The 4 endings are: "Shura" ending, "Immortal Severance" ending, "Purification" ending and "Return" ending.

From the Sculptor's Idol head through the open door and toward the bridge. Below I will show you how to get the Shura ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Break the Iron Code, stay loyal to Kuro (Immortal Severance ending, Purification ending, Return ending). Inside this cave you'll find a massive snake, while the body lies all along the cave, the head is guarding a small shrine, which we need to get to. If you went to Senpou Temple before beating Genichiro, you'll find the High Priest of Senpou Temple next to the Main Hall Idol who will give you this item. On the other hand, the Shura ending boils down to "you obeyed a guy who was bad, so you get an objectively worse and less fleshed out experience" There's nothing wrong with giving Sekiro a bad ending because he betrayed Kuro, but I want the game to allow me to be bad - not give me the middle finger and stop having a coherent story. This page will detail all possible Sekiro endings and how to achieve them. Head through the open window of the temple and use your grappling hook to get to the top of the large tree there. When next you rest (and she's read the Holy Tome: Infested), You'll find she's left the Inner Sanctum entirely. More: how to get the Return, Immortal Severance, and Purification endings. Ready? This section is JUST to cover the "Shura" ending in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This unlocks a more difficult version of the, Use a new shortcut past the Lone Shadow to re-fight. At this point you will need to decide which ending you are going for as OWL presents you with a couple of options: If you select Obey the Iron Code, forsake Kuro, you will unlock two boss fights that are only accessible in the Shura ending. Look to your left, where you'll find a small hole he won't bother you about. No, you can get 40 beads regardless of the ending as long as you don't get the Shura one. … The next three endings all come from choosing to side with, While this questline can be started before or after facing Owl, it must be started before you defeat the, Like the Purification Questline, this questline can be started early on either before or after facing Owl in. That’s all there is to unlocking the Shura ending. Upon defeating both Emma and Isshin you will unlock the Shura ending which grants you the achievement of Shura and Isshin Ashina. Your email address will not be published. With the kite raised, make your way to it. Something like that. If you went through Senpou Temple AFTER defeating Genichiro, then you'll need the Mibu Breathing Technique to get it.

Ideally, you have made a back-up save where I pointed out in the main guide and you're just doing this for the trophies (or to see what this ending looks like). The passive "Shura Shinobi" is a reference to the Ultra ending in 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice', where the main character dual wields Japanese blades.

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