That being said, there are a few commonalities across state lines and observing them will make it far less likely that you will be ticketed. Right hand extended straight out: a right turn, right lane change, Right hand bent upward 90 degrees at the elbow: Left turn, left turn change, Right hand bent downward 90 degrees at the elbow: Stopping, Sidewalk riding: Unless you can find (and are willing to carry) the bylaws that say otherwise, assume that you’re not allowed to ride on sidewalks unless you’re a child. Most traffic tickets relate to infractions, where the penalty is a fine and potentially two or three points on your license. At a three-way intersection, the driver on the dead-end road must yield to vehicles on the crossing road, even if they arrived first.

Usually, a ticket will provide a description of the offense (for instance, "failure to stop at a red light") in addition to the vehicle code section that was violated. Although it is possible to raise a defense based on mistakes made by an officer with the information on a ticket, it is important to note that mistaken information on a ticket does not automatically result in a ticket being dismissed. Read more here about speeding tickets. However, an officer may issue a ticket when a driver is driving too fast for the conditions even when they are complying with the posted speed limit. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. This gives you an opportunity to do some online research into common defenses and/or fine amounts before the summons and courtesy reminder arrives in the mail. Reflectors must be used on bikes, but only when they are being ridden at dusk, overnight, or during dawn (it’s common for the law to cover a half hour before dark, full dark, and a half hour before sunrise). After your time in court is done and everything settles out, check your driving records just to be sure. If you decide to contest the ticket, the officer also will have the opportunity to assert the integrity of the charges and other information included on the traffic ticket. An officer usually can stop a driver for texting or cell phone use even if they are not committing any other violation. If you received a ticket for making a turn that was prohibited by a sign, you can investigate the scene to determine whether an obstruction might have prevented you from seeing the sign. A presumed speed limit rule does not allow a driver to drive much faster than the limit. Cyclists must ride as far to the right as possible though and can only ride away from the right if riding to the right would be too unsafe (such as debris, moving vehicles, pedestrians, animals, other cyclists, etc.

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