Only due to the horrible writing of SJW current year marvel did she beat Ironman who has prepped and defeated far more powerful opponents than Captain Marvel was ever shown being.

Multi-Eternity Level: Omniverse Level destructive capacity and omnipresence throughout an Omniverse. Revising several feats within this Death Battle based on a few new feats i found for Post Crisis Superman. Now for the energy of the collision itself which could instantaneous cover the entire Multiverse. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Able to teleport himself and all mankind in alternate realities. Which going by this calc in this journal has a force up to  882.9 TenaYotta Foe which is 312,530,970 times the energy of the Big Bang, ablet the repairing reality with that vision is often regarded as an outlier, even so, his Heat vision is usually within the attack potency of 907.537 Peta Foe to 2.096 Yotta Foe which is between Multi Solar System level+ and Galaxy level+ and this is within the baseline power levels of Superman and Wonder Woman, no Pre Crisis counterparts and no power increases like Golden Superman or Wonder Woman with God Wave.

Thanos rips moons surface off (low end) = 863.544 exatons, Thanos rips moons surface off (high end) = 11.111 zettatons. She’s consistently shown to be an actual badass in the comics. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Abstract Level: High Multiverse Level+ to High Complex destructive capacity and omnipresence limited to a universe up to a multiverse. Often has lots of weaponry. High Meta-Level: Small Island to Planet level destructive capacity and speed/reactions that go from Massively Hypersonic+ to FTL. (no hate of course just looking to laugh at some random things). The same Thor and Hulk effortlessly boiled by base Thanos who literally bodied both of them for the fun of it. 1 vs 1: Semi Finals: Round 1: Who takes this in a death match? However, analyzing on watchframebyframe, it took around 0.93 seconds, not 1 full second. The diameter of the Local Multiverse is on the order of 92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 light years across! E.g. Meaning we have to scale the Marvel Multiverse size and mupilty it by 16 times over.This is beyond incomprehensible. There’s also Vakryle within the MCU itself who should be comparable to Thor and Hulk within Thor Ragnarok who wields the Dragon Fang, she’s consistently shown in the comics to be comparable to Thor and easily stronger than Captain Marvel so clearly Vakryle alone debunks the claim that Captain Marvel is the strongest avenger. And there’s even a far more powerful version of this Hulk known as Space Hulk who’s even more overpowered who’s able to kill 6 Watchers effortlessly who should equal Odin(the strongest Skyfather tier character), this video goes more into detail of Hulks power but before we get into that let’s cover the tier list of Marvel.

So yeah claiming Captain Marvel is on the same level as Thanos is utterly laughable and makes me cringe at the thought of the sudden rectons they’re going to do to make her so much stronger than she deserves to be. Thor scales to Odin at his best with Odin Force and surpasses Odin as the Rune King who has a 1.741105116668646×10^25,476 J feat, Danvers comes nowhere even close to surpassing Thor or Odin. Because you haven’t gotten sick of me bashing Captain Marvel and i love putting this egotistical cunt in her place, we’re going to cover yet another journal on her, this would be my last one on her until the end of Endgame. Even a part of his nature is capable of only one physical power to destroy the planet, like pebbles.

Instead of Superheros who encourage people to overcome bias and bigotry. FRIDAY says Sokovia’s diametre is 6410 feet/1953.768 m. First, volume of Sokovia. Low Herald Level beings often have rather potent superpowers and abilities, and can usually survive in space.

While i’m sticking to most of my feats from the other recent journals, this is to actually further show how Superman Vs Goku is not going to end any differently.

Seriously Wonder Woman is what happens when you give true character development and good writing to a legacy character who stands the test of time and actually create an icon., Should be higher. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not to shabby right, after all the MCU is far weaker than the comics and having Town level attack potency isn’t too shabby.

The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, If your level of toxicity=AP which fandom wins. The Marvel Universe is going with the round Universe theory meaning each universe is much thicker than our own universe.It should be noted that each of the 47,385,383 Universe size entities are actually Multiverses. Mid Street Level: Wall Level destructive capacity and superhuman speed/reactions. In his hand could fit the whole galaxy. Let’s take into account as Binary she was said to be faster and stronger than Quasar who can fly across the Universe in seconds, essentially giving Binary’s speed up to 2.956 Qunttilion Times the Speed of Light putting her within the range of speeds expected from Late Buu Saga/Early DBS Z fighters. Just how powerful is he with the finity gualent though. While the argument can be made for Thor making a portal, such an argument is immediately debunked as, if you look closely at the third scan, the "wormhole" contains planets. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The speed of Superman is so fast he can literally travel across the entire galaxy in minutes and repair a whole city within a nanosecond which is a consistent  14.917 Quintillion C. Which is faster than Goku and Beerus casual Universal shockwave that’s 2.956 Qunttilion Times the Speed of Light, yeah Superman rebuilding one city is . Sokovia is 1143 px, so the debris is (532/1143*1953.768). Note that Protons and Neutrons still stay intact. Whereas Marvel going by this fourm here literally is stated to have up 418,000,000,000,000 joules or a measly 99.904 Kilotons of TNT.

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