Voice Mail indicator.

These batteries are new, so it did its charge. What can I do to solve the problem? All good now! It looks like that some of the battery charging points are not able to charge the phone (if charge is low), though the phone says charging on display. Another common problem is the lack of compatibility with certain headsets. Hi There Folks! I used some new rechargeable batteries and the problem seems to have gone. This needs removing from the board and a new one soldering in place, remember it will only work the correct way round.

The old diode must be removed. Long story short - after reading lots of cures on the net, I removed the back from the phone and slackened the screws that hold the charging contacts in place, then re-tightened them. Phone is abt 6 months old.

Over the past 6 months one of the handsets has started to act up I have had them nearly 4 years and since replace both sets of batteries. Phones & Fax : Appliances & Building : Personal & Healthcare: Computer Products : Supplies & Accessories: View All Categories : Telephones > Troubleshooting Guide: … For me, the phones charge only on 2 of the 5 battery charging points I have. There is a diode on the circuit board, if this is faulty the phone will show to be charging- but the charger will actually drain the hand-set batteries. i usually just get an adapter 220v to 5v and splice them up. Despite being in handset for >24ht? Everything is charging just fine! 04/18/2018 by Glenn Nelson. I would actually ask people on the phone how the sound quality was etc..when I first installed it. IC reads voltage and make decision to trigger the external charge circuit (transistors + diode system). In the middle of the night, when no-one is around, the phone in my bedroom will give a series of little beeps as if its been put back on the charger plus a couple. I had an old cordless phone that used to work with no problem, but I decided to get this Panasonic phone after the old phone kept having charging … this time i accidentally switched the wires while splicing. I have a set of Panasonic Phones as well, not sure what the model # is. You may be able to find a cheap replacement handset on Ebay etc.

It would show "CHARGING" status for 2 or more days and then the batteries would go dead. Panasonic Ni-MH battery performance when operating on backup battery power Operation Operating time In continuous use 3 hours max.

I can try that route to see if it makes any difference, but I did not notice anyone mentioning the beepbeepbeep! Additionally, the base unit’s message indicator flashes. I have not had this problem. Purchased a replacement charger and cradle from Panasonic ($30!) Most probably you would create more problems than what you have if you try to open them to check the components connected to the charging pins. However if I put the phone on speakerphone the buzzing goes away and I can talk on it. Better yet, use a 1N5820, 40V, 3A schotty diode, a more direct replacement. Still have questions? The entire set was stored in box for 2 years after using it for about 3 years. and when i put it on the dock it thinks that it is out of the dock and i can use the phone.

You say that you can still use it when it is in the charging dock so presumably only the battery charging circuit in the phone has been affected. However, I just purchased new batteries too, with no charging happening. I have been charging the cordless for 10hr but the cordless cannot on...but it show charging, 06/22/2018 by David No more beeps or cut-outs.

Rich Plotner. Pry the base open. > I have a Panasonic DECT 6.0-Series 3-Handset Cordless Phone System with Answering System (Model KX-TG1033S) which includes 1 base unit, 3 handsets and 2 chargers. Mine now works fine. Solving the problems related to the base unit typically involves checking the power source, making sure that the base unit is not in the vicinity of appliances that might cause interference or resetting the phone by removing the battery and disconnecting the phone line. I have the set of 5 Panasonic cordless phone. All of the handsets have NEW Panasonic NiMH 700mah AAA Rechargeable Batteries. 10/29/2017 by Batteries aren't holding a charge, Joe was right, get a new set of rechargeable AAA batteries. I've had the Home Phone service for a few months, have not had anyone comment on a beeping sound etc. i have a somewhat similar problem with my panasonic handset. The other phone stopped working tonight. Two handsets:one keeps beeping on and off. I don't know enough to replace diodes or repair my phone or base. What Are Common Panasonic Phone Problems. On the good handset, had the handset opened up with alligator clips on battery post for 2xAAA power supply. It's a small circuit board-there's not much to it. Then I found this and replaced those diodes. All of this without the charging station. Just search for the make and model number of the handset. I de-soldered this off the board and re-placed with a small diode off a defunkt circuit board that I happened to have, any small value diode should fix this. it will prompt me to lift if of the dock if i press anything.

Mine is a duo set with no base charger they both have separate cradles. If the base unit and the handset function properly on their own, which would indicate a problem with compatibility, the only solution is to buy a headset after determining its compatibility with specific Panasonic phone models on websites such as HeadsetExperts.com. "insert battery" means that your Panasonic phone is looking for genuine Panasonic batteries -- it's rejecting the generic no-name batteries that you're trying to use... proprietary voo doo!

Problem solved! @thgun03 - your batteries can't maintain charge, so why are you worried about damaging something that doesn't work?! Captain Haddock.

Hi I too have a Panasonic cordless phone. and solder it in place of the old one ( it must go the correct way round). i tried the dock again with another phone, and it did the same. Common problems with Panasonic phones are related to the base unit, such as not getting the dial tone or having the handset indicate that it’s out of range despite being right next to the unit. Why not just close this topic - it's been solved!

Remove the single screw from the base unit. b.

PS - if you can - can you send a photo of where that diode is? I have my phones for 11 years.

and that one works. 02/19/2018 by My Panasonic phone doesn't work. 3 Voltage islands on the handset board (3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V) identical readings between good handset and bad one. Glenn Nelson. The handset is charging up but then going completely dead. They have been charging for more than 24 hours and only have 1 bar. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Glenn Nelson. It's clear that bad charging base (defective diode) has happened to a number of people and is probably the main reason people come here (after all, you will have replaced the batteries before you get to this topic). Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. when i put the phone on the dock, it somewhat reversed the phone. Mine doesn't have a base station dock like the model before it there both cradle docks. Do I need a new phone or can these babies be resurrected? Battery and charger terminals next to each other are reverse polarity and the good handset also shows 1/3 bar on full battery after touching. Infact the strange thing I find is that if the charge in phone is low, then it doesn't charge at all, though the phone screen says charging. 12/30/2019 by after that i doubled checked my splice and found out the i reversed the wires. Advertisement. for now i cant use the phone. When setup again, I found that I could only charge handsets on the base station and none of the three remote chargers would work. The light flashing on top indicates you have a message that has not yet been heard.

I took out the batteries and reinserted them and they were showing fully charged when it switched on but then a few seconds later it died again.

I'll just replace the culprit. Looks like there are diode on the battery side also.

Fox: 'My short-term memory is shot', Fox News' big Arizona call angered Trump camp: NYT. There was no spark or noise. Other problems include static, fuzzy noises and battery issues. Get a new base or follow the correct advice about replacing the diode.

Guess what? If you can't find the handset, press the "locator" button on the Panasonic base unit, and then follow the beeping sound until you locate the handset. Worth a look and if the price is right it will save a lot of hassle. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

I have 4 handsets and using a known good fully charged battery, I get 2 handsets showing 1/3 bars, 1 showing 2/3 bars, and only 1 handset showing 3/3 bars. Put it in second handset, but not working-making beeps with lights on top of phone going on and off. What is the best landline replacement for an older person. The problem I face is very strange. 09/26/2017 by I have a Panasonic model # KX-TGA520M 5.8 GHz wireless telephone and it makes an awful high pitched buzzing sound when I try to talk on the phone. Can you state in layman's terms how to fix? On some of the battery charging points, the phone shows charging on display but actually it's not charging. Get a new diode (ebay?) Why would a battery charging point not charge my Panasonic phone though it shows its charging?

I too have had problems with my Panasonic cordless handset, especially the one connected to the base station. But as some did, replaced it with a regular diode and it worked. Something must be really easy to damage with such low voltage and current. a. Have a slightly different problem.


After several hours of no progress, I sprayed all the terminals with Dust Buster - even though everything appeared pretty clean. Is it a mistake to eliminate all landline telephones ?? I bought them nearly 5 years ago. Accessibility. yes, if its in the charging dock i can use it normally. In this case, the solution is to connect the phone to a dedicated electrical outlet or isolate it from other appliances if they cause the static.

In cases where users have to press the Talk button repeatedly to get a dial tone and where the indicator light doesn’t turn on when placing the handset on the base unit, Panasonic recommends having the phone serviced. If you do find one etc, then you can open up the faulty one (after making sure that the replacement works) and check. Get your answers by asking now.

The same phone gets charged on other battery points. I know about electronics but I don't want to mess about with anything in case I damage them.

I inserted new batteries and charged on base overnight. After 36 hours or so, the phone loses all charge even when it was on faulty battery charging points all along. It's a small black component on the circuit board with 1328 m2s printed on it in tiny print, the diode symbol is just below it. David is a genius!

If the handset charging circuit think battery is not full. You could try opening it up and checking for damaged components on the circuit board (especially near where the "charging pins" are situated) but then it may be hard to repair if there are no schematics online for the phone and the markings on the damaged components have been obliterated. The diode is a SR140, 40V, 1 Amp Schotty Diode. @david_fixed_it. They used a Schottky diode to reduce the voltage drop across the diode. Wondering if others have had this problem. does this mean that my handheld phone is dead? Handset and base phone have massage "insert battery". Panasonic Online Store Support & Contact information. Our KX-TG6522 started doing this a while ago. Again - thank you for any assistance provided - I appreciate it.

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