Did the Tektro 720's fit on the Schwinn Passage? Schwinn lightweights that command special status in the realm of contemporary high performance cycling.

A 24-year-old steel bike is nothing special.

From saddle to pedals, it's race tuned... built with world class componentes to world class specifications. Lycra shorts stylish and functional riding shorts from the Paramount design group. S19, S21, S23, and S25. I picked up a dusty old frame from a small shop that had piles of old bikes in the back of the building. Visit your local Schwinn dealer and experience the Schwinn difference. How can it be so affordable. Clear coated frost white or scarlet. Index shifting was brand new to Dura Ace in 1985. I wasn't sure on the silver so I left it masked for a day encase I changed my mind. Ladies; 17", 19" and 21". Columbus SL/ SP mix tubing and black chrome rear stays - a first class finish. diffferent life stles than ever before.

After some minor adjustments (see www.sheldonbrown.com) the bike should perform adequately. Rolls saddle by San Marco, winner of 10 gold medals at the 1985 World Championships. Cat eye toe clips - super light nylon toe clips are the wave of the future. Frame sizes available 19", 21", 22", 23", 24", and 25".

Challenging old engineering ideas and developing new ones is as exciting to us as the benefits are to cyclists. What do men think about women that ride bicycles? Every frame is aligned to a tolerance of .005 inches, using a digital aligning table. Standard equipment includes full, painted fenders and the Schwinn patented kickstand. Aray alloy rims with front and rear quick release and easy rolling, high-pressure tires. The beauty of the long distance bicycle - Light, responsible, trustworthy. 1986 Schwinn Prelude. Challenging old engineering ideas and developing new ones is as exciting to us as the benefits are to cyclists. I have a vision in my head of a slight metallic blue with a silver head tube, silver cut outs in the fork crown and silver or blue flutes in the seat post. Doesn’t the saddle height of a bicycle. Frame sizes available, in 10-Speed: Men's 20", 22" and 24". The Paramount is light and strong; the Peloton, a precision performer; the Super Sport, a triathlete's edge.

This is the second bike project I’ve gone into thinking I’ll just get it riding smooth with minimal investment, then turned around and sourced many expensive NOS and era-specific parts — spending way more than I should have. The World Tourist's traditional design offers lightweight, comfortablt riding for recreation or errands. Frame sizes available 19", 21", 23", and 25". Tires Schwinn dual hardness tires - premium, performance, longer tire wear, shorter stopping distance, better cornering and lower rolling resistance. Still have questions? Under $250.00 - apply Price filter. Now that I ride with the correct saddle height. Fast becoming a symbol of quality and value, the Sprint includes Schwinn's unmatched warranty and service after the sale. The Super Sport performs with the Hi-Tech precision demanded in top-level cycling and triathlon competition. I am not worried about the components however because I am confident they will restore beautifully and function great in the end. The guy I dealt with was really nice and had an amazing garage for working on hot rods, that was cool to see. Some bikes have it all! Shimano's new triple plateau crankset with Bio-Pace chainrings make mole hills out of mountains. • Columbus Tenax main triangle with Tange fork, • (powder coated white with clearcoat over that, I painted all the details around the lugs myself). Free local pickup. Reinforced nylon sole with a combination nylon and leather upper.

The Traveler is loaded with features most cyclist would expect to find only on the most expensive bicycles. Sealed mechanism hubs and 40-spoke rear hub keep rolling, mile after mile after mile. Note: I’ve included a photo of another person’s ’86 Prelude to show what the color scheme of my actual frame looked like before I did my custom rebuild. I really like the mid 1980's Preludes. The rest of the bike took some work to disassemble but nothing to hard. Velo Orange are my favorite headsets, they look great and are a great value. For speed work, training or track racing, feel the strength and power of the bikes named for the demanding 6-day race in Madison Square Garden. Looking for new Schwinn bikes? So after going back and fourth for a night I chose Silver. Also, Columbus didn’t have any original Columbus Tenax decals that originally came on my bike, so they were nice enough to mail me a sheet of red oval Columbus bird decals. Components have come a long ways in 24 years. That’s the perfect fit for them right? or Best Offer. Sadly it’s too far gone with paint and rust issues to be worth a restoration. Over the summer Shannon and I went bike hunting through Wisconsin one Saturday afternoon and evening. Professional Rear Panniers extra large capacity packs designed with the serious enthusiast in mind. Both jerseys are made of a high quality raschal knit nylon! + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. I broke down the hubs and started working through the polishing grits. I have not picked the bottom bracket yet but I do have a nice new Velo Orange headset for the Prelude. If you have a smartphone with GPS, there are apps that will track your ride, if you fire them up. SunTour light allow high flange precision track hubs with double sided rear complete with fixed gear and single freewheel. In my book, it’s $$ well spent (but remember, I’m crazy, too). • Dia Compe SVX calipers with white Aero Grand Compe levers, • Modolo X-Tenos stem with Modolo anatomic bars, • Red Chris King 2Nut headset (not pictured, just installed). Clear coated white with black chrome trim. Professional Panniers large capacity packs designed to fit both front and rear packs. I heated the stem up with a torch making sure the heat went in to the fork steer tube. A leather suede saddle from San Marco provides comfort in shirt sprints or century rides. Schwinn Prelude. Over all I am very happy with how the frame came back and how it looks in its raw form. Frame sizes available, Men's 19", 21", 23" and 25". On ebay there was a 1986 Passage in Imperial Rose (Red) a color for the 1987 Voyageur. Our uncompromising attitude toward using the finest materials available results in precision performance, with unmatched quality. T19, T21, T23, T25, T27 and T59. Stuffle Bag small, under the saddle pack, ideal for a few essentials. We are Anna and Patrick Sexton. The metallic blue really turned out nice!! Boyd and Girls.

for the NEW Pro Circuit and Pro Circuit LF semi bald tire from Schwinn. Those tires seem so skinny! Performance bicycles for a complete range of customer needs, to continue to grow and change with those needs, and to serve you, the customer through our nationwide M19, M21, M23. Save schwinn prelude to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Catalogs by Year. I have a similar frame – badged as a LeTour – which I picked off the curb. Cinelli handlebars and stem steer the performance, aided by the new Tange alloy Roller 2000 headset and clement tubular tires. If a pedestrian is on a bike lane, who is at fault for a bike accident? I am not sure at want point I took the photos below. I did leave to small spots on the top tube and bottom bracket where I did not want to remove a lot of metal. Thanks to the knowledge members at Bike forums (C&V) for dropping some knowledge on me. I would also check the wrap and spring of the rear derailleur - maybe it's a little underpowered for a triple. Anatomically sized handlebar, stem and micro adjusting seat post assure a perfect fit. Sky blue. 819, 821, 823, 825, 857, 859 and 861. Clear coated charcoal or racing red. I am kind of thinking black now like Marks Team Miyata restoration from last year or maybe even white. The drivers try to tell by beeping me to go though etc. C60, and C84. Why?

I like that one too Joe - actually I think all 4 colors are pretty good. Look San Marco leather suede saddle for comfort and durable good looks. Made of a nylon fiber resin, these straps hold their own! Let that spirit fly on the prelude. Even though the components are dated that doesn't mean they won't perform the way they were intended. Blue metallic. Nicely executed. A shining example that practical can be stylish. In my last post I mentioned my good fortune that the 1974 Peugeot frame-set came with stock friction shifters because Peugeot had a unique w... Make: Peugeot Model: UO-8 Year:  1974 (best guess) Obtained: Sept 2011 Found: Bike Works co-op Paid : $5.00 (Frame-set plus a few part... Definitely smooth feeling steel and with no racks or stuff its surprisingly light especially as compared to the HD. Columbus SLX tubing SL/SP used in 60cm and larger frames, investment cast lugs, buttom bracket, fork crown, and forged dropouts. High cut legs provide great freedom of movement. I don't know if 600 had it in 1986. I am very happy with the results!! Shimano Positron indexed derailleurs with easy-to-reach thumb shifters and front freewheel system in either 5 or 10 speeds allows shifting without pedaling. 1986 Schwinn Prelude Restoration - Bicycle Complete - Drive Train I was reading today in the 1986 Schwinn brochure that the 1986 Schwinn Prelude weighs 24 lbs, I thought no way so I weighed it, sure enough 24 lbs 5 oz, technically more then 24 lbs but still unexpected! You're a recreational rider with racing blood in your veins. Urethane enamel, even baked for brilliant colors and long-lasting durability.

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