(DIVARTY ORLL BT188157 and BT187155) (BT188157 Fred HillCOAR report) NVA division headquarters found 22 miles west of Duc Pho. Welcome to the Tam Quan google satellite map! list of US Army Vietnam artillery units. When we were barreling along at nearly 140 miles per hour a few feet above the ground, with people shooting at us, that extra split second of time was important. Thank you, sir, for your contributions to this website.

God was our co-pilot that day too and we had no injuries.

A sixth sense impressed me to be very, very careful and not move my cyclic more than necessary to stay out of the tops of the trees that our skids were now brushing.

were used and reused several times in different Corps Tactical Zones (CTZs)

0815 hours. When telephone lines from the mortar tubes to their FDC were severed, the direction personnel switched to a bullhorn to relay fire commands across the deafening noise of the battlefield. BT231315?

F. T. Jodaitis, 28 March 1993 From Dan Gillotti - 30th Artillery Association, 11. It was an hour or so later before we knew “the rest of the story,” as radio icon Paul Harvey would say. VIETNAM WAR - HOT LZ (LANDING ZONE) - HELICOPTERS Originally uploaded by UbuntuBird on May 27, 2007.

Bad to fly into during monsoon. But, I remember the feeling of almost free fall as we fell from the sky.

This provided enough extra engine power to momentarily remain airborne while we assessed the damage and discussed our limited options.

Overlooked the resettlement village for Hiep Duc.

Attention 15th Field Artillery veterans! This former Marine-turned-Army-aviator had a favorite expression he used whenever things weren’t going well. High up in the mountains lots of down drafts. If the terrain would allow, vegetation outside the perimeter would be pushed back as much as 200 meters — for obvious reason. Thank you for taking the time to read this. All he could find were old sandbags. Special Forces Camps : 7. If that piece of metal had not held until we reached LZ Ross, it’s possible that eight additional names would have joined the 58,000+ on our Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. That’s when an eerie sensation crept over me. Opened up with a 10,000 lb daisy cutter around August 1970? If our engine failed, I wanted to make a running landing. BS928220 BS9352244 by latest map.

“This is not good,” he’d growl. It gently fluttered in the light breeze atop a small ridge. ( Log Out /  We’d finally flown out of the enemy’s field of fire. LZ Carolyn was situated in a location especially irritating to the NVA, astride one of the main access routes for the Viet Cong (VC) & NVA to reach Saigon, its presence was a constant problem for them. (Photo by Gary L. Queson Mts Highest Peak (closed down then rebuilt) Thirty miles west of Tam Ky. (invalid reference?

As you’ll notice, duplications and variations in spelling are Links | (Photo by the author.). Unable to distinguish between friend and foe, gun crews from Landing Zone Columbus and airmen waited patiently fir hours before they could respond. Despite the preceding hours of air and artillery strikes heavy fire again met the U.S. force. The Americans withdrew to establish a night defense position while air and artillery strikes continued.

Landing Zone CHARLIE BROWN to LZ BRONCO came under an intense attack by a heavily armed enemy force 13 kilometers north of Tam Quan City.

(abandoned village used for training 11th LIB in 1967 after they first arrived in-country), East of Hiep Duc.

To this day, I firmly believe that God, or one of His guardian angels, warned me not to move my cyclic anymore than necessary and kept our shot up bird flying for over five minutes with little or no oil in the engine. major unit responsible and CTZ if known, and the approximate dates the location BS634380 (Div Arty ORLL BS634380), (also known Ha Thanh Special Forces Camp) (COARS Frederick Hill established by 2-1 Inf 3 December 1970; AT873385), West of Tam Ky? AT990251/990250 (Div Arty ORLL AT988249) (Fred Hill Oper report AT990250). (Photo by the author.). Satellite and aerial maps of LZ Lowboy with nearby locations

[Complete At 6am on 4 June a company from the PAVN 88th Regiment attacked Company F 2/4 Marines resulting in 2 U.S. and 34 PAVN killed. The memory, alone, of the danger and drama surrounding that mission was enough to make me sweat even more than I already was. site]  [terms of use] On 11 Sep, our supported infantry units were hit hard by the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). I‘ve also created a poll to help identify my website audience – before leaving, can you please click HERE and choose the one item that best describes you. The 2001 version of Vietnam LZs, FBs, FSBs and Camps By: Dan Gillotti ©2001-2003.

Landing Zone Lowboy Tam Quan Quang Ngai. BS539824.

There had never been any doubt about that in my mind. “My cyclic’s been shot away!”. Dust Off pilots set normal engine rpm for our operations between 6,400-6,600 rpm.

The battalion mortar platoon's four tubes fired 1500 rounds, ranging from critical illumination to searing WP. Background Edit. It was mid-March 1970. The LZ was abandoned two weeks later. But, at that precise moment, a cooling sense of well-being swept over me.

Area had been scavenged.

While I called for UH-1C helicopter gunship support from the “Firebirds,” who also flew out of Baldy, John landed and unloaded these patients. After their second pass, I asked the ground troops to “pop smoke” to mark where they wanted us to land. Because he came for us when Dust Off said LZXRAY was too hot and would not come. Upper part of hill has eroded and placed about two feet of mud on helipads. It was a miracle. Contact Davo with your unit

AT935243 Named after 1st Cav pilot who later became POW near DMZ in February 1968. As we continued our rapid descent and began a straight-in, short final approach from the west for the LZ, “Willie-Peter”—white phosphorous rockets—fired ahead of us by our gunships suddenly obscured the red smoke from the grenade the ground troops had thrown out. Also, as you review the list you’ll see that some names Chin Sung Southwest of Tam Ky, Big Battle Aug 69.

The cannon cockers (artillerymen) were forced to redistribute ammo by crawling from one gun section to another under a hail of enemy direct fire and spinning shrapnel from the exploding dump.

THIS IS A FULL Collection of 4 pages of FIRE BASES, AIR FORCE BASES, Naval and Medical, BROWN WATER Naval, and any and all bases DOD during the Vietnam War 1963 to 1975 This LZ was later renamed LZ Vandergrift and was used as the jumping off In rapid succession, the yellow master caution light at the top of the instrument panel was next to make its appearance. LZ Carolyn appeared threatened with total destruction as the thundering conflagration tossed detonating artillery projectiles to shower men and equipment with flying rounds and burning shell fragments. ( Log Out / 

Not only have my Dust Off comrades read the Vietnam book, but we’ve also played unique roles in the movie version while it was being filmed on location. Artillerymen, supply and signal personnel, and engineers fought and died as emergency infantry reserves.

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