The mustache represents his being, his body; it constitutes proof that life flows, and as such its absence should be worthy of at least some sort of comment from his wife: “ . Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home. Marc’s unexpected decision to shave off his mustache during the middle of a very usual evening could signify his desire to evade his untouchable surroundings, an escape into abjection, a mistake, a secret, something that would dismantle every perfect object surrounding him: his perfect wife, harmonious marriage, and tranquil family life free of children or any apparent need of excess. [Cinema Guild]. Naturally not everything that is new and unfamiliar is frightening, however; the relation is not capable of inversion. This film was haunting and memorable. As for solitude, silence, and obscurity, we can not say, except that they are effectively determining factors onto which are attached, for every human, eternal childhood fears. 4 “Le mot allemand unheimlich est manifestement l’antonyme de heimlich, heimisch (du pays), (…) et l’on est tenté de conclure qu’une chose est effrayante justement pour la raison qu’elle n’est pas connue ou familière. April-May 2005, 10-14. The trauma related to all of the events that follow Marc’s transformation; his act of shaving off the mustache is actually a product of the gaze of others rather than a result of his own actions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I can't wait to see it again. But Carrère overplays his hand, and once the couple begins to get frightened of each other and Lindon scrambles away to Hong Kong, La Moustache stops being a meditation on fluid identity, and becomes yet another dry art film about a guy walking around.

He rides the ferries in Asia somewhere. Here Agnès again challenges the reliability of Marc’s memory and questions his sanity, and in turn he embarks on a phase full of doubts, questions, and investigations, such as the futile search for his parent’s home mentioned above — another supposed blank in his memory — and his wife’s mention that his father had died a year earlier, another event Marc cannot recall. Das Unheimlich und andere Texte. A sensation of solitude is common when one emerges from analysis. Marc constantly exposes himself to the gaze of the other(s) – his friends, his wife, the taxi driver who cannot be sure which way to go, the people on the ferry, the inhabitants of Bali, etc.

And that shared, communal perception is reinforced when he keeps on riding the ferry and snapping the seatback into correct position for other people. Early on, Carrère gets a lot of juice out of the idea that Devos is only playing an elaborately cruel prank, and since Lindon's afraid of looking like a poor sport, their strained relationship is the result of a benign gender war.

Regarding the film’s ambiguity concerning who is, in fact, crazy, Bardet and Caron have observed the following: On ne peut donc qu’hésiter entre deux interprétations, deux lectures mises en concurrence : soit il est fou, soit les autres le sont.

They are often side effects, things that happen inadvertently (what is traumatic about the official trauma is often eccentric)” (Side Effects xiii).

Funny, huh? Là on en arrive à un point qui est de l’ordre de l’invraisemblable complet.” (Interview 116). Mais il est évident que n’est pas effrayant tout ce qui est nouveau et non familier ; la relation n’est pas réversible. Stick it out and you will appreciate a picture about a couple experiencing a strange hallucinatory moment in their marriage. Everything is established, so the interesting factor is the change to which Marc will submit himself. The event and the accusation of bad faith contribute to Marc’s growing distrust of Agnès, a distrust that is clearly manifest when he runs away from home to avoid being forced into an ambulance that would carry him to a psychiatric hospital. These are the films from 2020 (and early 2021) that have the best chance... Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... We rank the 25 best-reviewed horror films of the 2010s. What seems right about his life will not last, since, despite being a married professional who has several friends and whose parents have supposedly died, he will not be able to maintain a voice that is distant from that of a banal existence. “The German word ‘unheimlich’ is obviously the opposite of ‘heimlich’ [‘homely’], ‘heimisch’ [‘native’]—the opposite of what is familiar; and we are tempted to conclude that what is ‘uncanny’ is frightening precisely because it is not known and familiar. In any case, the psychiatric explanation, to the extent that it is assumed by the character himself, does not escape madness, if there is madness.

The film opens with a depiction of deep, dark waters flooding the screen, as if the viewer were observing a nocturnal oceanscape. The importance of the story is the way it characterizes Marc’s wife, who until now has seemed above reproach. With his thin-lipped grimace and big, soulful eyes, Lindon's an ideal actor for this sort of puzzle. . A man shaves off his moustache, and not only does nobody notice, but his wife and friends all insist that he never had a moustache. La Moustache recalls the "everyday suspense" films of Roman Polanski and the existential woe of Michelangelo Antonioni, but it isn't as strange or penetrating as the former, or as artfully shot as the latter. New York: Harper Collins, 2005. He runs away—much water imagery, rain and the river. His close friends, who have dined with the couple that same evening, are even more oblivious.

Alessandra M. Pires is Assistant Professor in French and Portuguese at Missouri State University. It was an admirable project with some good moments. The importance of references to water and the word flood have been mentioned above, and there are at least four moments in which their presence and related implications are imposing. This banality becomes problematic, bothering not only Marc but also the spectators witnessing his life.

Carrère thus sets up an interminable debate between reason and madness, which fixes the contours of an analysis in which, as explained earlier, Marc acts as the subject, the patient of the director or the viewer.

The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, Volume XVII (1917-1919): An Infantile Neurosis and Other Works, 1919, 217-256.

Thus, the film is treated in this article as the analyzed, with whom we established a relationship of transferrence in order to discuss its various aspects and details. New York: Harper Collins, 2006. And he writes that postcard that becomes an anchor for him to his real time sequence. He goes to Bali, where time passes and he grows his beard. . Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1995. Going Sane. . Emmanuel Carrère's witty, elegant La Moustache is a deliciously unsettling, beautifully sustained enigma, a film of much beauty and flawless performances, especially from Vincent Lindon in one of his most demanding roles. His wife shows up by surprise, behaving as if it were years ago (on the vacation of the photo)—and he shaves his beard—and moustache (just as she had said he did—in Bali 15 years ago). As Phillipps observes, “Madness is often associated with the breaking of taboos, whether as cause or consequence (either you have to be mad to break a taboo, or madness is akin to the punishment of breaking one)” (Going Sane 114). Even as the discovery of an abject object forces the subject out of his or her comfort zone, abjection issues form a desire of self-rejection (for both the object itself and the desiring subject), not because of its abjectivity but rather because it perturbs, invading an order or established system, therefore upsetting or destabilizing a certain identity: Ce n’est donc pas l’absence de propreté ou de santé qui rend abject, mais ce qui perturbe une identité, un système, un ordre.

(Laplanche et Pontalis 84), Clinically, a type of escape which the subject is pushed toward by an internal constraint. —-. She has co-edited and published a bilingual interdisciplinary book Images of Madness / Imagens da Loucura in 2010. In this case, Marc apparently suffers an actual nervous breakdown, an explanation that favors Agnès’ desire that he return to a state of normalcy. And the farther Marc travels into his fragmented space, the more he is observed, and the less he understands his own fabrication concerning his state of insanity-sanity. Consequently, being marginalized does not equal the absence of desire or pleasure (jouissance). The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo. And at the same time it asks us to wonder why we should want to do this . De toute façon, l’explication psychiatrique, dans la mesure où elle est assumée par le personnage lui-même, n’échappe donc pas à la folie, si folie il y a ; elle ne peut donc offrir d’échappatoire au lecteur . Again, the real question is whether this represents a case of knowledge or lack of knowledge in the sense that Phillips evokes the term, “From a psychoanalytical point of view, there can be no private knowledge, only knowledge that has been hidden (as esoteric psychoanalysis is a contradiction in terms) ” (Terror and Other Experts xiii). My approach here is to compare the film itself to the analyzed subject. The fact that an agency of this kind [the super-ego] exists, which is able to treat the rest of the ego like an object—the fact, that is, that man is capable of self-observation—renders it possible to invest the old idea of a ‘double’ with a new meaning and to ascribe many things to it…. Her current research addresses mourning and loss in French Quebec cinema as well as the notion of abjection in the works of Portuguese painter Paula Rego. The fourth moment in which water imagery plays a key role is during Marc’s trip to Hong Kong and to Bali, a continued flight from involuntary psychiatric internment. An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture. The mustache itself had somehow kept the character “compensated” as a human being living a trivial existence, and the denial of the mustache by others causes his identity crisis.

. Vincent Lindon, Emmanuelle Devos, Mathieu Amalric. Ça sollicite, ça inquiète, fascine le désir qui pourtant ne se laisse pas séduire. ” (Side Effects xiv-xv). —-. (Freud, The Uncanny, 234). Bardet, Guillaume, and Dominique Caron. .

3 I am indebted to Professor Julie Johnson (Missouri State University) who made informal comments on the film, which enlightned my article as well as the reader’s comprehension, “We as the audience perceive everything with him, and we understand things as he understands them, that he shaves his moustache just as the film begins. The film opens with a depiction of deep, dark waters flooding the screen, as if the viewer were observing a nocturnal oceanscape. Marc’s primary objective is to reclaim his life, but the question posed by the film is whether that lost life he yearns for will be revealed as something completely strange, the product of a hallucination. I'll explain in a moment. —-. Julia Kristeva indicates that the first traumatic experience that remains as a permanent presence initially correlates to a repulsion toward certain elements immediately related to language such as food, waste, feces, etc. Freud, S. (1919). La Moustache Buy posters from this movie: by David Cornelius "Silly premise, solid drama." french cinema   psychoanalysis, Call for Papers: Music and the Moving Image XVII, In Search of Home: Cultural Traditions and Richard Deming’s book. In a gesture reflecting the film’s fragmented narrative, let us return to the beginning, when the spectator experiences the same surprise as Marc upon confirming that none of his colleagues notice the absence of his mustache.

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