Great for when seduced (cannot control character). Stance (MAX) thx a bunch in advance for your great help. Thanks! I believe when they have overcome these issues, they can safely return back to their progress of releasing new contents in timely manner as how GMS currently performs. The rest of the Hyper Stats can use as shown in the guide above (damage boosting stat) while the complimentary stat will based on your equipped being scrolled since everyone’s equip is different. Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Dark Impale Boost It will cost max 10mil mesos after you reach* this amount. the level of Final pact – crit chance is 168, Final pact – cooldown cutter is 189. i would max it then the Spear Sweep. Attack Speed,

Has a skill that triggers automatically that ignores death and grants invincibility.

Level 1: Consumes 100 MP, and attacks up to 12 enemies at 416% 12 times for 9 sec. 3rd Job Lord of Darkness gives minimum critical damage +15% so that is 35%. thank you :D. So as a shade, your saying I dont need to put my hyper stat points into damage and boss damage? Hyper Stats is accessible by clicking “Hyper Stat” button in your Character Stat window. Wait I just looked at your guide again. It’s called Endure, and, to be honest, I’m thinking about leaving it out. Level 1: Consumes 100 MP, and attacks up to 12 enemies at 416% 12 times for 9 sec.

5. @Snow: I have updated the Hyper Skill Build Guide at (It contains a guide for all warriors, bowman, magician, thief and pirate). If you have to do add some SP to surpass Lv10 on one hyperstat, it must be …

Discussion in 'Class Guides' started by Mrkaren, Nov 27, 2018. Hi Tom, since ExtaliaMS is based from GMS, GMS might not have enabled those Hyper Skills yet or probably the developers in ExtaliaMS have not coded them. Which is the strongest explorer after red?

hi ayumi i want to ask kaiser , hero , dark knight which is better at mobbing and damage. maybe if 90% status resistance only worth it but i dont think any class can reach it. @Informer: Primary stat for Demon Avenger is HP, so add HP into it instead of STR/DEX. Warrior will only rely on STR (Strength).

Personally I see no reason not to get this one to 25. Revenge of the Evil Eye: At Mater Level: 10% of damage to HP healed changed to 5% of max HP healed.

Careful using it around bosses that do %HP attacks, SPIN2WIN.

@ayumilove Ayumi which one is better? Drops an enormous, mythical spear from the heavens to deal damage. Increases total damage proportional to current HP for a short time. When the key is released, it hits 12 enemies for 1248% damage 12 times. gungnir’s descent-bossrush. You are awesome :). not sure about the final damage but if it’s also for passive then i would do in this order: final pact-damage I personally thought M(ATK) was a close second, damage % follows (esp in reboot).

Edit: After some checking, I found out that MapleSEA is currently on v.146 patch which uses RED patch data.

Evil Eye of Domination (Toggle → Passive) Makes you Invincible, ignores attacks, and inflicts damage on even enemies in the Damage Reflection status for 11 sec.

Gungnir’s Descent Ignore Enemy Defense: +20%, Gungnir’s Descent – Boss Rush

Hi I just wanna ask is spear or polearm better for Dark Knight? I really need to ask you something, I’m building a beast tamer. Hi Rilo, these skill changes is yet to be released by KMS. Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points) Level 30: When HP reaches 0, fully restores HP and MP, Invincibility Duration: 25 sec, Ignores enemy’s attack reflection, Ignores Gungnir’s Descent cooldown. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 [Passive Effects: When HP is 78% or higher, Final Damage +1%, MSPD +6, Critical Rate +1%, and Critical Damage +5%]

I have experienced it before and it allowed my Xenon to 1 hit KO those monsters with 0 misses. Cooldown: 600 sec. Obviously crit rate up to 100% only unless ur an archer but take into account links/legion/se/dse. 11. Does the stated “total damage” in Cross-over chain mean the damage in the stats interface or the final damage output you deal to the monster when using skills????

Cooldown: 15 seconds. Put maple warrior before Stance. 9. Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Nightshade Explosion Boost (Im plying maplesea). Is there anything that Nexon has done to this or it is just a glitch ?

What do you think?

However, Reincarnation gives you the ability to be invincible (no damage taken) for a short period of time to take your revenge against your enemy. Level 1: When hit, Counterattack Chance: 100%, Damage: 562%, Recovers 5% of Max HP, Counterattack Cooldown: 19 sec. @Zeynox: Thanks I have corrected Spear Sweep Skill Points.

Level . When the time is right, you switched to “Gungnir’s Descent” when the cooldowm limiter is temporarily removed upon activating Final Pack or casting Sacrifice :), @J: Thanks for your feedback! Endure (Passive) 10. You can add 6 SP into Weapon Booster first to reduce the activation delay in both skills especially Spear Sweep. so , do you have any opinion .. For me i would choose between DK n DA temp and DS was in my mind but due to high funding needed for DS . Spearman aka Dark Knight 2nd Job primary attacking skill will be both Spear Sweep and Piercing Drive. I am not too sure on how much an extra attack speed would increase in terms of DPS and the 50% buff duration is not easily quantifiable either as Sacrifice gives extra PDR and boss damage on top of being allowed to spam Gungir’s Descent. 3. You have it as a pirate having its primary stat as DEX, and its secondary as STR, but a pirates primary and secondary depend on what type it is, bucc type (like shade) being STR, and sair type (like Jett) being DEX.

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