It was a fair criticism to make based on that game and it's a fine point to make that those games are not great evidence of summit being able to play in higher level teams, but I think he did fine and given a chance to play as part of a team and he would do fine. The Story of Shroud: The King of Reddit - Duration: 22:56. theScore esports 9,242,186 views. Aiming look sluggish like there is a turn speed cap. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Yeah game feels pretty slow and easy at "low levels".

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It is really hard to lose a fight if you spot the other player first relatively to counter someone who attacked you first. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I am not really good at CS 1.6 and never tried to get good in CS:GO. Shroud just tend to ease things up by laughing awkwardly.

6.4k. save hide report. Edit: And just9n saying that he watched both of the ZPG matches, and saying that he had the least amount of impact, I don't think just9n watched the Winterfox games. He actually seems like kind of a bro now and I enjoy when he plays with shroud.

The feeling doesn't really go away every either. Lauren isn't worth it lmao Win. 15-year-old 1v5 clutches against Shroud and Just9n. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … I have no clue why I wrote out such a lengthy paragraph while not really saying much tho. Crazy stuff, i one time got into a dota 2 ARDM dame with the GrandGrant a few year back and took me a few minutes to realize it was him and was pog. I've seen a couple of players with much better aim and if I ever get thrown into higher MMR matches I will probably get destroyed. Same thing happened with Halo, Bungie had these incredible scope mechinaics with a full screen scope in and descoping instead of screen shake. He should've died IMO.

Of course it's going to be faster than in Valorant where you can't shoot until the scope animation finishes. Is there actually a cap on how fast you can turn/aim in this game? Still fun to play though. Just because you have the most kills on your team, or are at the top of the scoreboard, doesn't mean you were actually impactful in any way. ZPG just have WAY better aim, especially cj. I think summit did a great job as a standin by letting the team play and coming in with the 'boring' frags to help hold off a retake. Welcome to /r/LivestreamFail: the place for almost anything livestream related.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He was a pretty fun person to play against, he even shit talked me during the match. Well, in CS you can quick scope. Not sure if he had chat disabled or what but I got no response at all. Rule 2: No personal information regarding Shroud or community member is to be shared, or anything relating to it. But the game being so slow makes it much easier for me. Maybe I'm wrong but wouldn't the winning play be to have all of them hiding in the bomb site instead of going out and peeking one by one? How?

Not sure if that was pressure of going against a better team or what.He definitely needs practice although I feel like he could play at a premier level. ... JUST9N TRIES FLIRTING WITH LURN, SHROUDS TEAM KILL TAKES A … Past that, he even made a few good clutches and although the frags may not have been super important he was getting frags and winning the fights he was taking, which may not be a huge positive in that he wasn't dragging his team forward but he was doing the job he needed to and not holding the team back. But either way, I was like totally starstuck.Proceeded to crush him in the jungle and won the game, it was such a surreal moment. I literally think that every single time I hear him talk. Guy is freakin nuts. Justin has odd hours and he doesn’t really like Blackops, Lotro or Battlefield V. Ska likes to play pretty much anything that’s out there and he’s grinding to get established as a full-time streamer so he also needs to build a fan base that isn’t just CSGO fans. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. MIRROR CLIP: 15-year-old 1v5 clutches against Shroud and Just9n, Credit to for the clip. I don't really know much about valorant but almost every clip I see of it it looks like everyone is playing on controller. I find CS:GO incredibly hard to play and expected this game to be the same, but I played 6 matches today and have yet to lose a single one. Looks like it takes a years to whip out an awp. He's at home!!! just9n used to be kind of annoying but I feel like he's gotten a lot less so in the last few months. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. r/just9n: A subreddit for the ex-professional CS:GO player and Twitch streamer Justin Ortiz (Just9n) Press J to jump to the feed. looks to me like just9n whiffed about as hard as possible, not trying to take anything away from his clutch of course because clutches only happen when the enemies fuck up somehow. 472 comments. Unfortunately i only noticed in the last round that we were even playing against him, because his steam profile had like 5000 comments. seemed pretty random so far). then 343 they added slow ADS terrible shake and all that crap. 15-year-old 1v5 clutches against Shroud and Just9n. You can see this guys heart racing. Imagine clutching against your idols. 96% Upvoted. It definitely wasn't him making the big play to get them onto a site and bring them into a round. Curious how the pro scene is going to be like. He actually seems like kind of a bro now and I enjoy when he plays with shroud. You want your standin to just slot into a role and not get in your way and just frag okay and hold stuff down.

/r/GlobalOffensive is a home for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community and a hub for the discussion and sharing of content relevant to CS:GO. It's the animation? After three games or four, Chad went off stream as well. We then proceeded to lose the game in stunning fashion cause i was bad., The whole game just seems so much slower for some reason than cs, looks solid but the plays and insane clutches ive seen dont make me say wow or anything like some cs clips, They slow down strafing to lower peeker advantage, problem with this is you have to commit and there's only one way to keep an angle (at least this is what Stewie2k complained about).

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