1. These are Jobs Which Require the Ability To Do a Series of Simple Tasks.

This workbook reinforces the math skills required to score well on most apprenticeship tests. 1 in the crediting plan. Jobs where the ability to instruct others is the prime ability needed. Alternative techniques can be used at the local level to better serve both the needs of management and the best interests of the general public, e.g., basic procedures and forms can be modified for use in in service placement, shortage recruiting, broadband examining, etc. The welding apprenticeship aptitude tests often follow a similar format for which potential candidates must prepare. No matter how many years have elapsed between your formal education and your trades apprenticeship entrance exam, with the proper preparation, you can familiarize yourself with the test content and scoring with JobTestPrep.

Get our plumbing pre-apprenticeship preparation pack.

Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5): Experience in the development or administration of apprenticeship programs or other occupational training programs involving the systematic development of worker skills on the job. Elements may be added or re-titled to make them more specific to a certain job. These applications are then rated and ranked on the elements. A physical condition or impairment may be disqualifying for employment only if there is a direct relationship between the condition and the nature of the duties of the specific position to be filled. This website uses features which update page content based on user actions. (2) 4, 2, and 1-point value descriptions: After the 3-point value is described, it is used as a reference point to develop the 4, 2, and 1-point descriptions. You will go from novice to being fully qualified and employable. 1Potential ability in Element 22, Special Aptitude, is also required for meeting the screen-out element. Each job must contain at least one screen-out element among the identified job elements. startxref Reasons for deleting an element should be recorded and maintained with the appropriate crediting plan. If the firm you’re applying for has an Assessment Centre, it may involve psychometric tests, interviews, group exercises, case studies and presentations.

Employer training official or officer of a union or trade association whose duties included the development or administration of an apprenticeship program or other industrial training program. One set of approved elements is provided for these jobs no matter what line of work is involved. A particular qualification requirement is not considered in the abstract, but is considered in its relationship to the job. Alert box notification is currently enabled, please, follow this link to enable alert boxes for your profile, follow this link to disable alert boxes for your profile, Classifying Federal Wage System Positions, Fact Sheet: Additional Guidance in Connection with the COVID-19 Emergency, Frequently Asked Questions on Evacuation Payments During a Pandemic Health Crisis, Federal Workforce Priorities Report (FWPR), Federal Labor-Management Information System, Recruitment, Relocation & Retention Incentives, Three Major Steps in Job Element Examining, Relationship Between Qualification and Job Grading Standards, WG-2500 - Wire Communications Equipment Installation And Maintenance Family, WG-2600 - Electronic Equipment Installation And Maintenance Family, WG-2800 - Electrical Installation And Maintenance Family, WG-2900 - Electronic Equipment Operation Family, WG-3500 - General Services And Support Work Family, WG-3600 - Structural And Finishing Work Family, WG-3900 - Motion Picture, Radio, Television, And Sound Equipment Operation Family, WG-4100 - Painting And Paperhanging Family, WG-4200 - Plumbing And Pipefitting Family, WG-4700 - General Maintenance And Operations Work Family, WG-4800 - General Equipment Maintenance Family, WG-4900 - Plastic Materials Manufacturing Family, WG-5200 - Miscellaneous Occupations Family, WG-5300 - Industrial Equipment Maintenance Family, WG-5400 - Industrial Equipment Operation Family, WG-5600 - Currency, Securities, Coin, And Medal Manufacturing Family, WG-5700 - Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Family, WG-5800 - Transportation/Mobile Equipment Maintenance Family, WG-6500 - Ammunition, Explosive, And Toxic Materials Work Family, WG-6700 - Manufacture And Repair Shop Operation Family, WG-6900 - Warehousing And Stock Handling Family, WG-7300 - Laundry, Dry Cleaning And Pressing Family, WG-7400 - Food Preparation And Serving Family, WG-8200 - Fluid Systems Maintenance Family, WG-8500 - Aircraft Propeller Overhaul Family, WG-8700 - Manufacture, Repair, And Industrial Support Supervising Family, Approved Elements For Worker-Trainee Jobs, Jobs Where Ability To Learn and Advance Is Not Necessary, Where Ability to Learn and Advance is Necessary (Helper-Trainee), Approved Elements For High-Level Supervisory Jobs, Information indicating demonstrated superior ability, Information indicating demonstrated satisfactory ability, Information indicating barely acceptable or potential ability, Information which is of some value, but less than barely acceptable or potential ability, Ability To Do The Work Of The Position Without More Than Normal Supervision, Ability To Provide Production Support Services, Theory and Instruments (Electrical, Electronic) Used in Shop and Trade Practices, Technical Practices (theoretical, precise, artistic), Ability to Use and Maintain Hand Tools (Electrical Work). However, the panel should avoid over specificity of requirements; for example, it would not be proper to require experience on the particular make and model of lathe used locally. 1If heavy weights and loads are involved in the job, ability in Element 18, Ability to Handle Weights and Loads, is required for meeting the screen-out element. The screen-out element is assigned a point value last since this order of rating elements permits the rater to gain an overall picture of the applicant's qualifications and to relate the worth of all elements to the screen-out element. The panel selects a set of 10 to 15 applications which can be ranked fairly obviously from the poorest to the best on the basis of an overall judgment of each applicant's ability. In developing forms locally, rating guides may be used as a reference for the kinds of information usually needed in connection with job elements. In this way operating officials and other interested parties play a vital role in the examining process which is directly related to local job requirements. 0000065566 00000 n Get our carpenter pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

It may be desirable and useful to supplement point value descriptions with examples of work experience and training, test scores, or other evidence of ability which may be obtained from applications, vouchers, discussions with panel members and other sources. Those interested in joining an elevator technician apprenticeship should more often than not pass an aptitude test. Jobs which require the ability to supervise groups of workers through one or more levels of subordinate supervisors.

If the crediting plan is correct, shortage recruiting procedures may be used. Demonstrated satisfactory ability (3 points), Barely acceptable or potentially satisfactory ability (2 points).

The basic qualification needed for these jobs is willingness to do low-level work. These categories are discussed below in order from the lowest skill to the highest skill level.

Your apprentice training program will determine the entrance exam you need to take. For example, if applicants are experienced in some, but not all, areas of boiler maintenance, the point value they received in the element, Preventive Maintenance, should be in proportion to the extent to which their knowledge of boiler maintenance would permit them to operate in all the areas needed on the job. We will contact you shortly. Each set is applicable to all lines of work which have apprentice programs. In addition to the actual apprenticeship programs, some candidates may wish to improve their chances of getting accepted to the apprenticeship by applying first to a foundation, or a pre-apprenticeship program. In making judgments, the rater must consider all information he has obtained, weighing each piece of evidence according to its strength or weakness, and assigning a point value to the element which, in his judgment, best represents how well the applicant is qualified to perform the particular skill, knowledge or ability on the job. While some pre-apprenticeship tests are accepted in several different provinces, such as the Alberta AIT (Apprenticeship and Industry Training) tests, each of rest of the provinces has its own slightly varying demands. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of applicants are compared with the knowledge, skills, and abilities (called job elements) needed for success. It does not have to be formally added to the set of approved elements as a separate element. If a difference occurs in the rating of the screen-out element, or if the difference results in a rating of eligible by one rater and ineligible by another, the raters resolve the matter through discussion. %%EOF �k�I���/˂�53N�w��ʤsuq�����1Λ�C�J��1�LdO��gY�L�-�u��!S���9ԯV{Eb���� �5�͍N�k�Y��r1&�?�e�q����v�\Ÿ�K&�>n�9/�����l�Z�qW�=�\c�,-��v��Ⱦ9܃'���7e�0-`am/W�Un�ilĸ�o�P���UWG'�w�kw�(�}���O� �C�l�^��_V�|��)%hH��{��ֈ�V�{P �Ψx+z�#I#�o������&^0 �:�D.���������KL�dq /-1��ew. 2 The same written used for Element 10 may also be used for Element 75-H. 3 Potential ability in this element is required for meeting the screen out element. If six elements (including the screen-out element) are used, the applicant must earn at least 12 points in order to be eligible. Based on how you answer the situational judgement test, the company will get an understanding of whether you’re a good fit for them.

Those who obviously do not meet the 2-point requirement are rated ineligible and are eliminated. Check out the trade apprenticeship entrance exam preparation program at JobTestPrep to see how you can optimize your test score. Start preparing today for your job assessment with JobTestPrep.

We offer various practice packs to prepare you for the exam. Pre-exam preparation is highly recommended by both industry and government job providers. A separate set of elements is provided for each of the three kinds of jobs in this category. The plumber apprentice maintains, installs, removes, and handles the various aspects of the plumbing system. In order to prepare for your test, JobTestPrep created the Mason Practice Pack. Two separate registers may be established: One for work with heavy loads and one for work with light loads. ]�ϻw.P*�vf�?m�v��`��v0��,%HwԵ�Rfm`~OF+Bg�(3���\�f�/�$�mʙ�z�y�!׺�� �ݔ�{m���ǖ��[�-i�b��c�J��W���B����v� kM+jcګ� iKLL3���曧5v����C!�"�Z#�%G~��5�0���Tz]З��b��e���X8���d-�kJp�'�w6,��W-ߕ�pg��K�S:��U�a13ۡ8��� C�f��q������T&:aH+�u�����W���͸/eW��{C͑��(�c��\��j�Z�[�-�i�^Wp|��9ܨ/���Q�0 o��$�����W��+]��ϯ��9��j�漴)�{������,�e��썧���TL��q���r��}O_���u�VSu�a�zT{Sn[��ݑU?�ݕ�'k}�*��$̧���)u����q3�]]63UI��]/�z|�QI��?�h`� ���^�߱ؐԨ��`'�

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