Good for them. i know right I was like thinking...was I ever there during that time cuz bish was gonna file a BIIIG suit on ole Kennestone ROFL! Hey, I used to be a stripper, okay, so I understand. this man gives me goose bumps!!!!! Tasha Smith Says Michael K. Williams is ‘The Love of My Life’ THE (02-28-18) EURweb Free-4-All Page Actress Tasha Smith Examines Mental Dysfunction with Directorial Debut ANYONE could've written those texts.

Over Thanksgiving, I wanted to tell her to cut it out. “Season 11 has brought us so many surprises,” Pastor Cal said. I never had a problem aging, long as I still had it going on. All the experts, our focus, is simply making sure the couples stay together.”, As for a method in which the couples are matched, he added, “There isn’t a solid formula we apply to every couple. what you want me to bring in the way of refreshments? This is the new normal baby!” Oct 22, 2013. Blessings to both of yall. “My goal is to look at their differences, see where they’re compatible, counsel them and in some cases, threaten them, to make it work. Done dumped the foil behind the A&P. "She shalloooow!". My fave character of his is Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire. I could have sworn I saw her on celebrity ghost story and she was sharing a house with her man *shrug*, Methinks im tired of this topic...tasha must be a fob to get all this press, I still think it was grounds for divorce if her husband was a fraud, I was a gumshoe in my former life.

Lol. Just because he plays a good gay and isn't afraid to take on those roles, doesn't mean he's gay. "Boardwalk Empire" I've yet to see, though it's on the list. He needs to beat it and get real job. How you pump someone else's brakes though? He didn't steal it, he bought it from them. I read an article years ago & he didn’t confirmed or deny so in my mind that = gay.

Let Brenden and DTTS borrow mine neva got it back. Come to find out, he didn't even finish high school. @Low E. Lol. @nucynu25. COPYRIGHT 2020 Enterprises, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). While flying to his father’s funeral in rural Appalachia, an intense storm causes Marquis (Omari Hardwick) to lose control of the plane carrying him and his family. Tasha likes to be the center of attention. Gets to be a bit much. It is really hard to believe that there are really folks THAT evil in the world. I hope he was further detained for stealing her money! LOL Haaa Haaa go get a job! I'm confused...I thought he was gay, not because of his character in the Wire, but I could have sworn, he spoke on hi's sexuality either in a magazine or an interview years ago. what time you want me there? I seldom saw him with men or women except his baby mama/wife. I predict in the next 20 years it will be the norm for both male and females to openly and publicly participate in bi sexual life styles. *For 11 seasons, “Married at First Sight” (MAFS) has been the ultimate experiment in matchmaking as couples who have never met – complete strangers – tie the knot. TS: “Brandy. I'm surprised people keep texts in their phone that long. Nice couple.... good for them..maybe she can encourage him to go get his liver checked.. Auntie.. can we get a medical minute on Jaundice and Cirrhosis of the Liver? You guys can also help,“ the photographer captioned the post. But all of her homegirls was telling her to pump the breaks. I always liked her, she reminds me of my aunt Shirley, God bless her soul. LOL. ?IS she rish? she's also an adult film star??? "I'm so happy for you. Babyyyy Sade was in LOVE and the lyrics to lots of her songs clearly displayed that. For me, I needed to support my comedy career, my acting career. Has this been confirmed or is this rumor because it sounds like bs frfr.

Tichina a supposed dyke. The email author claims Tasha's lesbian affair with a co-star is the real reason behind the breakup of her marriage.

Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. removed their brassieres should be beaten with toxic stingray tails, but Season 3 had me a little tense with Trump in the White House that racist town had me on edge l was glad to see Hap and Leonard beat the crap out of some of those racists. Rofl! Pastor Cal told the EUR that the show adapts to the couples from each city. Get it Tasha!! Chile...and those whites have ALWAYS been yellow..... That facial scar looks like an Amazing Testimony to me... Good for them. It's an open secret in Atlanta that actress Tasha Smith has had lesbian flings with socialites in the past. People focus too much on age. ?

And I will gladly offer up all of my information. When you are young beauty is a given, when older thats amazing.

? It's an open secret in Atlanta that actress Tasha Smith has had lesbian flings with socialites in the past. Oh, damn! (2007), its sequel Why Did I Get Married Too? Dria was her name, right? Oh no we won't bih. Don't answer that. If celebrities didn't post news about themselves or have paps following them around it would put blogs out of business so you can miss me with that.."stop putting your personal business on SM. I stopped right there ?. I'm just saying...Tisha has problems of her own. I don't believe anything coming from a close source in 'Keith Douglas' camp. I don't know if that was the "doctor" who saw him. Even though Honey Dip and I knew each other years before we started dating, we did the same thing. Look out for Pastor Cal’s book, “Marriage Ain’t for Punks,” slated to come out next year.

In March, she celebrated the one year anniversary of her discovery.

Umm.... yeah girl, how bout that... *goes back and deletes all convos with "Renee" and "Mz Cap*. Whole crew carpet munchers? Michael is a former choreographer whom danced and did the choreography for '100% Pure Love' by Crystal Waters that was recently featured here. ", It remains to be seen when Tasha and Michael started dating. 5 ex wives ?

This will clear up the gay rumors that he's often labeled with. Lol. I could care less if a person is gay because what makes the person gay is a sexual act that is their business to begin with. And how does the church feel about the show? On the show Tasha discloses openly that she was trying to have a baby and even told how she was having sex in Wendy’s green room jokingly, even going so far as asking Wendy to carry her baby for her. Think it's a game if you want to. Nope! Nothing makes me happier!!!!! Whatever her private life is not the point. not EYE, up top refers to her as an 'adult film star' ...I don't see why she'd need to go that route with those law & order royalties hitting her account on the regular :confused: I have a question for Tasha and Sherri Shepherd: where the hell did y'all find these men?

?? Good for her!! He plays a sexy black bad ass cowboy type dude (who is also gay) in Hap and Leonard on Netflix. This is the new normal baby!” The news you want – unfiltered. Omar was my FAVORITE character on The Wire!!! Tisha Campbell said that he was already married to 2 women when he and Tasha "married.

Khadijah Haqq McCray said of the new lovebirds. !” she wrote on Instagram... “The love Of my life @bkbmg this man gives me goose bumps!!! Tasha shared a photo of them snuggling up to each other while calling her boyfriend "the love of my life." Privacy | I wasn’t dancing for you Negroes…I was not doing it okay? I don't feel like driving to Walmart for one. He was on the real with her n then she took him on ellen. Smh.. So we got a text from 4 years ago as some sort of "proof"? AceShowbiz - Congratulations are in order for Tasha Smith and Michael K. Williams. It has to be tweaked as we find out people’s peculiarities. In an interview with ESSENCE in April, Smith said she was done dealing with losers and broke men. Girl you have to invest in the individual foil sheets that come in the flat box. been over for thanksgiving AND Christmas. And some of her friends came out defending her. Fun, quirky couple. What were they doing before you? All this ^^^ but shood you heard about the dude that pretended to be a doctor for a minute until he was discovered so men can put up a ruse for quite a while... Because I'm all up in someone's business. That would be a very LOUD household where U can hear EVERYTHING that is going on. Someone was lying in court. I pick up he cussing her smooth OUT like "Bish don't you ever call her again you hear me!" Child yes!!!!!!!!! “My job on the show is to get these couples, put them together, and make sure they stay together,” said Pastor Cal. You know, all you had to have was booty and titties and I was making money ’cause I had that.”. Because Lord knows none of us want Tosh to snap.

Now git! Sophia and that damn purse, smh...she took that thing everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE she went, even to bed. The shelter? and think I won't read it.

A post shared by Tasha4realsmith (@tasha4realsmith) on May 27, 2019 at 12:50pm PDT, The Emmy-nominated actor also shared an image of the couple laughing in addition to a video of him enjoying Memorial Day and listening to the Notorious B.I.G.

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