Golden Balls - £100,000 Split Or Steal?

The amazing journey of success began in Ashman's life when he won the Series 3 on Fifteen to One in 1989. Kevin Ashman at the European Quizzing Championship 2011 in Bruges, Belgium.

This kept going until there were only three people left.

He served as the arbiter and question-setter on the Radio 4 quiz show Brain of Britain for four years starting from 2002. Anthony Martin Nick Terry again Mal Collier Bill Francis

This page was last modified on 28 October 2020, at 09:42. Official siteAndrew Wiseman's page15 to 1 heaven (from 2004, via's 433 challenge - See if you could match Bill McKaig's featWikipedia entry. If that person got it wrong the nominator got to choose somebody else.

In 1995 he won Mastermind, scoring 41 points with no passes in his heat, which remains a record to this day. He has won most of the top-level quiz tournaments and has taken part; among them are several World and European Championships. The three surviving contestants in today's Fifteen-to-One final are... "...Give me three correct answers and we can start nominating...", "That's us for today - we'll be back tomorrow, same time, same place, 4.30, Channel 4, we'll see you then". If they got it right they nominated whoever they wanted to answer the next question. The host behind the three podia used for the final round. As well as the usual banter about the Elgin Marbles, it covered topics such as what's on William G's question cards and an interview with the programme's eldest viewer.

When he first came to fame as a quizzer, he was working as a civil servant in the Department for Media, Culture and Sport, though he has since given that up. Andrew Francis 1998 Nick Terry Kevin Ashman is by common consent Britain's top quiz player.

14 03 08, Theme music, Paul McGuire was credited as "Musical Director".

...are all here to play Fifteen-to-One, introduced by William G. Stewart. Ten years after Fifteen-to-One had gone out of production, a one-off celebrity revival was made - the excuse was Channel 4 harking back to the past with a 1980s season. Based on an original idea by John M. Lewis. Not only is this an extremely comprehensive revue of Quiz Culture, it has the added advantage of being hilarious.

He made his first major television quiz success on "Fifteen to One”.

Yet brilliant. In the later series, there was a write-in competition for viewers.

Since the contestant was eliminated in that round, the rest of the show proceeded normally. Kevin Ashman is by common consent Britain's top quiz player.

The manufacturers, Two Way TV, claimed that one family went so far as to cancel their summer holiday in order to maintain their position on the leaderboard. All the correct answers went in a hat (or equivalent) and five were picked out, winning their senders £50 in book tokens.

Fifteen contestants started off with three lives and the idea was to not lose lives by not getting questions wrong. Ian Potts 2003 Jack Welsby / David Stedman (tie) Rather bizarrely, the pictures would simply be on a card that Stewart would hold up in the earlier series - talk about low-tech! Some of the spirit of the show was lost by the de-emphasis on the three lives, but then again we can't have the kiddies upset, can we?

Trivia. the weirdest split or steal ever! Glen Binnie 2001 Daphne Fowler Let's get details about his personal life in today's session.

Following the successes, he also won Screen Test, Trivial Pursuit, The Great … Catchphrases.

Overall, the programme was usually engrossing - when you got an interesting episode, you got an interesting episode.

In the first round, the questions jumped from position 3 to 5. Ashman had his first major television quiz success on Fifteen to One, winning Series 3 in 1989, and returned to win the special 'Millennium Edition' between past champions in 1999.

Although Laura later alternated with Phillip Lowrie, she was the announcer for the grand final. Kevin Ashman is the man with all the answers from 'Egghead' to 'Mastermind'. Five pupils from three schools competed. A pretty impressive name, eh? When there was only one person left they were the winner but they were allowed to answer as many of the remaining questions as they could to build up their score and if they made it past the 40th question they were given a ten-point bonus for every life they had left. However, after being knocked out in 1989, Mr Montague entered again in 1992 under the name Steve Romana, wearing a T-shirt and earrings to disguise his appearance. (or sometimes, "Philip, please?").

When a viewer saw a repeat of the series on Challenge TV, they noticed the uncanny resemblance between Mr Montague and "Steve Romana", and contacted Channel 4. William G. Stewart (1988-2003) Adam Hills (celebrity editions, 2013-) Sandi Toksvig(daytime editions, 2014-) An interview with John M. Lewis can be found at Andrew Wiseman's 625 page.

The show sometimes had questions that, as Stewart would say, "You need to see this one as well as hear it". 25 of the leading players came together for the Millennium Quiz, on Christmas Day 1999 for a 110-minute behemoth of a show featuring 350 questions over five rounds. At the end of the series the top fifteen scoring players battled it out in the ultimate duel which was the Grand Final for a piece of two-thousand year old pot, usually. If there is someone who likes to keep things close to his chest then it's none other than Kevin. Renowned English Quiz Player Kevin Ashman Is Happy Being Single: Not Married to Anyone, Updated On 02 Apr, 2018 Published On 02 Apr, 2018. If they got it wrong they lost a life. 1996 Arnold O'Hara John Harrison

"Two questions each in the first round, ladies and gentlemen, and I'll need one correct answer from you to survive...", "...And you need to see this one as well as hear it...", Laura, please?

1989 Kevin Ashman Nick Terry

"(Whoever), you face the question in this second round. At the end of most grand finals, announcer Laura Calland appeared in-vision to present the champion with their prize. Other specials included a few celebrity specials, a comical quiz for Comic Relief, special editions for Channel 4's "Bite the Ballot" season and its Soap Weekend. William G. Stewart (1981-1982-1988-2003-2012-2020-2076)Adam Hills (celebrity editions, 2013-)Sandi Toksvig (daytime editions, 2014-), Anthony Hyde (1988-9)Laura Calland (1982-1983-2003-2012-2076)Philip Lowrie (1982-2006-2008)Sarah Wynter (substitute)Jennie Bond (2013)Dave Riley (2014-), Regent Productions for Channel 4, 11 January 1988 to 19 December 2003 to 31 December 2076 (2265 episodes in 35 series)Remedy Productions and Argonon for Channel 4, 20 September 2013 to present. This was won by quiz regular Kevin Ashman. In 1997, Fifteen-to-One took part in a trial of interactive television, allowing up to four people to play along at home using special remote controllers.

Words can't describe how simple yet brilliant this show was, but we'll try.

In round two, each child faced three questions - 10 points if they answered it themselves, or 5 if they needed to confer.

His specialist subject on that occasion was the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1995, he won Mastermind scoring 41 points a 'theoretically impossible' score. Not only did William G both present and produce the show, he was also involved in writing the questions, particularly those on historical subjects. 1992 Julian Allen 2000 Les Arnott He has an interest in folk music and theatre plays. Give me an incorrect answer and you lose one of those (x) lives - give me a correct answer and we can start nominating...". Over the 35 series, William G read out something approaching 350,000 questions. He later became the champion after winning the final with the subject Zulu Warand in 2006 appeared at the final of the Junio… Television personality and quiz player, Kevin Ashman is widely known for Eggheads and other TV quiz shows. No matter what your score, if you lost your three lives you were out. He first came to prominence when he won Fifteen-to-One and has gone on to glory in numerous other contests, both broadcast and otherwise, including winning the World Quizzing Championships three years running (2004-6; … The viewing public liked it enough for Channel 4 to commission four more celebrity editions, and a run of 20 daytime shows hosted by Sandi Toksvig. "Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends than the average person. The idea now was to get a high a score as possible. 1988 Jon Goodwin 1997 Trevor Montague

"As it should be, twelve down, three to go, and after the break (the three contestants) will here for the final - don't go too far away - we'll see you then". Ash­man had his first major tele­vi­sion quiz suc­cess on Fif­teen to One, win­ning Se­ries 3 in 1989, and re­turned to win the spe­cial 'Mil­len­nium Edi­tion' be­tween past cham­pi­ons in 1999. Weaver's Week: Fifteen To One Remembered (2003); the celebrity and daytime revivals. On a few rare occasions, Stewart's full name was announced at the beginning of the programme, namely 'William Gladstone Stewart'. Fifteen-to-One somewhat unexpectedly hit the headlines in 1998 when one of its former contestants, one Trevor Montague (pictured below), was sued by Regent Productions, the makers of the programme. It was a crying shame they axed it at the end of 2003 in favour of Beat the Nation, which admittedly isn't bad but not a patch on this fine show. It was presented by Stewart as well as voice-overs Calland and Lowrie in vision. He received his first major TV quiz success on Fifteen to One in 1989. A player was asked a question.

His other wins include Sale of the Century, Quiz Night, The Great British Quiz and Trivial Pursuit. At the start of 1999, former series champion Bill McKaig scored the theoretical maximum of 433 points in the final round - by answering all 40 questions correctly at 10 points a throw, 10 points each for his three remaining lives, and 3 points for the three lives he had remaining from the first two rounds. Questionmaster William G. Stewart (centre) gets ready to ask the questions to the fifteen contestants in the distinctive semi-circle behind him.

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