Compare the sensors and navigational aids each robot vacuum uses to move and assess floor surfaces and condition.

Small objects like furniture legs will sometimes not produce enough contrast for the robot to adequately see them, causing the robot to run full-force into your furniture’s leg. The Roomba bumps harshly which may be annoying.

The cleaning path taken is also displayed in the app, letting you know where the vacuum was able to clean and where it wasn’t. It has the longest-lasting battery in the industry. Similar to an upright, but usually lighter, more portable, and sometimes wireless at the cost of power. It is smartphone compatible and can be programmed using the iRobot HOME app.

Here's how the two stack up. Roborock has been working tirelessly to improve its suction while simultaneously reducing the amount of noise its vacuums make. That means inevitable dead-zones in the viewing angle because the camera cannot see everything around the vacuum, only in a specific area. You can either stop the cleaning cycle to empty the container or pause the machine. In a home like mine, for instance, I have area rugs that jut right up against furniture.

On the other hand, the iRobot performs a bit better on high-pile and low-pile carpet, the dirt compartment is slightly bigger, and the battery takes less time to charge. On average, robot vacuum batteries last around 1.5 hours, with higher end options getting up to two hours on a full ch. No matter which robot vacuum you choose from Roborock, you can rest assured that it includes state-of-the-art navigation that’s not going to get lost and won’t have trouble finding its way around at any time of day, or worry about choosing a robot vacuum that’s going to have lackluster performance because you couldn’t afford the top-of-the-line model.

If you suffer from allergies, choosing a vacuum with a HEPA filter is a must.

In terms of navigation, the Roborock robots are the best in the industry. Xiaomi vs Roomba, the main doubt to decide which robot vacuum cleaner to buy today.

The hose is usually short. Bathrooms are often in the interior of the home and don’t typically have windows to the outside world. Once it needs to be emptied, you’ll get a notification on your phone knowing your robot needs some maintenance. On the other hand, the already well-known and competitive brand of Xiaomi technology, which has recently but strongly entered this sector. iRobot has a nice feature that’ll automatically make additional passes on a spot the robot deems dirty, but what is the robot mis-identifies a spot? That’s a huge range of suction options to fit all sorts of different circumstances, and each of these suction modes can be used while scheduling cleanings with the vacuum. Robot vacuums changed this paradigm in a significant way, as they allow the adjustment of the suction to prioritize noise or suction level, introducing a vastly improved way of vacuuming a home. In the app, you can control the Roborock S5 like a radio car.

Show newer Robotic Vacuums. Equipped with cliff-detection sensors so it won't fall off the stairs, balcony or any other dangerous drop offs. Best-in-class technology of smart navigation maps your house, plans route and schedules.

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