Our Fox body kits include: 79-93 Ford Mustang and 79-86 Mercury Capri in both coupe and Convertible. This tank houses either single or dual high pressure EFI fuel pumps and can be mounted to the frame rail or underhood. In fact, based on his work on this Colorado, Lampe estimates that 2017 marks the LS era’s technological ceiling. so you can enjoy your 1974 model year or older car or truck the way you've always wanted, 1974 model year and older cars and trucks, "LS Swap Masters truly saved me from abandoning the muscle car hobby and my beloved car. We were one of the first to pioneer the LS engine swap back in 2003 in a small shop with a 5.3L engine into a 76 Jeep CJ. The GM Performance Line offers the 480 & 525 Horse Power LS3s plus the LSx 376 and the LSx 454. This allows you to use a range of transmissions, manual or automatic, electronic or mechanical.” On the manual side of things, Lampe recommends ’97-’06 TR56 and 2012-2015 TR6600 transmissions. As much as I like to say that every swap goes in easy, it just doesn’t happen. According to Lampe, “the factory differential will withstand a decent amount of power no matter what.

Another shameless plug, we use Tanks, Inc. on everything for the most part. We have been recycling since before recycling was cool. Owner David Lampe is not only an LS enthusiast like us, but he’s a generous guy who loves endlessly chatting all-things LS. It told us that 2017 [model year car] is the last year that you’re ever going to be able to put an LS into something and make your gauges work. Click HERE to download the full list, but please note: the Z2SP checklist is free, but requires an email address to complete the download. For us, I like to make sure we put it through its paces, obviously tune it, put a couple of miles on it. **. Please read the disclaimer for the information contained on this site and about links to third party sites and URL redirections. “And GM is not exactly thrilled with people like me trying to make things work that are not supposed to be there. The LS small-block was “manufactured in three Generations – III, IV, and V, ranging from 255hp to 628hp,” according to Lampe. Do you want to add a supercharger? For our project, we’re hoping to retain the factory cluster with some adapters because ’92 Roadmasters still offered a tachometer, and staying stock-looking fits our sleeper theme.

On the easier side, we have older analog-era cars and trucks. If you’d like to learn more about Zero2Sixty Performance, please check out their website HERE. Finding the right shop to perform or help with the swap can be an important task. Based in St. Petersburg Florida, Z2SP is an all-service LS swap shop that specializes in turnkey LS swaps, LS swap wiring, LS swap mounts, turbo and supercharger builds, and custom fabrication. A turbo C6 Corvette and 6.0-liter, LS-swapped G-body El Camino. Purchase separately to get what you need. . 2006 GTO LS2 Swap Kit 6.0L and 4L65E 4 Speed AUTO 58k $ 6,999.99 Select options 2013 Charger 5.7L and NAG1 HEMI Swap Kit 370HP 395LBFT 61k Base Price: $ 6,499.99 Select options 2014 F150 3.5L Ecoboost and 2wd 6R80 365HP 420LBFT Turnkey Swap Kit 60k

Since the introduction of the LS series engine in 1999, Chevrolet has redefined what an engine should be in terms of cost and performance. Zero2Sixty Performance started in 2008 as an all-around hi-performance speed shop. You can also still buy several LS series crate engines directly from Chevrolet Performance and their licensed dealers. Drop off a car and pick it up about a month later, broken in and ready to go. So for example, an older Caprice like what you guys are working on, the HVAC control basically sends power to a high-pressure switch, which says, ‘okay, well we need a seize compressor to kick on,’ and it kicks on, and it does its own thing without the engine even knowing that it’s happening. We'll work with you to make sure everything meets with your expectations and our agreement. Create new posts and participate in discussions. We’re currently assembling parts lists for powertrain, suspension, electric, fueling, and cooling components. As it turns out, Lampe says it’s relatively easy. We hope that the LS swap is just the first step in our providing for your automotive needs. Custom mounts for any vehicle, From turbo kits to superchargers, we are experts in LSx forced induction.

Solid driver. Our GM B-body kits include: 1958-70 Impala, Biscayne, 1971-90 Impala, Caprice, and 1991-96 Impala SS, Caprice, Roadmaster. We will give you price based on the details you give in our estimate form. When off-the-shelf products aren't going to cut it. If you’re thinking of doing your own wiring, Lampe recommends, “software like On-Demand, which is what we use at the shop here for wiring schematics. Hydraulic clutch conversion kit for installing a T56 or TR6060 in your earlier vehicle. So as far as challenging, that would probably be the hardest thing for us is to make the late model stuff work.”, Lampe says this complexity question started fairly early, with cars like 2001 E46 BMWs, but it’s an issue that makes swapping decade-old Bimmers or Toyota 4Runner much harder than OBD I or early vehicles. We specialize in late model (2000 and newer) domestic muscle cars and 4×4 trucks but we can order almost any part you may need. I was distraught from years of frustration and costs with my engine, . Based on your vision, we'll develop our recommended build plan.

Based in St. Petersburg Florida, Z2SP is an all-service LS swap shop that specializes in turnkey LS swaps, LS swap wiring, LS swap mounts, turbo and supercharger builds, and custom fabrication. 2) How much of the work do you want to perform yourself? In some cars like G-bodies where at one point during its life, it came with a TBI motor and it had an in-tank fuel pump, you could just get a fuel center from, like, an ’86, and adapt that fuel hat with a 255 to 400 Walbro, and take advantage of the factory fuel lines.”. LS Swap Masters has served the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for 30 years. Lampe describes the LS swap process as “just nuts and bolts. Bruiser Conversions is the industry leader in fully integrated engine conversions for the Jeep Wrangler platform. Our GM Tri-5 kits include: 1955-57 Bel Air, Biscayne, 150,210, and Delray in 2 door 4 door and Convertible. We have unsurpassed quality and dedication to our work. If we have any questions, we will follow up with you to allow us to give you a more firm quote. You're also always welcome to stop by and see for yourself, in person, how things are going, to see your vehicle, and to chat with us. MARS carries parts for many makes and models.

The best solution when you want to use your existing Non-EFI fuel tank. As fate would have it, I acquired a perfect LS Swap candidate last year. California car. If you’re not interested, I understand. All we’re gonna do is LS stuff.’”. No rust. Preorder Armageddon's New LSX Turbo Manifolds! Since its introduction, hobbyist and gear heads alike have been swapping their small block Chevrolet engine (SBC) for the more powerful and mod friendly LS engine. Due to a very high volume of customer inquiries, we ask that you use the e-mail below to contact us, we provide THE HIGHEST quality ls swaps to quickly and affordably convert your vehicle to modern ENGINE technology and reliable operation, . And Lampe’s personal rides? For years, small block V8s have remained popular choices for hot rodders and enthusiast across America. Whether you want to do a complete LS swap, change your suspension, add a custom exhaust system, increase your power with a supercharging system, make your vehicle handle like a dream, or just keep up with more basic automotive repairs, LS Swap Masters can handle it.

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