Eric’s real plans of putting in a panic shelter are not jiving with Ruth’s practical basement family room. Once a major structural flaw in their home is found, Bryan has to convince them the value of structural work, over aesthetic design. Bryan shows them that even dream projects have limits. Shannon and Corrie are overwhelmed by their first house. Dave can’t follow Katy’s changing wishlist, but Katy has to follow Bryan’s permanent plan. Sharon and Andy are burnt out after taking on three major renos in five years. The series covers the construction of various homes that the Baeumlers live in, his dream home,[18] country cottage,[19] and forever home. But after Bryan makes his choice, he also has to play the part of peacekeeper. When they come to take down the hall wall to open things up, a post is needed. Jackie and Jamie want to make their house feel like a cozy retreat for their family. David and Daniela’s home is in need of renovations, but with three young boys they don’t have the time or energy.

The show is based around the concept that the renovations most desired by a homeowner aren't necessarily always the ones most urgently needed in the home. Greg and Sheila need more functional living space for their family.

HGTV U.S. repackaged the show in June 2020 as Renovation Island for American audiences. An older couple who are planning to retire to their family cottage within the next few years can barely agree on any of their desired improvements; Baeumler identifies an overlooked space in the home which can be easily converted into a new living and entertaining space that resolves some of their conflicting desires. When Bryan gets to work, he shows them that open concept doesn’t always make sense. Des and Jeannice want their house’s interior to match the exterior curb appeal of their home. Most of you got the joke. But when Bryan has the final say there’s no turning back and things get labour intensive. Since Julian and Rebecca bought their home, they haven’t had much choice on where to spend their money when it came to home repairs. You start thinking that you're repairing a crack in the ceiling, and before you know it, you're tearing out a dividing wall to make space for that new kitchen island. The demolition stage of the resort revealed a slew of complications and setbacks. Bryan gets a crash course in the family dynamic as he takes on a large project. After the success of Renovation Island (Island of Bryan) on HGTV USA, Bryan Inc. was licensed as Renovation, Inc. for U.S. HGTV in 2020. DIY projects seem quick and easy.

John deliberately misspelled Bryan and Sarah Baeumler about 27 times throughout the piece. With a looming deadline of less than a month before their first baby is born, Bryan helps them through some reno growing pains! Bryan encourages them to think on the bright side when things don’t go to plan. Bryan discovers a toxic mould infestation in the basement of a couple who have requested a bathroom renovation.

This page was last edited on 8 September 2020, at 08:33. Robert is pretty proud of his handiwork around the house, but his wife Alyssa knows his limits. Samantha and Blake bought her grandparents’ old bungalow.

Jodie and Bryan took on some projects in their house with some mixed results. Ryan and Renai felt the pain of a shoddy contractor for their kitchen and are just warming up to the idea of trying another renovation. When they trust Bryan to decide, the chef might not like what Bryan’s cooking. Kevin and Leah are full of renovation ideas but they need help with the execution. Little brother Beej’s priorities conflict with his big brother Raj’s. When Miranda found out she was having twins, she and Sean knew their house wouldn’t cut it with their family size about to double.

[2], Baeumler worked from 1995 to 2003 running an air-cargo business. Jeff and Marcia are expecting their first baby in their starter home. Jacqueline (criminal defence lawyer and black belt) and Ian are slowly converting an old triplex into a single family home. While Bryan takes on one of their projects, there are some non-construction issues that they have to deal with on their own. Tremayne and Adama were thrown into the deep end of first time home ownership after leaving their brand new condo behind.

After three spirited home builds as husband and wife, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on an entirely different relationship: boss and employee! The family was also living in the resort while they were renovating it. Chris and Niki are burnt out after years of renovating.

After years of inaction on updating their home, Fraser and Angela can’t deny they need someone like Bryan to help kick them into gear.

Laz and Juanita have renovated most of the main areas of their home and are now focused on making their reno dreams come true. The reno takes a dramatic turn when Bryan gets real about their budget. John and Emily have a love hate relationship with their home. in Political Science and Business from the University of Western Ontario in 1996. Get HeyBryan.

If installing a fan in the wintertime has you raising an eyebrow, you’re not alone. Leave It to Bryan is a Canadian home renovation reality series hosted by contractor Bryan Baeumler, which premiered in January 2012 on HGTV.. Bryan may have met his match when he comes face to face with his unhandy doppelgänger.

One success after another, he soon went on to a new show Leave It to Bryan. Rebecca bought her first home and got her friend Rachel to move in to help out with the mortgage. When Rachelle tries to communicate what she wants, Bryan gets caught up in an epic game of stone tag. Ruth and Eric are a young couple who can’t agree on the layout of their basement. Erin and Karl are ready for their first major renovation. Craig and Pippa are daunted by the idea of a large reno.

Sisters Alicia and Tania have a wish list for updating their old semi, but some projects need to be done sooner rather than later. Michelle and Mateen bought their dream house, that didn’t turn out to be so turn key. Kitchen reno. Bryan takes on a reno that will have them relaxing in style.

Bryan faces his own challenges when he takes on a unique project. They are thrilled with Bryan’s help, until a particular wall becomes a bigger deal than it’s worth. Or will it be rough sailing when she finds out Bryan’s reno pick! [15] With his wife, Sarah Baeumler, they co-lead in the Bryan Inc. show on HGTV Canada.[16]. Bryan is used to planning renovations, not disrupting wedding plans, but he might not have a choice this time. Bryan Baeumler (born April 18, 1974) is a Canadian television host on several HGTV/HGTV Canada shows. John and Taylor are tired of upgrading their home for prospective buyers and not for themselves. Bryan faces the most shocking reno he’s ever seen... Jen and Mitch are newlyweds who feel some reno regret after buying their fixer upper home. Baeumler won the Gemini Award for "Best Host in a Lifestyle/Practical Information, or Performing Arts Program or Series" for his presenting work. Bryan Inc. premiered on HGTV Canada in Fall 2016, replacing House of Bryan on the schedule. Tony and Simone just want a functional home for their young family.

The show is based around the concept that the renovations most desired by a homeowner aren't necessarily always the ones most urgently needed in the home. But when Bryan makes his choice, Karen and Marty have to make reno decisions now that could impact an entirely different reno. Lauren and Jamie are both creative types who have different visions for their home.

[31], Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations, article: The master of disaster, "Baeumler Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc. administration", "30 New Island Hotels to Escape to This Winter", "The Bahamas Is Getting a New Boutique Hotel", "The 12 Best Hotels for a Caribbean Escape Right Now", "Island of Bryan dodges Hurricane Dorian but HGTV celebrity pitches in", "New Series 'Moving the McGillivrays' and 'Bryan Inc.' coming to HGTV", Handy Canadian: Bryan Baeumler's Testimonial, "Video: Logix ICF Stars In The Highest Rated TV Series (EVER!) They don’t agree which room to tackle next, and need Bryan to break them out of their reno rut now. Leave It to Bryan is a Canadian home renovation reality series hosted by contractor Bryan Baeumler, which premiered in January 2012 on HGTV. Jeff and Kathryn are learning what worked for them as renters isn’t working for them as homeowners.

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