The Wrath of the Lich King was nothing. When he discovered that the ritual would involve the Val'kyr sacrificing his cousin Stephon Marris, he felt no regret, only the duty-bound oath he had made towards Sylvanas. Anduin • Nathanos can be found aboard the The Banshee's Wail docked at Port of Zandalar, where on orders from Sylvanas he directs the Honorbound's operations to secure their position on Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Thus, after a moment, he handed his officer's badge given to him by Sylvanas when they were among the Farstriders many years ago and warned Apari that if she failed to destroy the loa's shrines as promised, then the consequences would be severe. It was easy to solo him at level 80, especially if you are a tank. Nathanos advised Sylvanas to use the Gathering to her advantage by publicly supporting it and either using the reconnection with their loved ones to motivate the Forsaken to continue existing as undead and prolong their will to propagate or use the hurt feelings from the reunion's failure to sway the Forsaken masses to be amenable to bloodlust and vengeance on the living. (if the hero that killed Sylvanas is killed soon after her death). Nathanos was unmoved and reminded Sira that if the Zandalari were galvanized enough, they could pose a threat to their plans, especially if they acquired a few orc battalions.

Ragnaros • / Kel'Thuzad: "Sylvanas the traitor. But then I met, Look, I've been a high elf, a banshee, and an undead high elf, but I've never been a night elf. Can’t have a single thing not go according to her plan. [4], Nathanos returned to his old home, the Marris Stead in the Eastern Plaguelands, with his pet blighthounds on the banshee queen's orders.
He warned that their loyalty would soon face an even greater test. Although some may consider her actions cruel, Nathanos supported her regardless because life was cruel and fleeting and it delighted him that her plans soared over the horizon of mortality and frightened many.

Rubbish! [39], While the Speaker searched for Valentine's body, Nathanos and the rest of the Honorbound abroad the Banshee's Wail came under attack by the Alliance. After hearing Nathanos' opinion of the Desolate Council not being a threat and considering the benefits, Sylvanas consented to the Gathering, but only with the Desolate Council members' sole participation and a small group of humans. I'm more interested in learning who is Bwosamdi's boss. Alongside Sira Moonwarden, Nathanos was tasked by Sylvanas with killing the troll loa of death himself, Bwonsamdi. What are we if not slaves to this torment? You must step out of da shadows and lead. Maiev • / "May my aim be true!" [71] After Eitrigg was brought before him, Nathanos declared that the orc lacked the necessary resolve that the loyalists had. Great as usual! When the Blightcaller's wits returned, he found that he had been transformed to become stronger than before and not be as decayed and withered as he had been. ", "The runt won't save you this time, Garrosh! Kael opposed Sylvanas' inclusion of the human Nathanos Marris in the Farstrider rangers, but in the short story Dark Mirror it's mentioned that he was also rumored to desire her hand in marriage (of course, this may have just been a rumor and nothing more). So yeah, it would make sense that is was he who whispered her name to Vol'jin. Ugh! In this article, we're highlighting her motivation for the attack on Teldrassil, hints at another motive, and analyze all the strong parallels to Arthas. Deckard • Samuro (Monkey King) • lvanas' motivations and character development in the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch have been a source of controversy.

"The Dark Lady watches over you." • Commodore Ford Sylvanas' dance animation is a reference to the ending scene of the 1988 American comedy film Beetlejuice.

Whatever I do, someone objects. • D.Va Blood Raven Sylvanas is based on Blood Raven's in-game model in D2.

"Time flies like an arrow. Ana • / "I'm here." As I promised on Friday, here is the followup character thread on Sylvanas, where I go through all of the in-game references and lore details I could find in Sylvanas' Heroes of the Storm representation and explain the story behind them as best I can. This line was reused as one of Sylvanas' NPC quotes in WoW. Sylvanas herself earned renown for battling the Amani trolls prior to the Second War, and she has expressed a particular personal distaste for trolls on a couple of occasions. She laughed sharply and without humor.

The following is a list of quotations from Sylvanas.
You are but a pawn. Level 13: Windrunner - Windrunner is Sylvanas' family name. - Shorel'aran is Thalassian for "farewell", while sin'dorei (the native name for blood elves) means "children of the blood".

He continued to advise Sylvanas on how she could use the Gathering to politically benefit her. Together, Rejiji, Varok, Nathanos and a part of the Horde army went into Felwood,[25] and eventually reached Darkshore from the north. Arthas • [58] Nathanos was later informed that Baine, with the help of Thomas Zelling, liberated Derek Proudmoore and delivered him to Jaina Proudmoore. Nathanos introduced a darkspear troll named Rejiji to Saurfang, and Reijiji led Saurfang to a smuggler's pass they could use to scale the mountains of Felwood. The subject of this section did not make it out of the, This section contains information that needs to be.

- Night Ranger is an American rock band that earned renown during the 1980s. - In Heroes of the Storm, Dehaka often compares the collecting of essence to the way some characters from the Diablo and Warcraft universes can collect souls from the fallen. Yep. As Sylvanas paraded with a diverse contingent of Horde races on their way to the celebration feast, Nathanos elaborated that she left a power vacuum behind in the undeads' capital, and the Desolate Council was created as an interim government to attend to the Undercity's needs. Garrosh • She’s technically the first Maw Walker.

Following this, he and the other Horde leaders were seen on a zeppelin flying away from the plagued Lordaeron. The Lost Vikings (Erik): "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

[62] Revealing that he had been entrusted with a mission of the highest priority from Sylvanas, Nathanos directed the Speaker to speak with Captain Rez'okun when they were ready to set sail. The most popular theory is that it was shortly after her trip to the Maw in Edge of Night. When Apari sought to harm another child in order to summon Bwonsamdi, Nathanos witnessed Tayo stopping Apari. The Blightcaller and his men boarded the Skyfire and caused havoc in the hull, planting vials of blight to take it apart from within. Upon learning about the appearance of the wisp wall on the border of Ashenvale and Darkshore, he was confident his dark rangers and demolishers could take it out, though Sylvanas Windrunner warned him not to underestimate it. The "bouncy" part refers to one of the idle animations for female night elves in WoW, which has them bounce up and down in place a few times, seemingly for no reason other than fan service. You look like hell!" • Nazeebo On Nathanos' return to the Undercity however, he reported that Sylvanas was not able to attend with her duties preoccupying her and has sent Nathanos as an emissary in her stead. I'll have to watch my back, lest I find an arrow in it." As the Widow's Bite and the Banshee loyalists fought side by side, they finally clashed with the Zandalari Empire in Nazmir, where they were discovered attempting to sacrifice children in order to weaken one of Bwonsamdi's shrines. Sylvanas directed Dark Ranger Anya to escort her champion to the armory to see him outfitted in a manner befitting his station. Garrosh: "Should have done that a long time ago. (Sylvanas' quote in this and the following interaction are meant to be generic quotes directed at any blood elf hero, but as far as I can tell Valeera is the only hero to have a unique response to them, so I'm including them like this.). I added it to the post. Given the history between Garrosh and Sylvanas that I've already covered, the Dark Lady was probably not too happy with Thrall for this decision. Leoric (Space Lord) • We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way"), in turn a reference to a line of dialogue she spoke at the end of the WC3 mission "A New Power in Lordaeron". / "I have no time for games." Blood elf: "Shorel'aran, sin'dorei." Of course, Jaina's death was eventually scrapped and the banshee plot point was instead moved to Sylvanas. Thrall: "That was for giving the Horde to Garrosh." Hammer

"The Wrath of the Lich King was nothing!

Xul • The Val'kyr proceeded to place herself between the human and the undead and began chanting guttural words in an ancient tongue, flashes of blue and gold pulsing from her hands. Succumb. Valeera • Sylvanas later participated in the Darkspear troll chieftain Vol'jin's rebellion to overthrow the warchief, and during the events of the novel War Crimes tried and failed to assassinate him while he was standing trial for his, well, war crimes. Good thing my nerve endings rotted away. Anyone have the book handy and able to tell?

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