If you say Michael Caine using Michael Caine’s accent, you are actually saying My Cocaine. Damn, husbands never age as well as their wives. Feeling poetic today? Feel free to provide more information. That's the sexiest old lady I've ever seen, Damn I didn’t know Michael Caine had Michael Game, That fool is smother than two cubes of ice on scotch. I state that I have a good faith belief that use of the work(s) in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. The story goes that … Caine and Baksh marred on 8th January 1973 in Las Vegas. If they have been married for this long how do you explain his son . The two have been married since 1973. This fateful choice would lead her to Europe, where she would become a model and meet her future husband. If you know him from secondhand lions. – popular memes on the site ifunny.co If you say "My Cocaine" with an English accent, it sounds like Michael Cane pronouncing his own name. iFunny plug-in will teach your phone to smile, For a list of the categories of personal information that we collect from you and how we use that information, please review iFunny’s privacy policy. Complete the form below to notify iFunny of a claim relating to your intellectual property rights and content or some technical inconvenience with the service. Michael Caine fought in combat in Korea during his national service, Michael Caine is a badass, pass it on. They met after Caine saw her on the Maxwell House coffee advert. Sounds a bit like stalking, Idk if any of you know any girls that look like that but I think it’s the absolute perfect woman and idk why. You are the best type of person and we are friends. My grandpa and grandma got married when they were 12 in Germany. But honestly, we just gonna skip over how epic those glasses are? Shakira Caine is an actress and model who also happens to be the partner of British acting legend, Michael Caine. You know what’s going to happen,’ he said.

She aged really well and he was very good looking when he was younger. The mans look like he can beat my ass physically and mathematically. ‘Michael slipped and broke his ankle in his garden during the recent heavy snow,’ his spokesperson said at the time. The two have been married since 1973. Michael’s cane is still in use after he suffered from an ankle injury in late 2018 due to a nasty slip on ice. It's awesome everyone is trying to one up this shit. Describe the issue in detail. Growing up, she believed she wanted to be a fashion designer because her mother worked as a dressmaker. We got so many compliments on what a cute couple we were wherever we went. Austin powers? I am a blonde, pale white girl and I dated a dark skinned Indian guy for a while (a dot Indian, as opposed to feather Indian). Michael previously admitted he became obsessed with finding the woman he considered to be ‘the most beautiful… he had ever seen’ and they wed in Las Vegas in 1973 and have one daughter together. Luckily, she lived in London. They were married 87 years. Both died of cardiac arrest in the same month. Damn homie saw the commercial, asked for the sauce and GOT THE SAUCE. She has aged amazingly holy shit she looks fantastic, that's how michael scott & the chair ad lady could've been, In 40 years you be lucky to find people married for more then 5 years, I'm not gay but I didnt know alfred was good looking like that, But like, how did he meet her? Young Michael Cain looks like the kind of dude I want to smoke a joint with. Both of you have started a separate life and it’s very important you don’t do that I think. They have now been married for over 42 years. Her mother's skills helped her develop an interest in constructing beautiful clothes. Austin powers. At 19, she worked as a secretary; her boss urged her to compete in the Miss Guyana pageant, where she won the runner-up position. Coffee Ad Romance: Michael Caine's Love Story With His Wife (Shakira Caine). Michael Cane has a fine ass wife. He doesn't have the same prejudice against Muslims as many narrow-minded opinions found in the media. Michael Caine first saw Shakira Beikish on television in a coffee ad back in 1977. The two met unusually. He’s one of 3 best things that the British gave the world. Michael fell for Shakira, a former Miss Guyana, after spotting her in a Maxwell House ad. I give my permission to pass my contact information to the alleged infringing party. Michael met his wife after he saw her in a Maxwell House coffee advert (Picture: Backgrid) Michael Caine and his wife of 46 years Shakira Caine were pictured enjoying a … Some even feature her husband, acting icon, Michael Caine. That’s the point here. Michael Caine and his wife of 46 years Shakira Caine were pictured enjoying a rare afternoon out together in the London sunshine. There was a Michael Caine movie about him being shipwrecked on a island full of lost pirates that had inbred with each other over the years and he had to fight inbred pirates. I play bitlife and I argued with my 6yr older sister and she slit my stomach open with a butterfly knife, I was 4.

I state that the information in this notification is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed, or an authorized agent for the owner. The 86-year-old actor left his car with the help of Shakira, 72, and his walking cane, and the pair crossed the road as they headed out for a spot of lunch in Chelsea. Luckily, she lived in London. ... and this commercial came on in one of the shows for Maxwell House Coffee,” Caine recalled. I FOUND THE KEY TO LOVE!! Shakira was born in Guyana to Muslim parents originally from India. marry someone 15 years younger than you.... thanks OP. If you say "my cocaine" you are literally saying Michael Cain in his accent, He was a good lookin dude back in the day. By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. By clicking on "Submit" below, you are certifying the following statements: My grandparents have been married for 58 years. Intrigued, he got her number from a friend who worked in advertising. While their marriage might have raised eyebrows in Great Britain and Guyana in 1973, most people lovingly accept partnerships between two different religions. ‘The obvious thing on location is you’re going on location, you’re married, with a load of beautiful actresses. She was a knockout back then, and she’s aged incredibly well. ‘He is in fine health and great spirits.’. The point of this is you'll find love out of nowhere. That's the father of the smoothest man in the world. However, he revealed in 2018 that the key to a lasting marriage was to have his wife travel with him while he is filming. Shakira Caine is an actress and model who also happens to be the partner of British acting legend, Michael Caine. The last picture he looks like bernie Sanders. So what point is this making? Yeah but he's Michael Fucking Caine. Huh conspiracy. ‘When you go away for a long time … you visit places the other one’s never seen, you eat in restaurants the other one’s never been, you meet people the other one’s never met. Ok, she was slammin back in the day and looks great even still. Can you imagine watching a Folgers commercial and thinking, "That bitch gonna be mine"? The two were connected through a mutual friend after Caine saw the former Miss World finalist in a Maxwell House coffee ad. Fucking dude puffin on a black & mild like a straight g. Michel Scott and the chair ad in real life.

I had no idea there was a young Michael Caine I thought he was just born looking like that.

She's been in appeared in several films, like The Man Who Would Be King and Son of Dracula. Shakira Caine has consistently been on the International Best Dressed List since 1991. The two met unusually. Caine was ready to fly out to Brazil to find the beauty, but as fate would have it, Shakira only lived a mile away, Caine told The Mirror. Sir Michael, 81, whose biggest credits include Alfie and The Italian Job, married first wife Patricia Haines within weeks of meeting her in theatre in Suffolk in 1955, but his second marriage has lasted over 45 years. I certianly appreciated our contrast! So my wife goes with me everywhere.’, MORE : Helen Skelton reveals how scammers robbed her of £70,000 life savings with one phone call, MORE : Danny John-Jules slams Lorraine Kelly for not ‘defending him’ over Strictly Come Dancing ‘bullying’ claims, Susannah Constantine reveals she is an alcoholic and has been in recovery for seven years, Justin Bieber’s former best friend Pastor Carl Lentz fired from Hillsong Church for ‘moral failures’, Kathy Griffin reposts gory picture holding decapitated ‘head of Donald Trump’ amid election count, Katie Price calls out trolls who posted blackface video mocking Harvey: ‘This is so cruel’, Love Island star Anna Vakili spending £11k to remove breast implants after they left her ‘numb’, Helen Skelton reveals how scammers robbed her of £70,000 life savings with one phone call, Danny John-Jules slams Lorraine Kelly for not ‘defending him’ over Strictly Come Dancing ‘bullying’ claims.

I didnt die though, I was just traumatized and ended up dying 30 yrs later to aids. In 1967, Shakira competed in the prestigious Miss World pageant in London. Michael Caine with wife Shakira. So we just gonna ignore how she’s barely aged. Damn, when I get married I hope my wife ages as well as she did. She aged so much better than him its insane, Tbh he looks badass especially in the first picture, Jesus Christ he was a fucking chad back in the day. , Young Michael Caine kinda looks like Taron Egerton’s version of Elton John, Alfred likes himself some of that spicy curry , Michael Caine is a fucking national treasure.

Shakira has been in a lot of movies. No one here is that good. Caine became fixated after seeing a Maxwell House coffee ad in 1971 of who he thought was "the most beautiful woman he had ever seen."

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Shakira, a model and actress who was born in Guyana, married Caine in Las Vegas in 1973, and they have a daughter together called Natasha.

Caine became fixated after seeing a Maxwell House coffee ad in 1971 of who he thought was "the most beautiful woman he had ever seen." ‘It’s coming along fine, it’s just tremendous inconvenience,’ he told the press in June. Michael Caine doesn't think it is that big of a deal. Shakira is a Guyanese-British actress and fashion model, and the pair met after the actor saw her in a Maxwell House coffee advert in 1971. After the festivities, she chose to remain in the United Kingdom to pursue a career in modeling.

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