Ahora arrancará el programa y nos pedirá iniciar sesión. Even better is that Parsec also allows you to invite other friends to connect at the same time, allowing you to play local multiplayer games online. If you see a prompt asking if you would like to host from your current computer, make sure you click the “Enable Hosting” button, this will save you having to go into settings. However, there are a few things that we can do to ensure that you have the best experience possible with it. Manda una captura de pantalla para que vea donde tienes el fallo a ver si te puedo ayudar. Si nuestro ordenador se queda corto debemos ajustar la configuración para que el juego no se ralentice. This line will set the Raspberry Pi to poll the mouse every 8ms. You will now be asked to enter the email address of the account you created during Step 1 and also the password you set.

3. Now that we have downloaded the package to our Raspberry Pi we can go ahead and install it. 1. 3.

You have now successfully setup Parsec on your Raspberry Pi. In this Raspberry Pi Parsec tutorial we take a look at a software package called Parsec, it is a game streaming software designed to offer a simple setup and low latency connection. 8.

We need this to connect your Raspberry Pi to your computer and allow it to stream between each other. You will notice that you have full control over everything and should also be receiving sound from the connection.

Blog | Game, Work, and Play Together From Anywhere | Parsec, How an Obscure Indie Game Became One of the Most Popular Video Games in the World, What to Look For In Your Data Science Mentor, Raspberry Pi 400 Is a $70 Computer in a Keyboard, 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life, The World Has Just Witnessed A “Pearl Harbor Moment” In Armenia, Six Powerful Quotes That Slapped Me Square in the Face, Passive Incomes That Have Been Proven Most Effective. Por suerte tienes una Raspberry Pi que has usado para un montón de cosas y vas a usar para una más. Follow our next section to learn how to setup several items such as an Xbox controller driver and fixing up mouse input. No deberia haber ningún problema para usarlo en una Raspberry Pi 2. The next screen just runs you through all the steps required to adding your computer to Parsec as a possible host. Go back to the “Play” tab and click the “Manage” button on your computer like that we have shown below. Una vez hecho esto ya tenemos preparado el servidor donde se van a ejecutar los videojuegos. 4. Raspberry Pi UV Sensor using the VEML6075, Raspberry Pi Nvidia Shield: Stream Games using Moonlight, Raspberry Pi Accelerometer using the ADXL345, Raspberry Pi Humidity Sensor using the DHT22, Setting up Home Assistant on the Raspberry Pi, How to Install PHPMyAdmin on the Raspberry Pi, How to Upgrade Raspbian Stretch to Raspbian Buster, Play Retro Games with Raspberry Pi RetroPie, RS-485 Serial Communication between Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno, Installing and Testing Mosquitto MQTT Broker on Raspberry Pi for IoT Communication, New report shows how IoT devices remain under ‘constant’ attack, BlackBerry, Telus, L-Spark among those to launch programme for Canadian IoT startups, Apple Watch Series 2 Is Swimproof and Comes With Built-In GPS, To regain advertiser trust, Facebook is tracking ads by the millisecond, National Academy of Sciences endorses embryonic engineering, Parsec’s website and download the software, Raspberry Pi Weather Station using the Sense HAT, IoT Smart Garage Door Opener using Raspberry Pi, GoPro’s Karma drone is back on sale after design flaw made them fall out of the sky, How to Setup a Raspberry Pi NAS (Network Attached Storage), How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Nextcloud Server, Raspberry Pi TorrentBox: Build an Always-On Torrent Machine, Raspberry Pi SSL Certificates using Let’s Encrypt.

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