She’s known for her great sense of humor. Sophie has laughingly warned any women who might be planning to kiss Richard, and has often joked about his boyish pranks on the set of Outlander…. This is another professional that likes to keep her private life out of the spotlight, and she is focusing on her career instead of finding love. Sophie credits her demanding ballet practices for her stamina to get through long days of filming. Ahh, the love of Murtagh’s life! It all started with Jamie and Claire’s epic love story. We don't know too much about Cait and her husband’s love story.

It’s like, ‘You acted it. On the dating front, it seems like César is currently with Galani Kolic, a Serbian model and Instagram star. For one, he does all his own stunt work and he just loves doing it!

So, is she dating anyone?

Check out her workouts on social media!

This adorable-looking actress has been in a relationship with Will Taylor for a while. He is sort of half civilian, half industry person; he’s a writer. The puzzling caption read: “Don’t like goodbyes, tears or sighs”. Don’t you just love a good love story like that! And last year, Caitriona and co-star, Heughan, became producers on Outlander. But what about their real lives and partners?

Berry has definitely felt the love from “Outlander” fans. They are very open about their relationship on social media.

Speaking to Town & Country, Heughan said: “Relationships are hard when you’re working in Scotland 10 months a year. Recently, he spoke out about online bullying against his co-stars and his loved ones.

For instant unlimited access. She isn’t the only fan whose opinion he worries about, though. From what we could find, she’s single and focusing on her blossoming career. See you next time! No one is really sure who Sophie is dating at the moment, but rumors state that she might be in a relationship with her on-screen husband, Richard Rankin. Meanwhile, Caitriona has been in a relationship with Tony McGill for a while, though they kept it a secret from everyone.

How sweet! We are assuming he’s single, but that’s all it is - an assumption.

He even moved to Ireland, where he’s been living for 14 years, to pursue his acting dream. Like eating lobster and tuna before kissing scenes to make things more “fun” (or so he says). Maybe not initially.” Steven even revealed that their wedding ceremony took place two days after filming, and he looked like a World War II soldier. All we have to go by is his social media presence, which also doesn’t reveal much.

Doesn’t she rate her husband?

Balfe told Parade: "The most gratifying part about it [is] being able to sit in on the production meetings, see how it's run, and where we can be of benefit.". In an interview with E!, Caitriona said, “We’re not together.

Berry told TV WEEK how the program's shooting schedule almost caused him to miss the birth of his baby son a few years ago!

She credits her excellent American accent to watching Friends as she was growing up.

In real life, Bell also loves spending time with his own woof woofs.

It would seem that he used to date Louise Stewart, who was also in Burnistoun, long long ago, if you look at old articles like this one.

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