They usually go to any lengths to fit into social and cultural structures. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are especially strong in this pada. The emphasis here is on learning, creativity and cooperation. For Consultations - & . They believe in the principle of live and let lucky. can have a golden period up to his 60 years of age. The emphasis here is on long term planning. If Mars is in Swati Nakshatra, then Swati's lord Rahu will impact Mars' result. Swati natives may have tendency to wait for long periods of time in order to achieve desired results. Swati is usually in no hurry to achieve its objectives and this is the reason why Saturn finds maximum exaltation here. Have many friends. Most Swati natives are usually very good at sowing the seeds for the future, but only a few of them stick around to nurture the seed into a full grown tree.

A quick post on the Nakshatra/lunar mansions today. MARS. If it's incorrect, set it manually. When Jupiter is placed in Libra, the native becomes knowledgeable in field related to business, partnership. Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Swati nakshatra may achieve success as singers, musicians, actors, writers, poets, dancers, designers, fashion models, architects, politicians, administrative officers, diplomats, revenue officers; professionals dealing in internet industry, website industry, social media industry, telecom industry, event management industry, matrimonial services, match making industry, dating platforms, hotel industry, airline industry, tour and travel industry, liquor industry, tobacco industry, movie industry, television industry, fashion industry; all industries coming under entertainment, luxury and arts; ecommerce industry, logistics industry, international trades; astrologers, consultants, marriage counselors, engineers, doctors, lawyers and many other types of professionals; depending on their overall horoscopes. The pada stands for the inquisitive and restless aspect of Swati. The native can be relationship / marriage counselor. These people try to maintain a balance much fame even beyond anticipation. disparity in physical appearance. features: She Good education. Vedic astrology assigns Butcher Varna and fire element to Swati nakshatra. Thereafter he Family Padas or Quarters The first pada falls on the Sagittarius Navamsa which is ruled by Jupiter.

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