons, the fusion blaster or burst cannon. Most stuff now seems to show up with a codex, campaign or other related minis so a simple hero with … But I haven't seen any words.

In the absence of any role-playing game featuring the Tau specifically, this table is …

Their mere presence raises the morale of every T'au unit fighting. A Jetpack and thrusters are mounted on the back of the frame. They march into battle carrying both their Imperial weapons and T'au replacements, as well as T'au armour and equipment. The T'au's physiology is closely tied to their society, with the T'au of each caste effectively being a subspecies of the larger T'au race. This is all to show the faction’s diplomatic bent in a game that doesn’t allow for diplomacy. But while they have the power of anime behind them (Mech suits for days), they don’t have God: they’re basically null when it comes to psychic powers and have no access to the Warp as a means of FTL travel. Planted so far: 60180

It can be armed with two burst cannons or a smart missile system on the drone sponsons while carrying a rail gun, ion cannon, or twin-linked weapons on the primary mount.

So you can surround him with Riptides, have them use Nova reactor (trade HP for bonuses) every turn and make an artillery base the likes of which the Gods have ever seen. Again, this weapon works the same as its big brothers, only on a smaller scale. The missile pod is used on T'au battlesuits as a long-range support weapon.

The Kroot are an interesting race because they seem to evolve by devouring prey or the remains of their enemies. Among Fire Warrior squads it is considered a forging of brotherhoods, they live, fight and die together. All Tau names give several basic informations. This is almost completely unpredictable for both the T'au forces and the enemy, albeit to a lesser degree for the former.

Tau names are a little tricky. When the Imperial fleet reached the T'au Sept World of Dal'yth Prime, however, the crusade ground to a bloody stalemate as the formidable numbers and high technology of the T'au and their Kroot allies thwarted every attempt to capture the world or its star system. Constructing a Tau name is thus fairly easy. These are human auxiliaries from former Imperial worlds that have joined the T'au Empire as human Septs and accepted the Greater Good. The Devilfish can receive a number of weapons upgrades that make it a much stronger and more useful transport for the T'au. That’s why most T’au infantry units can spawn drone units for free (and with no upkeep), but with a ten-turn cooldown. ... boy names and unisex names for September 2020 on BestLittleBaby.com Read More >> View Blog .

With the best infantry guns in the game, the Pulse Rifle, the Fire Warriors can take down most enemies from afar. The Tyranids of Hive Fleet Gorgon were exceptional for their ability to quickly adapt on a biological level to new circumstances of battle, such as evolving immunities to the T'au's energy-based weaponry. And you know what makes Gladius even more enjoyable?

"Eldi'Shas'naga" would probably be dragon, literally "winged-fire-serpent" or just "Eldi'naga" for "winged serpent", if you're not particular on the fire-breathing.

In addition there an unknown number of former Imperial worlds in the Tau Empire, such as T'ros.

The sigil of the sept of T'au, the T'au homeworld, often used as a symbol for the entire T'au Empire.. T'au society is divided into a number of castes, each responsible for managing a specific aspect of their society.

The Kroot come from their homeworld of Pech, a jungle world, which has resulted in the Kroot becoming experts in jungle warfare.

By upgrading the vehicle to carry a Fusion Blaster or a pair of Seeker Missiles, it becomes an effective tank hunter, particularly when guided to a target by Pathfinder Teams.

Ethereals can be accompanied by an honor guard squad of up to 12 Fire Warriors.

For example, the T’au auxiliary recruitment ability. Alarmed by the threat of alien contamination, the Administratum readied a suitable response and almost a century later, the Damocles Crusade smashed into T'au space, destroying several outlying settlements and pushing deep into the T'au Empire. The T'au draw their tactics from their ancient methods of hunting across the plains of T'au.

The drones are remotely controlled by the spotter using a specially-designed interface.

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