Select NBA 2K20. I've connected my Son's account and put in his birthdate being 2006 he's 13 and should be able to access MyPLAYER but it says  "One or more users are under the age requirement, or restricted from my career", I've changed all the settings to be able to access game to 18yo but this doesn't help.

First off, please verify your account.

Click "Sign In" at the top-right of the screen.

Follow the prompts to connect your corresponding platform account.

force the producer to use accurate content ratings. Not via your decision to restrict the game.

To prevent this in the future, make sure to confirm your email address with 2K Sports after creating your MyPLAYER Account".

These steps are for people who haven’t received an email, had an INVALID link in their email, or are wanting/needing to verify their "MyPLAYER" account. If you aren't sure which email address is linked to your 2K account, please verify this in-game from the Main Menu > Features > Settings > scroll to the very bottom to 2K Account … Where is the application data managemnet ? But, when I tried to login on my account it didn't work.

If an xbox has multiple child accounts on it, do they all need to be removed before NBA 2k20 can be played under an adult account on the console? First off, please verify your account.

See our 2K21 Wiki for FAQs, Locker Codes & more.

I have a xbox i need my player back please help, Me too, I’ve lost all my player career players. This year’s NBA 2K edition will, of course, feature the staple MyPlayer feature to let you live out your hoop dreams via your very own player. To do this, head back over to the Main Menu > Features > Settings > scroll to the bottom to 2K Account Email Address, and change this email connected to your account. When I load up the game I get the message: "This MyPLAYER Account has expired. Maybe this can be stickied since it's such a mass issue. Enter your “MyPLAYER” account name AND password.

What should we do? Questions?

First off, please verify your account.

If you’ve launched NBA 2K20 only to find that your account has expired, don't panic. You Do Not Have the Required Privileges", NBA 2K21 - Error message: EFEAB30C or 4B538E50, NBA 2K21 - I Purchased VC But It Wasn't Delivered To My Account, A Note About NBA 2K21's Current Generation Mamba Forever Edition Pre-Order. 3. Upload images to NBA 2K21 Game server status Unlock Exclusive Nike Sneakers. Even though I click the confirmation link on my email 2k is only letting me create a new MyPLAYER account, I can't log into a … [email protected]). Has anybody else had this problem? First off, please verify your account.

him another account.

This should send out a new confirmation email and allow you to verify your account.

This thread is locked. If Microsoft is allowing the producer to utilize Microsoft account settings to verify age and therefore reduce the functionality of the game, Microsoft should disallow this or

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I searched online and You Tube but cannot find a solution. $210.00. Hi,  looking online it seems the consnsus is to contact 2k and they should be able to recover your career for you. FAST 'N FREE.

I don't mean

Even though it syas it has expired, as long as you're logged into 2K, the link should still work and you should be ok. I have changed the age limits on my son’s account like many others and have tried to play this under my “adult” account and still can’t access My Career.

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