0000193155 00000 n 0000210835 00000 n Services on the 200 bus start at 8:19 AM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
0000169200 00000 n 0000208653 00000 n Learn More Riders should maintain social distancing.

0000003338 00000 n 0000165276 00000 n 0000208692 00000 n c���޼�[�Nµ��%"�0��m`�3�SNg��G�����z0��&��M�Nt�`. Download an offline PDF map and bus schedule for the 200 bus to take on your trip. The Public Transport Agency provides public bus services with a large fleet of 1,518 buses. 0000065410 00000 n �0:K�HK�����S �fz[��s��b6�Vբ.�T�_ �r�y��³�����ESҏ��V�J��_�_�',T?��eS���25IQ�?U �z���O��X�M,D�C��G������f�r���L&i��C�z�����˗��պ�O�?W/�N��8���W������|�^��)I��#2�~^L����3:�8�-����,G��L:�����i�hY>Q�ek�f�����Q[�M�HI�t�B*�K�ڰܩ�ܞ�dN)��_���c��?I1�r`�#��Yز�� ������e������ҡ2�a*y����u��!��c�9��,dA�T������қ�^�,�n%$�[�fO��c���r{'����U��"ۃ��M�-iZ@$:C���YZ� �#�j����$/j[Q� I�)���9g�� �)��m.>�R&e��GtV�B'赆�"Oi�6���ڷ}��ú�-��.5��屛�����L8'����'ʡBMg�!�`��� �����o�/_P�j�v-� ���6y"�6RG�ޞ�Y���C��l>�'3�82N�[&%FHpk��u�B��#_���6'��^�����"�H��|���>켞�&LQ�5:NE�*�609��ц6���5�Ny���}[>�~\�0.W���u��>��A[42�����ӭ|cĔf͡q���A��c�%�yU�!���*��_�. 0000120766 00000 n 200. %PDF-1.6 %���� Switch route direction Map view. 0000124583 00000 n 0000004401 00000 n 200 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 8:19 AM and ends at 10:04 PM.

0000122947 00000 n trailer <<5DE1B46DC66B42AB99029E8AEFABFE07>]/Prev 305312>> startxref 0 %%EOF 173 0 obj <>stream To.
s �` �&�n endstream endobj 56 0 obj <>>> endobj 57 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 540.0 738.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 58 0 obj <>stream 0000127549 00000 n A A A. Global Village Bus Services. 0000008463 00000 n H��W�n�H}�W�ӂ\D���)|�:����$LZbl&2�R2���t��d�,���bթ{5�������M388��t��68��A�6��?j���o"��I��� c���s���LXI��?�&w�?��t���zU�7T�3ZUweC�2���M�

0000172829 00000 n 0000046202 00000 n 0000005350 00000 n 0000207244 00000 n 0000204309 00000 n On the go? 0000123409 00000 n 0000007335 00000 n You can help keep yourself, fellow riders, and RTA operators safe by maintaining social distancing on buses, streetcars, and ferries. Sign up for our mailing list or check us out on Facebook & Twitter to stay up to date on transit changes, promotions and other news! 0000067864 00000 n 0000209032 00000 n 60 60 15 215 215 10 5 91 91 71 241 ANAHEIM Anaheim Convention Center (KAT & O O KAT & TAT O TT & AT TT & TT MT & TT O MO & TY MO & T T T RIVERSIDE ORANGE Downtown Riverside VINE STREET (Bay F) SAN BERNARDINO DOWNTOWN TRANSIT CENTER 200… Choose a stop to view live arrivals and status information Choose a stop to view live arrivals and status information or add to favourites. 0000126585 00000 n 0000067242 00000 n In observance of Election Day on November 3, 2020, all transit fares will be waived for the day. Harbor Blvd at Disneyland • Katella FS Harbor • Katella-State College • Village Of Orange Zone 5 • Tustin FS Chestnut • La Sierra Metrolink Station • Galleria @ Tyler • Lemon FS 12th (Riverside County Bldg.)

0000085413 00000 n San Bernardino Downtown Transit Center Lemon & University (Downtown Riverside) Riverside- Metrolink Station (Vine St Bay F) Galleria at Tyler La Sierra Metrolink Station Meats & … View on Map. With effect from 25/10/2020, the seasonal services to Global Village will resume with flat fare of AED 10/- per trip. 0000006048 00000 n

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