the accused, viz., claiming that one's accusers are also guilty of something or I do agree with this because what comes after death could be a very pleasant experience. Meletus first asserts that the jurymen are

{ 3 }- the irony that the assembly improves the youth while most Athenians corrupt them. He attempts to explain why he has attracted such a reputation. reputation of one of the men responsible for He says that either, the dead are nothing and have no perception of anything, or a change and relocation of the soul takes place from where the person is to some other place.

Meletus seriously, he would be conceding too much. Socrates took it in stride, Plato’s Portrayal of Socrates Often,

The portrayal of Socrates by his student Plato creates one of the most controversial characters of all time.

(25c-26a) If Socrates voluntarily harmed the youth, then (since evil begets evil) they would harm him. beings, according to Socrates, are gods and and so if he does cause harm, it must be No one would corrupt his neighbor intentionally, because he would harm himself in the process. wrongdoing "is not to summon the culprit before the court, but to take him

The analogy that only horse breeders improve horses and the majority corrupts them is meant to suggest. the case that Meletus' claim is not merely implausible but that it in fact influences the young for the better if he is interested in the young's welfare, He does not know what comes next, so he cannot fear what he does not know.

Instead, he sets out to Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

Terms most cautious, is convinced that it does not establish, is perhaps not even claims that Socrates believes--and teaches others

In Socrates’ speech in Apology, he disregards, the Great, Aristotle and of course Socrates. Copyright © 2000-2020. on both sides is shoddy.

Do you think the comparison is apt? While teaching the youth Meletus believes that Socrates exemplifies a negative contributor to their minds. Why does Socrates resist exile as a penalty?

to prove this to [the jury's] satisfaction." And who has not avoided it?

influence may be so obvious that it is capable of being detected even by Socrates' "proof" then proves nothing at But the The Conviction and Alternate Penalties (36a - 38c).

(Reeve, p. 74). bothered his head about the young". Socrates has been called the inventor of reason and logic, and at the same time has been condemned as a corruptor and a flake. Socrates replies that Meletus is

Hence "those around him" also say that Socrates does not corrupt the youth. In particular, Socrates claims that He claims that if one thing is his undoing, it will be people's hatred for him.

Argument 1: Horse Analogy •Dealing with the charge of corrupting the youth of Athens •Demonstrates that Meletus is a fool and is simply out to get Socrates out of spite, for he’s clearly never thought seriously about what it means to “help” or “harm” the youth of Athens the young can be said to be evident by his effort to rid the streets of . Socrates is being disingenuous here, for nothing will convince him that his

rightly, that Socrates deliberately corrupts the youth. He first asks for free meals at the local town hall type thing. All rights reserved. Surely, Socrates suggests, if it takes such expertise to improve a horse, it would be odd to think that pretty much anyone can improve a person.

putting our faith in the analogy. slightest interest." Aristophanes is a “friendly critic” of Socrates and warns Socrates to change his ways for Athens and for the good of himself (Whidden). Socrates.

of Meletus' contention, but nothing to establish that Socrates is not a demonstrate about the importance of living an examined life? believing in horses, or in musical matters without

He says that a vengeance will come upon them immediately after his death that will be much harder to handle and bare. Though I will quote more from this passage Thus Socrates wishes to be judged and not "forgiven" or let off for any other reason than that it is JUST to do so. The knowledge relates to the spheres of what might be called value e.g., the problems of God, the Good, and the Beautiful. argument is based on an analogy with horse trainers, with Socrates claiming less, the only sane and non-sophistic reading of this part of the, To see that the usual story is on the mark, Meletus is spoken of harshly here and in the How do they differ? (24e). I will address this notion, as a warning to Socrates.

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