And to make the igniting more fun, we need some genuinely stunning fire skins for weapons. Executed in dark tones, the skin contains the image of a flaming dragon emerging from the darkness. This profile is unavailable at this moment (due to the profile being private or steam-side problems), however what you can see below is a past inventory as of 2020-10-23 05:35 GMT+1, Desert Eagle | Urban Rubble (Factory New), Berlin 2019 Minor Challengers (Holo-Foil), Berlin 2019 Returning Challengers (Holo-Foil), Sticker | Ninjas in Pyjamas (Holo) | Katowice 2019, Sealed Graffiti | Silver Bullet (Shark White), Sealed Graffiti | Broken Heart (Violent Violet), Sealed Graffiti | Shining Star (War Pig Pink), Sealed Graffiti | Chef Kiss (Monster Purple), Sealed Graffiti | Little Crown (Brick Red), Sealed Graffiti | Little Crown (Bazooka Pink), Sealed Graffiti | Broken Heart (Bazooka Pink), Sealed Graffiti | Little EZ (Monster Purple), Sealed Graffiti | Applause (Monarch Blue), Sealed Graffiti | Shining Star (Tracer Yellow), Sealed Graffiti | Question Mark (Desert Amber), Sealed Graffiti | Thoughtfull (Monster Purple), Sealed Graffiti | Smooch (Violent Violet), Sealed Graffiti | Shining Star (Violent Violet), Sealed Graffiti | Lightbulb (Tracer Yellow), Sealed Graffiti | Silver Bullet (Bazooka Pink), Sealed Graffiti | Shining Star (SWAT Blue). Inventory Groups 1 compLexity Gaming® 5,053 Members. You can’t buy this skin now. You can find the notification box on every item page. Interview with WhoisVac9, creator of MAC-10 | Allure, Infernal beauty! 13 cool skins from your nightmares. Has it helped you with trading? The Blaze is the most expensive Desert Eagle skin, and it has been seen in the hands of such pros as coldzera, NiKo, and Magisk. written by csmoneyblog1 22.10.2020 22.10.2020 420 views. The Blaze is executed in a minimalist style, and that’s exactly what makes it so cool — a default black Desert Eagle with a bright flame on the barrel, nothing out of place. VLEK who created this skin, and it’s quite surprising that no one had made an AWP skin so cool before him. It was originally added to the game on May 1, 2014, as part of the Huntsman Case, and on June 11 of the same year, it was removed from the game due to copyright infringement. • You can see all items currently for sale/trade at and This site is not affiliated with Valve Software, Bluehole or Daybreak Game Company. The 10 Best CS:GO Players in the World (2020) Each season of professional CS:GO esports is unpredictable. Time to get some good deals people. The skin looks as minimalistic as possible, and it’d be interesting to learn how the responsibilities were distributed among the creators.

There are a few sites scamming our users by using domains similar to Well, this skin falls into the “dream on” category. Travi$ Offline 160. mirbit Offline 130. What should we opt for? Beautiful danger: all flower skins in CS:GO. The amazing P90 | Chopper will be of huge help in this case. Login and click "Edit Items" on your inventory page. Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a ★ Bayonet | Slaughter MW! DEVILISH stickers from the creator of Queen of Pain sticker, History of Graffiti: What Those Drawings in the Maps Depict, Monochrome Forever! The Incinerator entered CS:GO on March 13 last year as part of the Prism collection. All copies are “sold” only through exchange between users.

We are currently buying keys for $1.80 each. Head over to your user profile to see what's new! Of course, we have some obvious favorites and long-time ranking leaders, but still, you never know who will be at the top of their game and who might be just a lucky guy. 10 Black-and-White CSGO Stickers. The skin was added to the game on May 23, 2017, as part of the Hydra collection, along with the same operation. The legendary Desert Eagle skin which many are familiar with, and some have even been lucky enough to hold it in their hands. CS.MONEY knows you need an inventory to ignite both fear and sites and to make your enemies hurt. See how you compare to the biggest inventories in CS:GO and find the most expensive skins in CS:GO! That’s why we’ve scraped the markets for you, assembling a list of the meanest, most epic cheap CS:GO skins you’ll be able to find. We'll be able to notify you of updates, new giveaways, hot deals and more! Join the Astralis Family. This isn’t exactly fire, more like coal in a hookah, but it’s still just great. Depending on the quality, the price for this skin may vary greatly, because as it gets worn out, the pattern fades sizeably.

Another representative of the Blaze family along with the Desert Eagle. These skins are exactly what you need to leave a fire trail.

The name speaks for itself — perfect for incinerating your opponents while sitting somewhere in a dark corner. Cool skins for SSG (Scout) are precious few indeed, and this one is so incendiary. He is currently playing for Astralis as an entry fragger which he returns to after being the team's lurker in 2017. We (and thousand others!)

The Chopper appeared on June 15, 2016, and it was also created by EGO DEATH — the guy can really create cool fiery items. We'll be adding items regularly so be sure to check it out. It's Spring cleaning time! The latest installment to the Counter-Strike franchise maintains a healthy, ever-intensifying competitive scene alongside a growing casual playerbase.

Few people can afford it, but at least we can just look at it, right? Everything must go!, This skin has a rich history. This handsome thingy was added to the game on April 27, 2016, as part of the Chroma 3 Case. Prices are currently being calculated and will start appearing when we have enough data.

You must be logged in to perform this action. I’m positively sure this skin is so hot that if you touch your enemy with it, they’ll catch fire and hurt.

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