gtag('config', 'UA-170585047-1'); Staff photo by Carolyn J. Yaschur Mario Brown, ... [Read More...], Initiative 872 is a chance for Washington voters to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear — when they could vote in primary elections for the candidates of their choice, regardless of party. If you haven't been following political affairs closely, it can be difficult to make sound judgments by yourself on each candidate's integrity, competence, and fitness for the position. 2012 Presidential Election (archived 1/22/13) 2016 Presidential Election (archived 1/21/17) WORLD / INTERNATIONAL . First, let’s talk about the advantages of partisan elections compared to nonpartisan elections.

It makes voting a lot faster because the people can just go to either democrat, republican or independent column. Every two years, we elect representatives to the federal and state House of Representatives and some senators at both levels. Nonpartisan elections permit candidates to define themselves as individuals, responding to local issues. They do not have to go through a big list of candidates to figure out who is the best choice, like it would be in nonpartisan elections. Conversations with some of my politically savvy friends have prompted me to reflect on the term "nonpartisan" as it applies to the local offices being filled in this year's election cycle. Gay Marriage; Prostitution - Legalize It? This year, we'll also be electing a new governor and two of ... [Read More...], LETTER WARS Safe on a swiftboat? In the broadest sense, of course, partisanship is essential to democracy at all levels, and it's at the local level that our political beliefs and allegiances are put to the test. The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire of Natural Disasters Act. Direct democracy (everyone has an equal opportunity to vote on every issue), even with today’s technologies, is untenable outside of a small, tribal context. As part of its mission to provide non-partisan political information, Leagues provide live presentations of the ballot measures. Urban Politics: Power in Metropolitan American, 6th edition. Authorizes extension of an existing $98-per-parcel assessment that has been approved and extended unchanged several times since original approval in 2004.

Svara, James H. Two Decades of Continuity and Change in American City Councils. A good candidate will organize a broad-based campaign, attracting endorsements and campaign workers from several sectors of the community. The revenue collected will go towards operations funding throughout the corridor from San Francisco to Gilroy, ongoing maintenance needs, and to build new infrastructure intended to greatly expand the capacity and efficiency of Caltrain services. Such a candidate may present herself or himself as nonpartisan in the sense of being "above politics," devoted to the common good and to fostering understanding among people who don't readily see eye to eye. What "nonpartisan" means, of course, is "not formally affiliated with a political party." Students read the newsmagazine on a regular basis in the class, which currently is discussing the presidential race. Renewal of Santa Clara Valley Water District's existing parcel tax rate. [CDATA[// >, Because Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport, The California League has teamed up with MapLight to produce the, where the money for and against is coming from, League of Women Voters of Cupertino- Sunnyvale, Have a physician onsite during all treatment hours, Get consent from the state health dept. Born Gay? The change would allow U.S. citizens 18 or over, who are residents of California, and have been released from jail or prison, either on parole or for completion of their term, to have their voting rights restored. Renews indefinitely an existing $0.006-per-square-foot parcel tax, currently set to expire in 2028, to provide flood protection, reduce waterway contaminants, and protect drinking water supplies. Sometimes these presentations will be recorded and posted on the web. This is a system that has served us well, and it's unlikely to change.

Prop 22 will change AB-5 so all transportation and delivery drivers will be exempt from the employee classification – which means the app companies will treat them as hourly-wage contractors with minimal to no benefits, no matter how many hours they work. Second, if there are several candidates in a primary election and the turnout is light, a candidate with extreme views and a highly motivated base of support may do very well.

Once we have taken a studied position on an issue, we take action and advocate for or against particular policies, laws, or constitutional amendments.

The proposed changes include: increasing the severity of sentences for certain crimes, tightening some parole eligibility criteria, re-classifying some misdemeanors as felonies, and requiring DNA collection for certain specified misdemeanors. “The Form, Structure, and Composition of America’s Municipalities in the New Millenium.” In The Municipal Year Book 2003. Washington, D.C.: National League of Cities, September, 2003. The Brennan Center for Justice in New York prepared a study of nonpartisan elections; it provides some useful warnings. Origins of Sexual Orientation ; ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS . before closing or reducing services, Offer the same level of care to all patients regardless of who's paying, Create a new state agency called the California Privacy Protection Agency to enforce the Act, Change criteria for which businesses need to comply, Increase penalties on companies that fail to follow regulations, Allow consumers more easily to opt in and out of sharing their data. Reality dictates that few people have the time or inclination to vote on every issue. A statewide ballot proposition in California is a form of direct democracy. Requires that large industrial/commercial real estate be assessed to market value for taxes at least every three years, with resulting net revenue used to fund school districts, community colleges, charter schools, and county offices of education. An endorsement will have value for members of an organization and for others who identify with its values: support of this kind is based on more knowledge of the candidate and the competition than an ordinary citizen is likely to possess. Reversing (Ending) the Ban on Affirmative Action. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Cuba Embargo; Drone Strikes Overseas; Us Drone Shot Down by Iran; US-Iraq War (archived 12/31/11) SEX & GENDER . First, if the electorate is not well informed, simple name recognition may be more important than the qualifications of the candidates. The tax is assessed against each parcel of taxable land in the FUHSD District. Any U.S. Citizen who will be 18 years of age at the time of the next general election may vote in any primary or special election that occurs before that general election, even though they may only be 17 at the time of the primary.

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