The first step after extracting Resources is turning them into the first tier of Products - P1. The rest of the skills are the icing on the cake that will speed you up and make you feel a little safer flying through space with a cargo full of goods that sell for millions.

Each schematic takes one to three items of varying tiers and quantities. You will not be able to put command centers in the specialized hold. Planetary Interaction 101 You should see the five available resources, a "NO FILTER" bar, and a colorful "heat" bar. You'll note also that taxes are quite high, but when you finally sell a month's worth of goods, it won't be so bad. It requires export roughly once a week. That rate cannot be reduced (The skill Customs Code Expertise does not affect this). The Planet_Radius plays a significant role in PG cost of links so be mindful of this when placing them. The Launchpad has the greater cost up front, but is far superior to the CC and exports for 2/3 of the fee of a CC. Creating a PI Alt

The three factories around the centre draw those P2 products from the launchpad immediately counter-clockwise and produce P3, delivering to the launchpad immediately clockwise from them) The training plan explained above takes less than half a month. As stated earlier, this is a plan for quickly creating a character able to contribute to your overall budget needs. Five million isk will pay for all the skill books and leave enough left over to buy your command centers (81,000 to 87,000 isk in April 2019) and an industrial hauler that is needed to haul the massive Command Centers (1,000 m3 each). To engage in Planetary Interaction, pilots need to purchase the correct Command Center for their chosen planet from the market. At this point your Extractor will route its output to your CC, where it'll build up until routed during production, until the CC is full or the Extractor finishes its deposit. You may note that Target Management, Signature Analysis, and Long Range Targeting aren't necessarily required, as well as Retail. Doubleclicking various structures makes starting or adjusting production much faster. The hard part is picking what Commodity to focus on. In addition to the above skills you should train one of the following. Resources are considered Tier Zero (R0), at least in the context of this guide, and each level of processing increases the tier by one. A: Yes.

I recently moved in null sec and I was wondering about the optimal setup for an excavation colony. When you return to refresh your extraction programs, you may notice that the actual amount of materials extracted may be different (usually less) than the amount you expected. For a P1-P3 six input factory planet, three launchpads, each receiving two P1 inputs (~13k of each), route out to the P1-2 factories, back to the launchpads and out to three P2-P3 facilities. Build options should now appear correctly allowing you to continue building your colony. For a simple example you could route the Extractor to the CC in the screenshot, and then the CC to the Processor. A: You can deploy CCs and manage your colonies from a freighter, and you can transfer items to and from a Customs Office.

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