For example, rice is a staple food among many people along the Coast of East Africa. agriculture, pastoralism and industries were killed due to lack of manpower. – Dr. Oyeniyi Bukola Adeyemi, Another Gaddafi for Libya? [34], The Zanzibar House of Representatives was established in 1980. This caused many rebellions. ." They include the Iswana, Venda, Gueza, Zulu, Ndebele, Swazi, Shona, Xhosa and Ngoni. Zanzibar (zăn´zĬbär, zănzĬbär´), semi-autonomous archipelago, Tanzania, E Africa, in the…, The American writer and academic Edward Said (1935–2003) has been ranked among the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century, with much of t…, The African diaspora is a term that refers to the dispersal of African peoples to form a distinct, transnational community. A flexible and ambitious man, Said sought alternatives to improve the lot of his countrymen and agreed to a treaty with Britain in 1823 that forbade slave trading between his Moslem subjects and any Christian power, at least in the Persian Gulf. Suffice to say that an ancient Muslim tradition, put into writing in the 16. High demand for slave labor for the French sugar cane plantations in Mauritius and Reunion Island. He stood between these two disparate groups, preventing wasteful arguments and quarrels, protecting Arabs from arbitrary exactions by Indians, and requiring the moneylenders to make loans only to caravans and plantations controlled by men who had Said's personal approval. On 10 December 1963, Zanzibar received its independence from the United Kingdom as a constitutional monarchy under the Sultan.

Traders from Arabia (mostly Yemen), the Persian Gulf region of Iran (especially Shiraz), and west India probably visited Zanzibar as early as the 1st century AD, followed by Somalis during the Middle Ages with the emergence of Islam. Cape could easy link the British and Western Europe across the Atlantic Ocean.

WHY SULTAN SEYYID SAID SHIFTED HIS CAPITAL FROM MUSCAT OMAN TO ZANZIBAR. Date posted: January 26, 2017. Vasco da Gama's visit in 1499 marked the beginning of European influence. It was a British squadron that intercepted and turned Thuwain’s fleet back to Oman.

Boko Haram. Arabs and Persians who settled along the Coast of East Africa spread Islam along the coastal state of East Africa. B. Kelly, Britain and the Persian Gulf, 1795-1880 (1968). The visitors from Middle East and Far East were interested to know the accessibility of the coast and the availability of market in the coastal areas. [27] A multi-party system was eventually established in 1992, but Zanzibar remains dogged by allegations of corruption and vote-rigging, though the 2010 general election was seen to be a considerable improvement.

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