Both characters acted as backup to two of the biggest heroes of their respective publishing companies, Batman and Captain America. Although both have gone from villains to anti-heroes, the evolution of Slade and Wade is completely different. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Required fields are marked *. According to creator Marv Wolfram, he got the idea for Felicia Hardy from a Tex Avery cartoon from the ‘40s, called Bad Luck Blackie. So, to avoid such an embarrassment, here’s a look into the difference between Marvel and DC – and how you can avoid confusing the two without having to read through years of comics. So, there you have it. How these superheroes use and live with great power can also be compared. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Wisely, J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank chose to reimagine Zarda in the brilliant Supreme Power, an update of Squadron Supreme, which definitely gave the character her own identity. And if we look at who Catwoman was when Black Cat made her comic book debut, the two look almost nothing alike. Marvel characters have regular human problems that allow fans to “connect” with their stories. When not deep in exploring a new tale or world he is on the lookout for movie, video game and TV news.

The biggest difference is the way stories are told.Marvel tends to reveal more characters dealing with the stress of leading a dual life. Introduced in 1934, DC was initially known as “National Allied Publications”. For Marvel however, you only really get this idea of lineages with Mutants, the Inhuman Royal Family and the Fantastic Four. Tony Stark has an alcohol problem, while Peter Quill has daddy issues. In the words of Stan Lee, “I tried to merge the fantasy element with as much realism as I can put into the stories”. But there is a lot of similarities that only true fans can see at the first sight. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Spector is basically that broken psyche taken one step further, with him descending into actual madness. So, without further ado, here are the four main differences between Marvel and DC films: In 2008, Marvel started its cinematic universe with movies exclusively featuring their more popular characters, such as: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. Great heroes with powers far beyond mere mortal men and women who believe in doing the right thing, protecting the innocent and exemplifying the remarkable qualities of the human condition. We respect your privacy. Initially, when you think about these two great warriors, not that many similarities spring to mind. Marvel and DC Comics have been rivals for decades. Marvel? Marvel vs. DC: The Rivalry Unfolds Marvel vs. DC comics is a battle that began in the early 90’s and has never ceased since.

She was also taken as an infant and raised to be a weapon against forces for good, all the while not realizing the true villainy that she had become complicit in. DC’s heroes are generally born with their phenomenal powers and it’s part of who they are – which is yet again, fantastical. I’ve been a comic book fan/geek/nerd my whole life and one thing that me and my mates have always discussed and seem to have heated debates about is what’s better? Not only that, they have made their brands into pop culture icons. These reasoning’s stated above, depict crucial differences between both companies while also providing their similarities which fuse them together. For differences, Marvel was set on real world locations while those in DC were more fictional and Marvel heroes developed powers overtime while those in DC were originally born with abilities.

Both were bands of misfits fighting on behalf of a populace that feared and hated them.

Marvel performed a radical restructuring of itself due to lagging sales, going from being “Timely Publications” to “Atlas Magazines”.

Well, that would be death. With the set of heroes in one specific area and then never before seen interactions with each other, bewildered the fans to purchase. Also the Speedsters, who are a dynasty all on their own. Obviously, as Jacob pointed out, it's very easy to differentiate between them on the stands. DC on the other hand, offers a mythical, far-fetched and fictitious universe. It will be quite interesting to see how each of these comic book publishers will continue to evolve over time.

Tony was so guilt-ridden over this incident that three quarters of the Civil War arc was attributed to him desperately wanting to change the world for the better.

These are supposedly prominent places in America, but where they are is often kept vague. Which is good, we wouldn’t have had Wakanda otherwise. Although she has a couple of somewhat close counterparts in the Marvel Universe, perhaps Thor or Captain Marvel, none share quite as many similarities with Diana Prince as Power Princess. DC’s characters are like Gods, naturally inclined to protect their worlds: Marvel’s heroes however, must acquire their powers to become Earth’s protectors: “With great power comes great responsibility” are the immortal words of Benjamin Parker.

Sure, there’s Batman, who deals with (somewhat) regular crimes in his city, but the majority of heroes, are either aliens, sea gods, or super geniuses – who let’s face it – aren’t really relatable to us and are more admirable in an otherworldly way.

Smallville could be the small town next to yours to add to that feeling this hero is local. You can change your preferences. Marvel’s key roster are far more likely to be ordinary people: Many DC heroes are widely respected in their universe. Red Tornado can mainly, well, create tornados.

This was mostly done to avoid backlash in poor portrayals or “destroying” a real foreign country. However, where these women wound up is not what makes them so connected; it's where they came from. Deathstroke and Deadpool are master assassins who wield both guns and swords, and have regenerative capabilities.

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