Your ticks in this ship skyrocket from the 16-20 million ISK the Gila and Dominix offered, all the way up to 50-55 million ISK.

Main article: Ratting 101. Ratting like a complete moron during their prime time. The Networked Sensor Array massively decreases your lock time, however it also prevents you from warping for 60 seconds and uses enough capacitor to keep you below jump cap. You will find commander spawns in the "home" region of the pirate faction, as follows: Sansha's Nation - True Sansha - Stain Region, Serpentis - Shadow Serpentis - Fountain Region, Guristas/Pithi/Dread Guristas - Venal - Officers: Estamel, Vepas, Thon, Kaikka, Sanshas/Centi/True Sansha - Stain - Officers: Chelm, Vizan, Selynne, Brokara, Blood/Corpi/Dark Blood - Delve - Officers: Draclira, Ahremen, Raysere, Tairei, Serpentis/Coreli/Shadow - Fountain - Officers: Cormack, Setele, Tuvan, Brynn, Angels/Gisti/Domination - Curse - Officers: Tobias, Gotan, Hakim, Mizuro. This page was last modified on 26 December 2019, at 20:57. If you intend to loot rat wrecks, you may want to fit your ship with a Small Tractor Beam module. Mention on comms that you're tackled and may require support. You may salvage or loot any unattended wrecks or cans you find, unless they are named. Go For it!!!

I would not advise you to train Tech II, because it takes 6 more days, and I haven’t done that. Expect loot accordingly. It is possible to view truesec on most maps. A few friends with you to provide more firepower and cover, and perhaps some covert ops scouting, also helps keep the risks of attack from player pirates more reasonable. (Faction) Sanctum / Drone Horde (hardest). Like missioning, ratting takes time. Chaining refers to finding a higher value rat spawn and killing off the battleships. If they are unnamed and the owner is nowhere to be found, you are welcome to them.

These are tough rats that have higher bounties and are guaranteed to drop one of four different. Now you know how to rat and keep your fighters alive, what is left? Warp to a safespot, a citadel, or a friendly POS that you bookmarked before you started ratting. ~300 Million ISK Medium Skills, The Isktar

~300 Million ISK Medium Skills, Ratting Carriers Hunting and killing pirate NPCs (a.k.a.

Damage types to tank: Primarily explosive/kinetic. You can fly between the different spawns, killing the replacement battleships, and maximize your income.

OPTIONAL: If using the NSA, single-cycle it at the beginning of each wave. In 0.1 space they are about 235K ISK each, and you will see mostly cruiser and battlecruiser size targets as well as some battleships, in addition to frigates. However, ratting in claimable nullsec space can be much safer than doing it in low sec space, if you belong to an alliance that has sovereignty in that system. Direction Scans work up to 14AU, and if you first lock your tracking camera on it (default shortcut is "C") and manipulate the angle of the scan right down to 5º you can often avoid catching anything in-between and see if any player ships are in that anomaly before you warp in on them.

However, ships with large drone bays can adjust their damage types more easily, as can missile boats - a definite advantage for most Caldari ships like the Raven, which is popular with nullsec ratters. Drop Fighters and get them to the center of the site.

All of the advice for ratting in low sec applies here: watch Local, use D-scan, fly with friends to provide more cover and intelligence if you can. If you select a system with a dozen asteroid belts and a -1.0 to -0.7 true security rating, you'll likely have between 3 or 4 spawns of rats operating in that system.

You do not need to develop any standings with factions or corporations to gain access to rats, as they appear spontaneously, also known as "spawning", in asteroid belts and anomalies found in systems. Gallente T1 Battleship

Also watch Intel, but local is more important. The price for 2x Sentients will be around 230 Million a piece. This is where nos can be very helpful. What you could do is buy the CONCORD Capital Armor Repairer, it reps 25-30% more than the other one, but it has a price tag of almost 600 Million ISK, compared to the 90 mil for the I-a Armor Repairer – this is up to you, personally I wouldn’t buy CONCORD unless I had enough ISK to throw around, but if you live in risky space it can provide more time for your rescue fleet to arrive.

there are 2 schools of thought when fitting a ratting super; max ticks fit since your alliance does not have the ability to save you when you get ganked. Once you get into 0.4 space and below, bounties for rats go up substantially. Like the title says are ratting supers practical. Comps. (There seems to be an unlimited supply of high quality rats which are generated out of nothing.

This variant is extremely unforgiving if you screw up, getting tackled will likely only give you seconds to get support on grid. I saw someone use the [Serious] tag a few days ago and thought I'd see if it works, Well I suppose that depends on what region and system you're in, playtime and TZ also factors into the equation... Give us a little more detail and we can set you up with the best super and fit for your needs.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With this in mind, you'll only want to use your fighter's MWDs when recalling, as during combat the increased speed messes with their application.

As a rule of thumb, for a ratting carrier you want the following: High-Slots:– Networked Sensor Array– Cynosural Field Generator I– Fighter Support Unit I/II– Fighter Support Unit I/II– Fighter Support Unit I/II.

For example, if you use 150mm railguns, your optimal is 12km (not taking skills or ammo into account). Advanced Mining CalculationsGas SitesMining AltSecurity Class, InventionMoon miningPlanetary InteractionProductionT3 Production.

Salvaging a commander wreck also gives you more valuable salvage components than normal, too. Typical ammunition choices to look out for at market: Any laser crystals, EMP projectile, Mjolnir missiles and rockets, Amarr drones like Acolytes and Praetors. The vulnerability in this plan is rats may warp scramble you in nullsec, which puts you in the position of having to kill or ECM jam the scrambling frigate rats. If you have a cyno ship, warp it to the grid near your carrier and cloaked, and light it when the FC calls for it. (You can also drag the tab for local out of your chat box with your left mouse button so that you can keep both it and fleet chat visible on your UI.) However, some use missiles, which will hit drones. Guristas do about 70% Kinetic and 30% Thermal damage. Your already making a pretty high isk/hr. Thanks CCP. Tanking: This is the art of repairing the damage done to you fast enough for you to destroy the rats.

Why not bait them, then? The Archon gets a 4% bonus to Armor resistance per level, a completely useless bonus for ratting – This carrier is guaranteed the lowest possible ticks from ratting. The warp engine will suck whatever cap it can and partially jump you away. D-W local), you probably should not rat in the system as that is how you will be caught. It takes enough time and effort to steal that it's obvious and notorious goonfucking.

When you are on the second-to-last wave, you should start aligning to your next combat site instead of the Citadel, you should Claim it in your PVE channel and make sure no one else did it first, personally I Ignore an anomaly and remove it from the list if someone else claims it.

If you are running large cosmic anomalies, consider running the whole thing with your ratting ship, bookmark a wreck, then return with a dedicated salvager like the Noctis to salvage and loot, to earn ISK faster.

The most effective systems to rat in nullsec space are those with true security ratings between -1.0 and about -0.7, which is also where you see Morphite (the red crystals) in asteroid belts. Be careful of your cap since lots of Blood ships can drain you dry in a second with either Nosferatu or Neuts.

Difference between ratting Thanatos and Nidhoggur in fitting them: As the Ratting Nidhoggur is a shield fit, you should utilize the extra Mid Slot for a Capital Shield Booster I, or T2 if you have trained it and a CONCORD if you have the ISK for it. This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all at 2014-02-12 18:46:11.702201 EVE, replies are not monitored. You have to develop higher levels of standings with different non-player factions and corporations in order to gain access to harder and more lucrative missions, however.

The fits below may be meta'd down to accommodate your budget and comfort level. Nevertheless, for a player with only single account to rat with, active ratting may be a more viable choice.

For a Ratting Thanatos your Low Slots should be: 4x Drone Damage Amplifiers, in this case the T2 variants are not hard training into but as you can see by the Damage Bonus (that also applies to fighters), the Faction variants are significantly better that their T1 or T2 counterparts, these will run you in 130 million a piece, you could also switch the 4th DDA out for a T2 variant because the fourth slot does not provide any significant boost because of diminishing returns.

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